Top Ten Worst Things About Parties

Hey guys I just came back from a party and quite frankly it sucks. Having social anxiety didn't help my case.

The Top Ten Worst Things About Parties

1 The noise

Depends on what party it is. I have social anxiety too and whenever I have to go to one of these things I probably just end up socializing with some adults. Other than that yeah they can be boring.

Why did I have to sit too close to the loudspeakers? Oh that reminds me, the reason for that is on this list too.

I hate it when the music way too laud, because if someone talking to me I can't hear what they're saying and I'm the dumbest when it comes to reading lips.

Sometimes going to a party gives me a migraine

2 Awkward conversations

I also don't like talking to the people whom I don't know so whenever this kind of situation comes I just keep my mouth shut and then the other person says " seems like you don't talk much "

Especially with people you don't know.

The grownups usually talk about us kids and how we are bad, crazy, weird, and other embarrassing stuff about us, etc...

During family parties and gathering we kids GET ROASTED by the grownups!

3 Being forced to participate in events when you know you are no good at them

Why should I dance? I use my feet for driving, seriously.

No, I don't to sing karaoke in front of a bunch of old Asian people at a restaurant in Chinatown. I am a HORRIBLE SINGER!

I had to play freeze dance, and a group of kids just wouldn't stop touching me.

I had to when I was like 10 at the wedding and I like no and my mom slap me! No joke

4 Being forced to go to a relative's party even though you don't know anybody there

I always get scared of them sometimes when this happens

Thanks mom..,


A few days ago I was at a family party and there was an Asian guy there that I don't even know but everyone else knew him. When I asked my parents about him my dad said that he was a friend and my mom said that we don't know him.

Who was that guy and what was he doing at the party anyway?

5 The music selection sucks

It's always the same: mainstream pop and rap. Basically everything you hear on the radio everyday. Like, can't you be original or something. The worst is, don't even think about changing the song to rock or metal, they are just going to tell you that's it's too loud or that it's weird.

Probably play pop music all the time, because metal and rock might be too loud. Every music genre can be loud if you play it at a party.

Old pop songs? It's usually the 5 same new pop songs they play. I once left a party because I thought the music sucked, which was that Meghan Trainor song repeated 5 times in a row. Doesn't sound that bad, but it really was.

Ugh I hate party music, everyone plays pop songs and acts like it's the coolest beat ever. It's not.

6 Being assigned to a seat

This is for the formal parties and the weddings. They make you sit somewhere when you could just sit anywhere in regular occasions. As I said before, I sat close to a LOUDSPEAKER and almost had a seizure because of the damn music.

I'm 26 and I have to sit at the KIDS' TABLE...


7 They take way too long

I had to go to a wedding in Mexico, and the after party just dragged on. Once everyone was done eating, it was dance time. However, the dancing dragged on for hours, and my family just left before they could even cut the cake.

I just don't like when boring parties is too long to end

That can be horrible. One solution only: make sure there are enough drinks.

Urgh, I don't think I'll last 5 hours in one of these things ever again.

8 The food sucks

If you were like me and went to a party with predominant Asian cuisine and you don't like that kinda food you'd end up either starving or trying to eat it and throwing up (the latter happened to me).

I really hate going to wedding parties because I don't like the foods

Pizza, pizza, and more pizza

My family's Asian. The food at my family parties are good, but they are really repetitive. Every single family party I attend, there is AT LEAST ONE ASIAN DISH. No matter if it's a birthday, gathering because family is visiting, or even a wedding or a holiday, it's Asian food, Asian food, and EVEN MORE Asian food. ALL THE TIME. (mostly Chinese and Vietnamese food). Last Thanksgiving, besides the turkey dinner, guess what we had for dessert: Taro cake from Chinatown (Asian food even with American food).

I don't think there is any party that I've attended in my whole entire life that I saw ZERO Asian food being served.

9 Drunks

Was that person drunk?!

Asian men+beer=this

Some parties.

That’s why I don’t go often to a party. Drunk people are annoying.

10 No video game time

I'd rather be stuck in that Battletoads level than go to a generic party...

I'm not that social either accept if its about video games that I play and they play too. I'm way better talking to people over texting on playstation or on a phone.

Nope I sometimes play video games in parties.

This is the worst thing, should be #1.

The Contenders

11 Arguing over something

(At a Chinese restaurant with a karaoke machine)

Me: I want to play Andy Lau songs

Dad: no we will play Chinese songs that old people like

This is why I bring my own music to parties.

12 Annoying relatives

Once I was at a party with my dad's side of the family. I was playing with my phone and listening to music and then one of my older cousins decided to take my phone and won't give it back until I went home. There was also a T.V. but I am not allowed to watch it so I ended up being nearly bored to death for the next half an hour or so.

They drive me crazy!

13 There’s nothing to do

Family parties are the worst. If a relative talks to me it's always "Oh look how tall you are! " "So, how it's going at school/college? " or them talking to me about something that happened when they we're younger.

At family parties no one talks to me and I just play with my phone the whole time

14 People being annoying

People I don't like follow me around saying "Hey you wanna hang? " Me:"No thanks." Them " OK I'll just follow you until you change your mind."

Sometimes my cousins do annoying things to me during parties and I end up getting in trouble for it >:(

15 Clowns

Scary clowns at kids birthday parties? I've never found clowns scary but a lot of kids had so I will just call clowns "scary". There can sometimes be " scary" clowns at kids birthday parties.

What kind of scray-ass clowns came to your birthday?

16 People taking pictures and videos everywhere

Once at a party my cousins and I were eating and then my aunt decided to take a video of us and we were like "CAN'T WE JUST EAT IN PEACE? JEEZ! "


17 Cleaning up after
18 Grinding I'm the type of guy that avoids this.

Grindind be hot if she in the frunt

19 Fighting

#9 is the cause for this most of the time.

20 Little Kids Annoying You

You know, your younger cousins who always follow you around and look like they admire you and always bother you and ask questions every 30 seconds? Annoying!

21 Hangovers
22 It Plays Crap Music

At Chinese restaurants (especially in Chinatown):
Andy Lau songs are GOOD.
Opera and Taiwanese songs sung by old people are BAD.

At Chinese restaurants (especially in Chinatown):

Andy las songs are GOOD.
Opera and Taiwanese songs sung by old people are BAD.

At least parties don't have duplicate items at them.

23 You're favorite people didn't come

My favorite relatives live ACROSS THE COUNTRY so they can't attend every party that I go to.

24 People ignoring you

It is so boring. The grownups talks to each other and my cousins and sister hang out together. I get bored easily because of this.

25 You have to dress up in formal clothes you don't like

As said before depends on the party. If it's like an informal picnic thing then you can wear regular clothes, but if it's like a wedding then yeah you have to dress up in formal clothes you don't like.

I am female and I hate wearing dresses and pantyhose and high heels but I have no choice. I prefer suits.

At my first holy communion I wore a really fat poofy white dress and everyone thought I was gorgeous

If you're at a wedding, you have no choice. Prom is...optional...I guess...I'm sorry, I've never been to a prom.

26 When they end

It's so silent at that place after a party had just ended and it starts to feel silent and uncomfortable that you wished the party lasted longer. You feel the state of loneliness and want to party again.


27 No doggie bags
28 Public diaper changing

I'm Asian and whenever there are babies and toddlers at the party their parents wouldn't change their dirty diapers in private. Instead they do it in front of all the other guests while they are eating.

29 Having to bring food

There’s 1 good thing about it. You get to take food home in return. Last Thanksgiving my family brought a honey ham. We were the only ones to bring food. Later that night, we were the only ones who got to take home leftovers

30 Sitting at the kids’ table

I’m almost 26 and I always sit separate from the other grownups. If not my mom kicks me out Andy make sure me sit outside with my cousins

31 No Internet sometimes

Whenever I go to parties I always bring my phone to play with. I get everyone’s WiFi and go on the Internet. Some places don’t even have internet or WiFi such as Chinese restaurants and I have to play boring games and look at photos for 3-4 hours instead.

32 Your parents interfere

YES I hate when they do that. I mean they have adults to talk to as well.

My parents constantly get me in trouble for no reason during family parties and gatherings >:(

I KNOW RIGHT! So I’m just sitting there playing with my phone then my cousins decided to randomly annoy me and then when I tell them to stop my mom decides to look at me and tell me off FOR NOTHING. I HATE THAT!

33 Stupid people

People are so stupid especially in America for example my brother pisses on the bathroom wall he's so stupid

34 When neighbors call the police on you

Ooh, I'd hate that to happen, certainly. That's why I don't ever start parties in my house for the same reasons. I'd get some really nasty people there and they'd get everyone in trouble.

Neighbor: Hello, is this the police? My Asian neighbors are being too loud! The men are acting so drunk and the ladies are talking like they're angry!
Police: You will have to forgive them. Asian people are known for talking really loud, especially during family gatherings.

35 Party Poopers

On Christmas 2015 1 of my little cousins was being so mean to me. She constantly tried to slap me, hit me with the iPad, and even kicked me several times.

36 Ugly people asking you to hook up

This is more likely to happen at school than a party

Lucky for me, I’m ugly! That means no one wants to go on a date with me!

37 There's nobody your age to even talk too

The parties I get dragged to are full of old people.

At family parties, I’m the oldest of the second generation born kids at almost 26. Even though I’m an adult, the stuff that my parents, aunts, uncles, great aunts and great uncles talk about are so boring and I don’t even understand anything about them. Also my sister and cousins always talk to each other. Since I don’t even fit in with anyone, I always end up being alone and listening to music and playing on my phone. It’s boring sometimes.

38 People desperate for viral video fodder

My family is Asian and they takes lots of pics and videos during parties and they put it on Facebook and my mom sometimes get embarrassed by them

No better way for your party to be a trainwreck than some total tool whip out his phone recording anything stupid at the party while yelling out "WORLDSTAR! " during his 'time of glory'

39 Roasts

I honestly don't get why the grownups think it is so funny to insult me and everything that I do or say...

40 Antisocial people complaining about parties
41 Leaving it
42 Sometimes you have to leave early
43 Not enough food

Sometimes I end up leaving the party still hungry because of this.

44 The chaos

My cousins running around and being wild. My relatives drinking, talking loud, and being annoying, and doing inappropriate things to little kids. Need I say more?

45 Your relatives might hog all the food and not give you any

During the summer of 2014 my relatives from San Francisco came over and we all had a party. They brought fried seafood as an appetizer. My mom told me that I am only allowed 1 piece only and everyone else can have the rest, since they are “the VIPS”, including my younger cousins. I protested and told my aunt who told my mom to give me more.

Also on New Year’s Day 2016, we had a party and there were Pizza Hut breadsticks. I wanted some, but I only got like 1/2 a piece. My great uncle wouldn’t give me any more and kept giving them to my younger cousins instead. Again I protested, this time to my aunt and mom. I even begged them to call Pizza Hut and order more for me. I saw that 1 of my cousins was holding a breadstick. I was so mad and I wanted it so bad that I yanked the breadstick out of my cousin’s hand and ate it. (I really didn’t want to do that, but I have absolutely no choice). Eventually there were leftover breadsticks and I ate them all.

WHY IS ...more

46 Repetitive food

Every single family party I attend, there is AT LEAST ONE ASIAN DISH. No matter if it's a birthday, gathering because family is visiting, or even a wedding or a holiday, it's Asian food, Asian food, and EVEN MORE Asian food. ALL THE TIME. (mostly Chinese and Vietnamese food). Last Thanksgiving, besides the turkey dinner, guess what we had for dessert: Taro cake from Chinatown (Asian food even with American food).

I don't think there is any party that I've attended in my whole entire life that I saw ZERO Asian food being served.

47 Food temptations

When you are on a restrictive diet and there's delicious food that you want to eat but must have limited portions of

48 Sometimes They Run Out of Your Favorite Food
49 Your Parents Embarrass You in Front of Everyone

Today during a party my dad decided to tell me off for no reason in front of my relatives and made me cry >:(

50 Group photos

At every family party I attend everyone gathers for at least 5 group photos, whether we're standing in the middle of the room, the table, or on the couch. They sometimes come out awkward and they all get posted on facebook.

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