Top 10 Worst Things About People that Take Everything Too Seriously

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1 They act like people are only allowed to make certain kinds of jokes

This is so annoying I don't know where to begin...

2 They get triggered too easily

Jersey people in a nutshell most notably The Jersey Shore. - egnomac

Just making one harmless 9/11 joke causes them to go ape*bleep*

3 They can't take a joke

Even if it's not that offensive.

4 They're too melodramatic

So melodramatic that it's not funny.

5 They overreact to jokes

I think this one explains itself.

6 They act like dark comedy shouldn't exist

Which is rather pathetic I'll add.

7 They're more obnoxious than Feminists

Which is a real accomplishment...

8 Most of them either use petty arguments or have terrible logic

Self explantory.

9 If someone doesn't take everything seriously they act like they're terrible people

You don't need to take everything seriously but you shouldn't stereotype people that like a good dark joke now and then.

10 They always think that people aren't allowed to joke about whatever they want

Who honestly cares if someone makes a Donald Trump or 9/11 joke? It's honestly not the end of the world.

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