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1 Fitness Tests

I am definitely not athletic, and just the thought of the pacer test makes me want to puke

The pacer test is the worst.

I can't do pushups either

Yes. I take karate, and for the fitness test I have to run a mile, do push-ups, sit-ups, and wallsits. It’s torture! Not the push-ups or sit-ups, but the mile and wallsits. - Hermione_Granger220

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2 Kids Who Take Sports Too Seriously

In short, idiots who fail everything else, but are said to be doing well in school because they can kick a runt of the litter in the face. This is the devolution of education itself. - PositronWildhawk

Too many stupid brainless jocks overrun the place, and if you're not one yourself, it's pretty much pointless to even be there except to get beat up and hit by the same idiots who failed every class except this one

Unless there's a reward involved. Then you need to take it seriously. - Pegasister12

I'm Bad At Every Sport Exepet Baseball. NRM about that in 4the grade I was terrible at basketball and everyone was like "wow" "that was so easy" it's annoying and made me lose my mind when I go to p.e or gym class - Stevenpenguin

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3 Getting Hit In The Head With A Ball

I got hit in the face with a basketball some moron chucked across the gym. It bent the frames of my glasses and hit me hard enough that my nose started bleeding. The coach did nothing, the kid laughed, I got a low grade for sitting out the rest of class due to the horrible headache that followed. It knocked down my 4.0 gpa. That class ruined my life. It's required to graduate too.

I'm ball to head prone. Every time it's possible, it happens - Haumea

Balls like to hit me there one time I almost broke my nose with a basketball - lbelle0527

So many headaches, so many nosebleeds, so little action from the coaches.

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4 Pushy P.E. Teachers

I had one who called everyone unfit just because we couldn't keep up with a couple of super athletic kids. - Entranced98

My PE teacher is the devil

My PE teacher is nice

My gym teacher is so mean. I asked if I could go to the nurse because my side hurt he said "no its because your out of shape"
He is so out of shape.

5 When You Get Put On A Really Bad Team

This never really got to me - the other kids on pretty much every bad team I was put on were actually trying, but couldn't help not being very athletic. - Entranced98

I hate it so much when I get stuck on a team with people that think they're cool for not even trying.

6 Running

How about SPORTS? Just running the whole period sucks and does not technically count as a sport - Haumea

I'm an average runner like I can win a race sometimes

I'm the slowest runner ever

I'm the slowest runner I'm my class

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7 When You Get Graded On How Good You Are At Sports

This is awful. I thankfully was graded for just being present in class. I would never be good at sports due to my low physique, and if that happened I would fall at P.E. - NuMetalManiak

I'm still thanking the Gods my school never went this far with PE class. - Entranced98

Same in my school.
"Either you're good at it or not" - UsernameDoesNotBotherMe

8 When The Gym Teacher Measures Your Weight/Fat Percentage.

Because if there's one thing kids won't do, it's make fun your weight...!

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9 Cuts and Bruises

My old school often made us do PE on the harsh concrete in the summer, and someone ended up with a grazed elbow or knee nearly every time (I can remember being sent to the nurse at least six times thanks to that). Bruises from getting tackled and knocked down in the hall weren't that much less unpleasant either. - Entranced98

10 That Anti-Period Teacher

Yes! Those stupid teachers that make you do it when you have crazy cramps.

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? Childish activities
? Childish Games

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11 When You Exercise The Whole Period
12 When you forget your P.E. clothes and you have to wear the school's clothes.
13 When People Stand There and Let the Ball Hit the Ground Instead of Saying "I Got It" and Going for It

I feel so bad because I'm bad at volleyball and I just can't seem to hit the ball and people get mad at me, LIKE THE HECK I'm TRYING

This mainly happens in volleyball. - SteelCity99

14 P.E. Teachers Who Mock Pupils for Not Understanding It
15 When your teachers tell you to run and they are sitting down eating a big mac.
16 The Locker Room

Has anyone ever heard of deodorant? No? Well that explains a lot.

Here I am, one of the few people that actually values privacy, forced to bathe with a buch of naked guys... - DieGedankenSindFrei


17 Constantly screwing up and embarrassing yourself

When you mess up the teacher screams at you for being lazy and stupid. How are you stupid at sports?

18 Failing if you don't change
19 Being bullied for not being good at sports

Not everyone can be really athletic - these bullies really ought to put themselves in the shoes of some of the poor kids who suffer from things like heart problems, bad asthma, leg injuries they never fully recovered from, the list goes on. - Entranced98

A kid in my gym class does this and the thing I messed up on he did it about five minutes earlier. But I know he just wants to be a bully so I ignore him - lbelle0527

20 Getting a low grade for not showing up one time

Once this happened to me. It was a holiday but there was school. I got a five. It was one class and it was a holiday, yet I got a five. - AnonymousChick

21 When People Ask You Why Do You Not Like Gym

My teacher lets me sit out and gym. I sit on the bench, some people ask; are you ok, who do you not like Gym or why do you not play gym. Gym is torture! It's in the morning for my class.. I'm in grade 4. lot of people have to do it.. But I don't have to, but... There is games, but sometimes it's Doctor dodgeball, and stuff... It's still torture even if there is games like.. Octopus, tag and stuff..l Hate tag..

22 Stoners
23 Being forced to learn different sports

I find it ridiculous that even if you never plan on using it a day in your life, and no job other than ones within that specific sport require the knowledge and ability to play it, it is mandatory to learn how to play baseball, football, soccer etc. While these are definitely fun and exciting ways to exercise and build social skills with your peers, it can be the most aggravating waste of time if you are not interested. It should be the student's choice if they would like to play a sport, or if they would like non-competitive fitness training (weightlifting, treadmills, bikes, etc.) only to improve their physical condition.

And don't give me that "Oh, but sports help kids get better grades and learn important skills and stay out of trouble and release energy, so of course it's mandatory! " stuff. I've known people who haven't played a single physical sport in their lives and had straight A's, went to the top high schools, and ended up in the most prestigious colleges in ...more

24 When the P.E. Teacher is Fat and Tells You to Run Around the Gym
25 Cross Country

The worst thing in the world!

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