Top Ten Worst Things About Patrick Star

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1 He doesn't care for his friends

Your right but geez he's not so bad

In stuck in the wringer, he was completely selfish to SpongeBob and he has played a couple villainous roles

Sometimes. I love Patrick but this is only reason.

He Cared For Them From Seasons 1-4
He Didn't Give a Crap In Season 5
Now Unfortunatley he's A Jerk

2 He fakes being dumb

How does a cartoon character fake something?

Actually, he IS dumb! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Hmm, I wonder.

3 He is a prick

Isn't it obvious? He doesn't care who he harms as long as he feels good doing it.

He is dumb ass. - 05yusuf09

4 He is unfunny

Actually your right, he is not funny

He's neither funny nor hilarious. But even though I'm against most humor, it doesn't mean that I think of Patrick as unfunny. In fact, I see him for who he is: A downright sadistic a**h ole who seems to get his jollies off giving other characters hard times like there's no tomorrow,. But when he antagonizes Squidward, my favorite male character in that show, he's beyond hateful. And so, I wish that octopus murdered him and get away with scot free.

5 He almost burned Spongebob's snail

Patrick is so mean I just want to kill him 😊💀

6 He doesn't know how to share

Only Yours, Mine and Mine.

Patrick is a REAL JERK in this one.
Patrick is an idiot.

I may not like sharing much. But my refusal to share's a lot milder than Patrick's/

In one episode patrick says "Have you heard about sharing" after taking SpongeBob's wallet!, He clearly was'nt sharing in the whole episode!. - IggyKoopa

7 He is pink

That’s racist! - DrayTopTens

You can't judge a person by it's skin color. Does this person know what racism is?

He's pink! It's a girly color, and everyone hates that!

How is this a reason? - Minecraftcrazy530

8 He is overrated

I agree.

9 He is greedy

But not as much as Mr. Krabs. - SpongebobSuxx

10 He (and SpongeBob) is not considerate of others

Actually, he is always the one who starts the noise and bothers Squidward.

This is so true and yet this is last place. Haha!


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11 He became one of the most painfully annoying characters on TV thanks to Flanderization
12 He's stupid

In the earlier seasons he wasn't that stupid, and his stupidity was pretty funny. He was a complete idiot in seasons 7-8, but now he's better.

You think that his stupidity makes him great? Then why don't you let him antagonize the hell out of you if he's real?

But that's What Makes Him A Well Written Character In The Earlier Episodes

But that is what made him a great character in the early seasons. - Catacorn

13 He tortured Squidward (Ink Lemonade)

He even eat and swallow the backstage passes from Spongebob and Squidward while in Kelpy G's concert...but doesn't mean I really hate him... he's just an idiot who ate everything!

14 He ruined Season 11
15 He glued Spongebob in the Wringer
16 He won't get tortured

Who agrees that Patrick needs to get tortured?! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

17 He told people lies about "Mad Snail Disease" which caused chaos in Bikini Bottom (Once Bitten)
18 He makes up things to torture people

One example: in "Once Bitten" where Patrick invented the Mad Snail Decease to torture people.

19 He’s gross

In the modern episodes he is disgusting like in Battle for Bikini Bottom.

20 He does not care towards other people’s feelings

Pet Sitter Pat and Stuck in the Wringer.

21 He tortures Squidward the most often
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