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41 She says she is a big girl

That's very true like you said she's 4 years old she ain't no big girl

SHE IS 4 YEARS OLD! she is not a big girl!

Like seriously, Peppa is not that old, HE IS JUST 4 YEARS OLD WHILE I AM 8 AND YUMI IS 10! (Wow, I need to stop shouting...)

Also, Peppa or any other character don't age up in a another episode.

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42 Peppa is dumb

She is in school she should know what work is or is she trying to act stupid with us

She will get an detention

She doesn't even know what work is.

What episode?

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43 All of the male adults are fat

Come on, that's so stereotypes, dude. This crappy show makes me becomes a protagonists and dumb Peppa pig is an antagonist for me.

Year the males are all fat that's offensive

Everybody's fat on Peppa Pig.


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44 Her friends

I need a flame thrower on Peppa Pig so she can turn into a cooked ham. I want to burn her friends too. - bugger

Her friends are not as bad as her

I need KFC now and show it to Peppa and friends, also, I'm eating ham for breakfast.

I meant spicy pork not spucy

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45 Baby Alexander

I really hate this character, I hated it when everyone was asleep and Alexander kept wining and moaning

Don't even get me STARTED on how annoying this is

It's FAR more annoying than Dil Pickles from Rugrats, and that's saying something!

"WAaaAAaaAA! " that's all - Hotheart123

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46 It's still on the air

Well, South Park is going to win for it's 300th episode.

I don't know why ut stills on T.V. on my country I remember that old shows dexters laboratory SpongeBob but (that shows have violance induendos) and they stoo and now we have peppa is (educational) gid make it educational and SYCKS!

Both Peppa Pig and Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi premired on T.V. on 2004 so...

The show was cancelled in 2006 due to that stupid pig that is popular.

47 She's everywhere

Peppa is just a shameless cash cow!

As of the words of Yoshi Player, "It's doing nothing but MAKING MONEY! ".

peppa suck

48 She flips on her back when she laughs

My imagination character has cool skills. *Leo turns himself into element master mode and he uses Infinity Dash to Peppa and she cries while scream for anyone's help and Peppa's world has destroyed easily because my imagination characters hate Peppa and others from Peppa pig world.

If she Laughs I will put some spikes behind her So she fell over and stabbed in the back is it a good idea

Shes just weak, she can't even hold herself up when she laughs. lol

My fan-made shows are more better for the laughing abilities!

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49 The jumping in muddy puddles

"Everyone loves jumping in muddy puddles! " More like no one!

I am getting more dirty on these endings! "Nobody loves jumping up and down on muddy puddles! "

I hate those endings! They're so repetitive and annoying! - Powerfulgirl10

Eeeew, gross.

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50 The pig's heads look like whistles

I thought I was the only one that thought that!

It's like I would blow on them is Neville Astley acting dumb

I will use them for the Whistle Sparta Remix.

They also look like blow/hair dryers!

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51 It ripped off Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

I'm a pre-teen and honestly I love Peppa Pig.

Not! I like Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom better.

I actually like Ben and Holly because at least they DRAW THEM PROPERLY! - MBTheAwesome

That's because the show is made by the same people that made peppa pig.

I like Ben and Holly, that has interesting characters, episodes, stories and music. Ben and Holly is only a gold for Astley Baker Derlies.

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52 Rip-off of Max and Ruby

Peppa and Ruby both treat their siblings like dirt but at least Max don't cry like a frigging baby. I think the creator was a drunk guy who was watching Max and ruby when he created Peppa Pig

At least Max and Ruby's better. - Powerfulgirl10

Peppa pig is basically like max n ruby because the both treat their brothers like garbage have no freedom to do anything. Well like you said at least max is not a crybaby.

Eh, more ripoffs.

53 She's a bad example for kids

In george catches a cold after they called dr. Brown bear. Peppa asked her parents if they will send george to the hospital to see him die. Why peppa you want your brother to die wow I'm impressed with you. Social authorities should lock you up

Annoying Orange says knife to Peppa pig and she'll be sliced by the Violent Knife.

Now everyone will steal cars in the future!

Because' Marius said that Peppa Pig is a bad example for babies.

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54 She's ugly

I was about to add this but I couldn't. And also, if you see the animals with their eyes squinted and grinning mouths, then you'll see how ugly they are. - Powerfulgirl10

Annoying Orange is creepy but not like Peppa. Why? The design of all Peppa pig characters are simplistic and creepier.

Couple of words to describe Peppa, Pig of stupidity, annoying, crybaby, and, you get the point.

Haha screw yl hope u die go kill itself I love peppa and rape hr evrt night your next hagahaha!

55 The Adults Act So Childish

"all that matters is I won the race" a quote from peppa pig

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56 She teaches children bad manners
57 Her songs are absolutely stupid


58 The adults are irresponsible
59 She is British

Being British doesn't make her bad-_- - EpicJake

Wow. Just wow. This is racist and it needs to be taken down! - mayamanga

Listen, I hate the show but I'm going to have to disagree with this one. Just because I'm British, it doesn't make me bad and it doesn't make Peppa bad either. Please remove this now.

How this website even works? Who put this in there? Just because she's British doesn't make it bad

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60 Rip offs Porky Pig

"Peppa is ripping off Bad Piggies from the Angry Birds series and Porky Pig from the Looney Tunes Series, Go back and watch something else.

This makes no sense

2nd example of Peppa Pig's "rip-offs" of everything.

Just because she is a pig does not mean it rips off

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1. Bratty know-it-all
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1. Everyone in the show is fat
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1. She is the face of British cartoons
2. It insults fat people
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