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1 She says "Daddy's big tummy"

Every Peppa Pig episode in a nutshell but better:
Peppa does something
The narrator states the obvious
George says "dinosaur" and cries
Narrator says "Oh dear" and states the obvious
Peppa fat shames Daddy Pig
Narrator states the obvious
Peppa says: "Silly Daddy"
Narrator states the obvious
Everyone rolls on the floor laughing
Narrator says "Everyone loves <insert something every adult hates> and states the obvious
Episode ends.

Peppa: Your tummy is big
Daddy Pig: No I don't
Me. Actually Peppa you have big tummy
Peppa: No I don't
Me: Yes you do. You eat junk food all the time and never exercise. You seriously need to go on a diet. Now go to your room and never come out you bossy little snort. Tomorrow you will be doing 100 push ups and sit ups. I will treat you like what you treat to your dad. If you fail I will cook you to bacon.
Peppa Crying
Daddy Pig: Thank you for stopping my naughty daughter
Me: Your welcome, and you are not fat.


This little four-year old bastard of a daughter calls her own dad fat?! It's very rude to insult or tease your family. This is so rude and stupid! How come everybody in the show is fat and peppa is only person who calls her dad fat. Mommy pig and George are fat too. She is fat too so she can't say anything. Daddy pig should punish her. And mommy pig and granny and grandpa pig laughs at him when he is called fat. what?!? If peppa ever calls me fat, I would beat her to the ground until she dies and hear her cry!

Every Peppa episode in a nutshel
Narrator: states the obvious
Peppa: Bullies abuses and bosses George around
Mommy and daddy pig: does not do anything
Narrator: States the obvious
Peppa: dAdDy YoU hAvE a BiG tUmMy!
George: Dinosaur Grrrrrrrrrrrr
Mommy Pig: AHHHHHH
Narrator: States the obvious
Everyone: Oh a muddy puddle let's jump in it
Someone: Forgets boots
Everyone else: Insert name of whom has no boots you are supposed to jump with your boots
Everyone after someone put on boots: Jumps in Muddy Puddles
Narrator: States the obvious
Everyone: Randomly Rolls on the floor laughing
Narrator: Everyone loves insert something most adults hate here

2 She never gets in trouble

Peppa: hey George
*george has a ball in his hands*
*peppa grabs ball off George and plays with it*
George: WA!
* mummy pig comes*

What I wanted:
Mummy pig: Peppa that is a very bad thing to do you can't have the ball

What auctally happend:
Mummy pig: how about I get another ball and you two have your own!

Me: *sigh*

At school Peppa and the class had to draw vegetables for a weirdo named Mr potato. What did she do? Draw a picture of her dad watching T.V.! God does she have a learning disorder or something?

I can't stand it. And she and George always get their way. For example, if they want to go to the park. They go and George cries when they go. It's just as bad as Caillou.

This show is supposed to teach lessons at least caillous parents punished him once peppas parents never get her punished shouldn't daddy pig snap at peppa for calling him fat?

3 George

Please stop spamming hate comments on George from Peppa Pig. Don't you know he's a 2-year old toddler? Yeah, I get he cries, but that doesn't mean you have to put these types of comments on Peppa Pig-related stuff. Toddlers can't talk the way older humans talk normally. And babies barely could talk, so the only way for what they want or need is to cry. I may have cried before, you may have cried before, everybody cried when they were babies. It is impossible for a person who has never cried to exist. So stop putting horrible comments such as "It makes me want to die" and "I want to kill this baby" because what if you were hated by people when you are a baby, so you are basically just hating on your past self. So just let the world be, and let George be.

All he says is Dinosaur Grrrrr. And cries each 10 seconds of the 5 minute episodes for the next 15 seconds for the stupidest reasons

How is this not number 1 seriously I cannot stand George because he only says one word and he cries over the most stupidest reasons every 10 seconds. If I had a choice to kill off any Peppa Pig character it would be no other than George that's all I got to say here.

Lets face it;George is forcibly cute (along with those other wretched "little ones" ). Anytime he cries that horrid cry, or says something "cute" I wish one of the characters would beat him with a broomstick, yes I despise George, one of the worst cartoon characters of all time. Oh and p.s., he's a 2 year old... talking pig that lives in a house

4 The narrator won't shut up

There is a LOT of quotes that this idiot just said:

"Peppa and George are ?-ing"

"It's raining today, so Peppa and George cannot play outside."

"Oh dear."

"Peppa likes ?-ing, Everybody likes ?-ing."

"Daddy is rubbing the sticks together."

This is ONE quote that John Sparkles should make:

"Oh dear, Peppa is going to change her orphanage!" - UltimateHarms

So, the fat shaming is bad, but this is almost as bad. It removes all independent thought from the show. If george cries, "Oh dear, george is very upset". If daddy's being chased by a bee, "Oh dear, daddy pig is being chased by a bee". They'll even repeat what's just been said! Like, if mommy pig says "peppa, you've upset george" then the next thing you know, the narrator says "Oh dear, peppa has upset george." Also, 90% of the time, the narrator will start with "oh dear"

I can't believe the narrator GETS PAID to state the obvious. "Daddy pig is rubbing two sticks together! "
"Oh dear! Peppa and Suzie are having a quarrel! "
Like seriously does this dude make a living off of recording 5 second clips that everyone hates? I'm waiting in line to be the next peppa pig narrator, cause that's such a big cheat to get money.

I don't blame the actors of animators if they're fresh out of a school and need to make some cash but even I can't see the point of reapting this over and over. "This Guy is talking" wow lucky you told us Mr. Narrator I'm sure no one even cared about what you just said even after you had just said so after we had just said so but luckily we have you Mr. Narrator.

5 She is bossy

One episode, international day, she and she said that Suzie is being bossy for asking George, Pedro, Richard and Edmund to play on the swings since it's their turn. Then, the 3 little ones start crying and Peppa said that Suzie is being bossy and won't share! Geez, peppa is so selfish and bossy. Suzie was just telling them to go somewhere else. That's why Suzie's side has more people because Peppa is being selfish.

In one of the episodes, peppy and her brother were playing in the mud. Peppa pig( I like calling her Dumb pig) kicked gorge out! What a bossy little girl! Nick Jr. Needs to cancel this thing! Barney, bubble guppies (do not make fun of me, but I like bubble guppies), and Dora is better than this stupid SHOW!

I don't like her and her friends for one episode, at a party the toddlers did dancing statues and Suzy sheep was being bossy and said a toddler was out for blinking! Seriously? Everybody needs to blink and George did not move a muscle and Peppa said he was out and pointed and rudely said 'George your OUT'

She is bossy and I hate it. Plus her talents suck like drawing a flower. Duh anyone can do that. Even her dancing sucks, anyone like a proffesional can do that. She's also arrogant who thinks she can do anything

6 Bad animation

I think peppa pig has just simple drawings for little kids to understand, it does not have to be la, greata. Dummies !

It looks like it was animated in Microsoft Paint.

The animation is extremely ugly!

The animation is crappy

7 Everyone in the show is fat

Why? Why there's no slim character in Peppa Pig? I think Kingdom Hearts has slimmer characters than damny Pepper flavoured pig.

Yet they all shame daddy pig. Proves the hypocrisy of the show.

Yeah, that's weird. But it's just a drawing by a typical 5 year old.

"She is talking that her dad is fat if every single men in the show is fat sooo,she better shut up ( taking about her father being fat).

8 It's very annoying

They should ban Peppa Pig from Delaware City, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and all the nearby places from Delaware like Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They should ban Peppa Pig from New York City and the rest of New York and New England and the south and mid-west and west regions. And everywhere in USA and in North America and in the whole universe it should be banned. It would say "Be In Hell Forever Peppa Pig (2004-2016)" on her grave.

If peppa pig is annoying and they should ban it from the United States and all over the world then peppa pig is dead her grave will say R.I.P peppa pig (2004-2016) also it will say (Peppa pig is dead because she is very annoying and stupid and being a bad influence to children and snorting and teaching children to jump in muddy puddles

I hate the show. My brother watches it all the time. Well, at least I like the fruit episode, because Peppa saying, " (in British) Dinosaur Juice? ".

Peppa Pig is a bad influence because she snorts and teaches children to jump up and down in muddy puddles.

9 She talks too much

What is so god dang annoying! Is that Peppa and her pathetic brother starts laughing every time! What is so funny. It's just irritating

If Peppa talks too much, then I will put chili and hot sauce and fire and acid into her eyes.

Peppa is talking so much that I and Yumi will sent her in the portal to hell!

Ughh if I hear her talk one more time, I will drown her in deep water in a lake. (Goodbye forever peppa).

10 Peppa is bossy

If I and Yumi was with Peppa in the Cold Winter Day episode, where I and Yumi slipped in the snow, Peppa will be like "YOU ARE ALL FUNNY" and laughs joyfully, then we put Cherry-Bomb's atomic bombs on the ground and make it explode!

The way she says boring is so annoying and it makes me want her and her family for breakfast

"If she bosses me"
"I will give her a black eye and hit him"
"Hit him"

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11 Peppa always tells George to be a big boy, when George is about 2 years old

Peppa's like '' Oh, GEORGE! STOP IT! ". I woudl defend George by stabbing her infinity times and eating the entire world of peppa minions. I hate her as much as when you combine every hate of peppa in the world and put them all together. She should have lived in times where they would torure people if they did crimes. When I see just a tiny place of her disgusting and STUPID face, I want to cut her in half!

Peppa should be cancelled in order for a Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi reboot on Cartoon Network and Puffy Ami Yumi should be popular.

And she says she's a big girl. Umm your 4 and you cried about losing your boots.

12 Fatty pig

That should be his name. (Sarcasm)

This was hilarious

13 Bratty know-it-all

That's Peppa. Take that, brat!

14 Peppa is fat

Of course Peppa is fat! I mean, look at her! I bet she and her family eat junk food all the time! EG: so do all of the characters.

She's also a pig, did you know real pigs would die if they weren't fat.

15 All George says is "Dinosaur!"

Also, George cries and sobs with the same sound effect from previous episodes. But in one episode George's crying was low-pitched, and at the first Peppa episode, George has a different crying effect.

I'm thinking about doing a challenge where I watch every episode of Peppa pig and count every time I hear dinosaur. Then I would tally it up on sections per episode.

I hate this show but honestly I heard him say some other words in one episode...

Such a boring character

16 The drawing is bad

MontyPython, we were actually judging if Peppa Pig is a good show but no it isn't a good show. Nick Jr made the characters like 3 year olds and with that, Nickelodeon is DYING! come on Nick Jr. Cancel this poorly drawn show and Nickelodeon is my childhood channels but now your killing your own show by making awkwardly bad shows. How can you not make pants from the characters. Instead it is just black thin legs. Go watch Gravity Falls and erase Peppa Pig in your mind

They only face sideways, their shoes are all the same and basically just lines, they have 3 fingers and yet pig, elephants and ponies etc etc don't have fingers! And the pigs' snouts are on the top of their heads! And the tears come spouting out of their heads like a fountain! Enough said.
PS no offense Peppa creators

Peppa and her family's heads look like giant penises. Also, they show the whole face on one side of the head, so wouldn't this mean they have 4 eyes, 2 noses, 2 mouths, and 4 ears?(!) Also, they don't have eyebrows. Another thing is, all cars look exactly the same. Plus, none of the animals look realistic; in the show, spiders have 2 eyes and a smiley face, and so do turtles and ducks.

My reaction to the show's drawing: "You know what? SCREW IT. Watch Piggy Tales and erase Peppa Pig out on your mind. Piggy Tales is Rovio's best creation to make nothing but the Bad Piggies doing random events in a white screen.

17 The animal noises

Whenever I hear Peppa go HONK or Suzy go BAAAH or Pedro go NEIGH, it would be so annoying that I will throw Pedro into a black hole.

So fake. The voicers actually did it not REAL animals.

Annoying Orange will prank on them.

They snore all the damn time!

18 She sings stupid songs

Like the Maze Runner we watched in our school, Peppa is very stupid, we watched it in our school, it is no good. The Maze Runner characters did not roll at the floor, laughing at the end.

Did you hear the Ski Lift song from Peppa Pig, that was just annoying of hell!

Yup I actually listened to her stupid song in the Christmas episode.

Did you listen her song in the Christmas episode? I hope.

19 It insults fat people
20 She's stupid

She call's herself a big girl, mixes the colors and the whites, which turns Daddy Pig's shirt pink, jumps in muddy puddles, doesn't know the concept of mixing colors, and even leaves the car trunk open. I wish we could kill her, and then fry her into bacon. Bacon is nice but Peppa is not.

She had to draw vegetables for a dude in a cheap costume named mr potato, and she draws her dad watching television. Does she have a learning disorder or something?

In one episode Peppa said "what's a library" When I was 2 I knew what a library was.

She and her friends can't even count to 10. come on, 4 year olds can at least count to 10 or 20. God dammit

21 Every time peppa calls daddy pig "Fat", He slaps her in the FACE!

I don't remember this happening, but I would LOVE to see this happen! I hope they eventually do that!

Not true. This isn't a "things that should happen to" list either. It's funny, though.

That doesn't make sense in the real show but good reaction.

Om my Lord. I want that to happen SO bad!

22 All of the male adults are fat

Come on, that's so stereotypes, dude. This crappy show makes me becomes a protagonists and dumb Peppa pig is an antagonist for me.

Everybody's fat on Peppa Pig.

The females are, too.

23 It's stupid

Cause I already said that.

Very stupid indeed.

24 Edmond Elephant

Edmond is actually an elephant and elephants are really smart that's part of why he is smart he's also smart because he develops quicker than an average toddler another reason for Edmonds intelligence is because he never forgets facts because "an elephant never forgets." All the grown ups * coughs because they're stupid * forget the correct facts and Edmond is there to remind them the correct answer or fact

They say he's smart. Conspiracy theory, what if the dad traps him in a cage and forces him to learn.

Edmond is a know-it-all and always rudely corrects peoples' simple mistakes.

Because I'm a clever-clogs! More like annoying twit who nobody likes!

25 George is a cry baby

I watched a YouTube video where someone made a video where it shows all the times where George and the babies cry. It was 10 minutes long.

I hate George, if he cries, then I will shred him into a shredder.

Don't forget Peppa on the Golden Boots! She cried that time!

Don't forget about Richard Rabbit.

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