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1 She says "Daddy's big tummy"

"You've got a big tummy Daddy, is there a baby in there? " - Quote from The Olden Days.

That was kind of offensive. Now the little kids would think that everyone fat is pregnant. Plain darn offensive.

I'm surprised that Daddy Pig didn't spank her for that!

You're calling your dad fat? That's just plain mean! - Connor360

What was nick Jr thinking when they came up with this show? I can't believe she never gets punished by her parents when she says daddy's big tummy. - EpicJake

That is the most worst thing. Some which does tell in real life. don't DO IT KIDS.

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2 George

George cries like every other minute. He, Richard, and the rest of the babies drive me crazy!

In the episode 'Edmond elephant's birthday party' George would not pass the parcel and when the music stopped he unwrapped it and had 2 medals on and the zebra toddler cried and when Peppa passed the medal to the zebra George cried! He is such a whiny baby

He cries all the times at the most stupidest things and he is such a darn idiot. No offense makers of Peppa Pig, this is my opinion

I can NOT STAND THIS LITTLE FAT WHINING BASTARD. Everything about George or whatever he does just ANNOYS me. I wish I can have a baseball bat in my hand and Demolish that little ugly fat coward. His snorts are just obnoxious. Whenever somebody in the show says something nice or say cute things to George, I think of torturing and rapeing George. I’m sorry I can not help it! He is such a crybaby

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3 She is bossy

I don't like her and her friends for one episode, at a party the toddlers did dancing statues and Suzy sheep was being bossy and said a toddler was out for blinking! Seriously? Everybody needs to blink and George did not move a muscle and Peppa said he was out and pointed and rudely said 'George your OUT'

She is so bossy to George. One episode she tells him "George don't cross the invisible line". - EpicJake

I didn't like Peppa pig and her friends and all her friends are so stupid and her family and peppa's parents called Peppa's Friend's Parents called mommy whatever and daddy whatever

Peppa is stupid she is bobby.

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4 She never gets in trouble

Peppa is a stupid and nice pig but she is a stupid pig and it's seriously stupid and got nice jokes and her jokes are so stupid and I do not appreciated of stupid Peppa pig and she never shut up and she is a very annoying narrator

Another Caillou. Wow. *Rolls eyes* - mayamanga

Actually, she does because in the episode piggy in the middle she was mean to gorge.

This show is supposed to teach lessons at least caillous parents punished him once peppas parents never get her punished shouldn't daddy pig snap at peppa for calling him fat?

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5 The narrator won't shut up

At the end Peppa says something like: I love baked beans! Then the narrator says: Peppa loves baked beans, everyone loves baked beans! That is just stupid and meaningless and I hate baked beans! Not everyone likes them you know!

Like the episode of getting fit: Mommy and george and peppa are making lunch and they said that when they were in the living room and when they were in the kitchen the narrator said peppa george and mommy pig are making lunch YOU don't HAVE TO SAY THAT WE KNOW THAT

The narrator talks like every 5 to 10 seconds.

Me: I hate this show narrorator:oh no this girl hates peppa pig me:SHUT UP

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6 She talks too much

If she talks too much I will throw her in the black hole in space (so goodbye forever peppa)

If I hear peppa I will rip her (bleep) off and fry it

If Peppa talks too much, then I will put chili and hot sauce and fire and acid into her eyes.

What is so god dang annoying! Is that Peppa and her pathetic brother starts laughing every time! What is so funny. It’s just irritating

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7 It's very annoying

They should ban Peppa Pig from Delaware City, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and all the nearby places from Delaware like Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They should ban Peppa Pig from New York City and the rest of New York and New England and the south and mid-west and west regions. And everywhere in USA and in North America and in the whole universe it should be banned. It would say "Be In Hell Forever Peppa Pig (2004-2016)" on her grave.

If peppa pig is annoying and they should ban it from the United States and all over the world then peppa pig is dead her grave will say R.I.P peppa pig (2004-2016) also it will say (Peppa pig is dead because she is very annoying and stupid and being a bad influence to children and snorting and teaching children to jump in muddy puddles

I hate the show. My brother watches it all the time. Well, at least I like the fruit episode, because Peppa saying, " (in British) Dinosaur Juice? ".

I agree with the comment saying "Be In H*** Forever Peppa Pig (2004-2016)", I like that idea that Peppa Pig should be banned on U.K. And USA among other places

B.I.H. (Be In Heaven) Angry Birds Stella (2014-2016)

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8 Peppa always tells George to be a big boy, when George is about 2 years old

Peppa should be cancelled in order for a Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi reboot on Cartoon Network and Puffy Ami Yumi should be popular.

That's mean

Peppa sucks.

9 All George says is "Dinosaur!"

Also, George cries and sobs with the same sound effect from previous episodes. But in one episode George's crying was low-pitched, and at the first Peppa episode, George has a different crying effect.

Most annoying character in this awful show - lincolnloudness

I hate this show but honestly I heard him say some other words in one episode...

Well that's the word he says the most

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10 Bratty know-it-all

That's Peppa. Take that, brat!

"Bratty know-it-all"

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11 Everyone in the show is fat

No one noticed that all the adults are as fat as daddy pig so why does peppa only call her dad fat - pineliek

Can't they at least go to a gym or on a diet? - Powerfulgirl10

Why did Neville Astley and mark baker think about that

Want Diet Coke?

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12 Bad animation

The animation is crappy - Neonco31

Terrible animation indeed. - Powerfulgirl10

So much terrible animation! - ChuckECheese

13 Fatty pig

He's actually called "daddy pig". TAKE THAT, FATTY PIG!

That should be his name. (Sarcasm) - Powerfulgirl10

This was hilarious

14 The drawing is bad

Plus, they're shirts are made with just a circle, and there isn't even things for them to wear on their legs. Stupid animation.

Every character haves the same face as Peppa - CasinLetsGoBowling

I hope my art style is better than this bad crappy Peppa Pig's art style. Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach, Kingdom Hearts, One Piece has better art style than Peppa Pig. - AldoFitrian

Everyone is smiling all the time THIS IS CREEPY! - pineliek

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15 It's stupid

Very stupid indeed. - Powerfulgirl10

It's so STUPID!

Cause I already said that.

Alarnah battersby likes peppa pig and Mary Max likes it Except Troy Emma Louise Jack Me Abe Ryan Josh Anna Cameron Megan Georgia William Lewis Daniel

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16 She's stupid

In one episode she sing a song she big balloon big balloon bigger than the sun and moon she need to learn the sun is bigger than the balloon

Of course Peppa pig is a very stupid pig because my cousin always watch stupid Peppa pig that means my sister

She sucks up to everyone!

She and her friends can't even count to 10. come on, 4 year olds can at least count to 10 or 20. God dammit

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17 Peppa is fat

Of course Peppa is fat! I mean, look at her! I bet she and her family eat junk food all the time! EG: so do all of the characters.

18 She sings stupid songs

Like the Maze Runner we watched in our school, Peppa is very stupid, we watched it in our school, it is no good. The Maze Runner characters did not roll at the floor, laughing at the end.

Yup I actually listened to her stupid song in the Christmas episode.

I hate peppa's rainbow song it was like a younger girl was voicing her was the original voicer sick

Did you hear the Ski Lift song from Peppa Pig, that was just annoying of hell!

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19 Annoying music

When there are two three parts in one episode they repeat the peppa pig with the logo

Intro and Outro music are annoying!


Hey! Wanna listen to South Park Season 20 music?

20 She is getting a movie

God, forgive us for our sins, just let this movie be cancelled and sent to hell! - GengarGuy

I have lost all faith in humanity

Please no anything but that


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1. Bratty know-it-all
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3. Peppa always tells George to be a big boy, when George is about 2 years old
1. Everyone in the show is fat
2. Bad animation
3. All George says is "Dinosaur!"
1. She is the face of British cartoons
2. It insults fat people
3. She always gets whatever she wants

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