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61 Everyone talks too slowly V 1 Comment
62 The American dub

Peppa sounds like she travelled into the future and smoked. No wonder why the American dub is dead

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63 It's stereotypical V 1 Comment
64 Lazy design

Ha I could draw better than that and I suck at drawing. Seriously. This show looks like a five year old drew it. A FIVE YEAR OLD.

65 It's low budget
66 Edmond Elephant's Birthday

All of the toddlers cry at once, and it makes for a very ear-piercing experience - Hotheart123

67 Mrs. Rabbit

She has every job. What is she, a clone?

In one episode, Did she have something? Yes. Like... A CLONE?! So weird!

I really hate mrs. rabbit because of the episode 'grandpa pigs train to the rescue' because she keeps calling his little train a 'toy train' even though people told her that like 100 times and also she took grandpa pig's train without asking permission

Wow, she I such a clone that I will make homeless people work on Miss Rabbit's works.

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68 The narrator is evil

He makes all pigs die of shame.

"Because he's evil, really evil." - Bluejay5678 Luca

Grr... I'll bring her into the Farm anyways.

69 She doesn't have eyelashes

Imagine that, then Peppa would be 10 times worse

I'm glad she doesn't because it will make her even uglier. - Powerfulgirl10

Imagine if Yumi and Ami enter the show, they will give Peppa some bad eyelashes. GOOD IDEA.

Yes she would

70 No crossovers

I wish Peppa Pig would have a crossover with The Walking Dead. I'd love to watch the episode where the zombies eat bacon and decide it's so amazing they don't need human brains anymore.

If she crosses over to Five Nights at Freddy's she'll be on their menu

Imagine is they did a crossover Ben and Holly. They would wreck Peppa and George.

Cross it over with Grand Theft Auto and Peppa Pig and gang gonna get mugged and/or killed. So satisfying. - GengarGuy

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71 It's overrated

This show is far too overrated!

This show is overrated and it's very mind-poisoning. My niece loves Peppa Pig, unfortunately. - GengarGuy

So overrated, it is on this list twice!


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72 Mummy Pig isn't the main character V 3 Comments
73 Every time peppa calls daddy pig "Fat", He slaps her in the FACE!

I know right its time he stands up and tell her she shouldn't be calling him that and smack her

Not true. This isn't a "things that should happen to" list either. It's funny, though.

Om my Lord. I want that to happen SO bad! - Powerfulgirl10

That doesn't make sense in the real show but good reaction.

74 It's still on the air

Well, South Park is going to win for it's 300th episode.

I don't know why ut stills on T.V. on my country I remember that old shows dexters laboratory SpongeBob but (that shows have violance induendos) and they stoo and now we have peppa is (educational) gid make it educational and SYCKS!

Both Peppa Pig and Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi premired on T.V. on 2004 so...

The show was cancelled in 2006 due to that stupid pig that is popular.

75 She pokes out her tongue

Peppa pig shouldn't be doing and what the heck is wrong with peppa pig

She shouldn't do it What the Hell is wrong with her

Obvious Miley Cyrus fan right there. - Powerfulgirl10


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76 She's rude

She is really rude where the heck did she get this bad behavior

I can't believe She Never gets punished by her parents

She shouldn't behave like that

He is rude to his brother.

77 The narrator is extremely annoying

He is so annoying he well not stop talking

78 They think everyone loves jumping up and down on muddy puddles
79 All of the episodes suck
80 Peppa thinks she is a big girl yet she is only 4
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1. Everyone in the show is fat
2. Bad animation
3. All George says is "Dinosaur!"
1. She is the face of British cartoons
2. It insults fat people
3. She always gets whatever she wants
1. Annoying music
2. She says "Daddy's big tummy"
3. It's very annoying

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