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21 When People Ask You Why Do You Not Like Gym

My teacher lets me sit out and gym. I sit on the bench, some people ask; are you ok, who do you not like Gym or why do you not play gym. Gym is torture! It's in the morning for my class.. I'm in grade 4. lot of people have to do it.. But I don't have to, but... There is games, but sometimes it's Doctor dodgeball, and stuff... It's still torture even if there is games like.. Octopus, tag and stuff..l Hate tag..

22 Stoners
23 Being forced to learn different sports

I find it ridiculous that even if you never plan on using it a day in your life, and no job other than ones within that specific sport require the knowledge and ability to play it, it is mandatory to learn how to play baseball, football, soccer etc. While these are definitely fun and exciting ways to exercise and build social skills with your peers, it can be the most aggravating waste of time if you are not interested. It should be the student's choice if they would like to play a sport, or if they would like non-competitive fitness training (weightlifting, treadmills, bikes, etc.) only to improve their physical condition.

And don't give me that "Oh, but sports help kids get better grades and learn important skills and stay out of trouble and release energy, so of course it's mandatory! " stuff. I've known people who haven't played a single physical sport in their lives and had straight A's, went to the top high schools, and ended up in the most prestigious colleges in ...more

24 When the P.E. Teacher is Fat and Tells You to Run Around the Gym
25 Cross Country

The worst thing in the world!

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