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21 She is getting a movie

God, forgive us for our sins, just let this movie be cancelled and sent to hell! - GengarGuy

I have lost all faith in humanity

Please no anything but that

Do you creators not think that it's just WRONG to make a movie out of an extremely low-detailed show? your NOT making this damn movie.

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22 Edmond Elephant

Edmond is actually an elephant and elephants are really smart that's part of why he is smart he's also smart because he develops quicker than an average toddler another reason for Edmonds intelligence is because he never forgets facts because "an elephant never forgets." All the grown ups * coughs because they're stupid * forget the correct facts and Edmond is there to remind them the correct answer or fact

Because I'm a clever-clogs! More like annoying twit who nobody likes!

He just develops quicker than the other babies

"clever clogs? how about clever CLAUD! " says paridot.

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23 She calls her mom "Mummy"

She is in England. Plus, I think "mummy sounds cute.

It's a brit show brits say mum!

There is nothing wrong with calling your mother "mummy" - Enderninja327

Well shes a child anyway - pineliek

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24 All of the male adults are fat

Come on, that's so stereotypes, dude. This crappy show makes me becomes a protagonists and dumb Peppa pig is an antagonist for me.

Year the males are all fat that's offensive

The females are, too. - Powerfulgirl10

Everybody's fat on Peppa Pig.

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25 It's stupid

Very stupid indeed. - Powerfulgirl10

It's so STUPID!

Cause I already said that.

Alarnah battersby likes peppa pig and Mary Max likes it Except Troy Emma Louise Jack Me Abe Ryan Josh Anna Cameron Megan Georgia William Lewis Daniel

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26 George is a cry baby

I Hate George If He cries I will rip him apart

I hate George, if he cries, then I will shred him into a shredder.

I wish I could kill him to make him stop crying

Don't forget Peppa on the Golden Boots! She cried that time!

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27 Peppa thinks she is a big girl yet she is only 4

I hope she experiences the real world cause she wouldn't last a day. >

28 Her voice

Her newer voice was cute at first but now it's annoying as hell.

Every time she laughs it's creepy

My voice recorder malfunctioned because of her voice - Neonco31

One day, a robot from Toonami called TOM 5 goes to the front and watches T.V., he surprisedly seen Peppa Pig on T.V.. When the intro started, TOM 5 switched the channel back to Toonami, then he is back to normal... BUT NOT HIS VOICE. The voice said: "Sorry, but we are having technical faults with TOM 5, please return to the control panel to make TOM 5 back on track.". When TOM's voice was fixed, he cancelled his subscription with Nickelodeon, but continuing watching Comedy Central. The end.

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29 Daddy pig is annoying

Peppa and George Were not very well he called a doctor on them he has to do it when they all injured

Daddy pig shows off his diving skills too much and makes people feel inadequate

Fattest person deserves to be in the world records

Daddy pig is so mellow.Just like caillou's parents they act so weird and you'd swear they were high on drugs. Daddy pig is just weird and he may got high drugs.

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30 Every time peppa calls daddy pig "Fat", He slaps her in the FACE!

I know right its time he stands up and tell her she shouldn't be calling him that and smack her

Not true. This isn't a "things that should happen to" list either. It's funny, though.

Om my Lord. I want that to happen SO bad! - Powerfulgirl10

That doesn't make sense in the real show but good reaction.

31 Annoying music

When there are two three parts in one episode they repeat the peppa pig with the logo

Intro and Outro music are annoying!


Hey! Wanna listen to South Park Season 20 music?

32 She snorts too much

Maybe because she's a pig...? - Powerfulgirl10

I can't believe her perants won't tell her to shut up

33 They walk sideways

They walk side ways I mean how do they know where they are going! Guys you must comment on this because it is true. They can't even look out the window properly. They are so annoying! How about how miss rabbit works everywhere! I hate this show and I know because I look after little baby's and they make me watch this. Why couldn't they have drawn them properly - Hollybrewer

They never walk towards or behind and their faces are the same. Plus, the pigs have snouts on the top of their heads and all of the characters have only 3 fingers. PIGS DON'T HAVE FINGERS!

Cartoon Network's walking designs are better!

I agree, when Cartoon Network makes a character walk, it looks more realistic than the cheap art and animation of Peppa Pig. - AnimeDrawer

Peppa pig F#@! you

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34 The show itself

This show sucks of poop! I hope it gets cancelled, and then, haha! No more Peppa.

All in all, a suckfest, irrespective of how old you are, mentally or otherwise. - PositronWildhawk

I can't believe I liked Peppa Pig.

It's overrated! FU (Super Saiyan transformation while shouting FU)

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35 Miss Rabbit Works Everywhere

No fair. She'll receive more money than everyone else. Plus, how can she complete all the jobs in a day? Are their clones of her? Is she a really fast worker? Or are their just more rabbits that vaguely resemble her? Who knows what she does. - Powerfulgirl10

Two episodes of Peppa is the main reason that Miss Rabbit works everywhere, that is The Queen and Miss Rabbit's Taxi (This is part of 2016 Peppa which is on series 5.).

There are 4 posibble meanings to this: 1. Miss Rabbit gets fired in the non-show area. The next day she finds a job to the show and repeatedly like this. 2. The Rabbits family has a cloning machine. 3. She does different jobs at the same time. 4. She has a twin Sister wich almost seems like It's a clone. - MinecraftHater

She is in the shop and other places as well why? is there only one person that
Works in places how? because the programme is going to be called peppa poo
That's why its stupid

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36 The narrator is extremely annoying

He is so annoying he well not stop talking

37 She is British

Being British doesn't make her bad-_- - EpicJake

Wow. Just wow. This is racist and it needs to be taken down! - mayamanga

Listen, I hate the show but I'm going to have to disagree with this one. Just because I'm British, it doesn't make me bad and it doesn't make Peppa bad either. Please remove this now.

How this website even works? Who put this in there? Just because she's British doesn't make it bad

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38 She is unlikable

I Hate Peppa she Never gets in trouble I should Head butt her in the head

Yeah, more unlikable than Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Sora, can you call 911 for kill Peppa.

That made my day

Hey, Yumi shall call 911 to kill Peppa.

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39 She always gets whatever she wants
40 She is the face of British cartoons

I know some people do talk like they do, but my kids watch it, and while I don't like it, it shuts them up a while. Anyway, it's left my husband and I to deal with them saying "cho co late cake" "too mat oh" "parcel" "peh pah peg" and "mummy! "

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