Top Ten Worst Things About Periods


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1 Laughing or Sneezing Out the Niagara Falls

EXACTLY, once in class, I laughed so hard, I felt the blood leak out. It felt so bad, and everyone is still laughing and doing their thing, while I have to hold in the laughter. Or Niagara Falls was going to come out. - Catacorn

What the? You sneeze in periods constantly. As a guy, I'm glad I don't have periods... - Therandom

This is so true - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I wish I could laugh during that time...

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2 Cramps

This should be #1

My cramps hurt so much they keep me from doing things, even stuff like walking.

It feels like somebody punched me in the lower stomach, about 1 million times. It hurts so much, I can't even go to sleep because of these. - Catacorn

Can't drink anything since it feels like bladder is already feel like it's going to explode even though I don't have to go since I went literally 2 seconds ago

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3 Worrying About Leaking

It happens at night sometimes and when I wake up my pants are all bloody

By far the worse

And then there are blood stains everywhere

I have trouble sleeping at night whenever I'm on the heavy-flow days. It feels like a waterfall and peeing my pants at the same time. Such torture! - Stazemar000

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4 Massive Cravings for Food

For me it's usually blueberries and pineapple. It's actually somewhat of a blessing, since I usually don't have the biggest appetite at all. - Entranced98

Every time I crave chips.

My Mom has the same thing when she gets her period every month. The same problem happens to me too. I literally ate a whole bag of Cheeto's Puffs - Stazemar000

Anything you put in your mouth u feel sick and throw it up a little later 😑

5 Feel Tired/Sick

I've been having some daytime sleepiness recently and I think I know what's causing it - Stazemar000

Sometimes, I literally can't eat for HALF the day because of nausea problems. Rather throw up spit than... anything I eat.

Legs feel like jello even when I did nothing, walk slower than a turtle, paler than pale, tired because losing blood but can't sleep due to uncomfortableness.

Ikr, and when you have to run cross country for like half an hour... more like half a year - gamerkitty6274

6 Crazy Hormones

Crazy hormones us men have to put up with. My mom is almost impossible to deal with when's it this time of the month. This may sound unsympathetic, but you should try to control! - Therandom

Crazy is the right word! Keep your distance when I'M HAVING A BAD FEW DAYS! - Britgirl

Feel amazing one minute. The next, you feel so depressed and/or tired.

7 Having to Tell a Teacher You Have Started

My friends teacher was a guy she had to say the Niagara falls leaked and he had no clue what she as saying and his eyes widen when she had to tell him what had really happen - Cartwheel

Never had to do this, but this would be really embarrassing, especially if your teacher is a guy. - RockFashionista

Really? I'm pretty blunt about things like this, I don't mind telling anyone when it's (as Kris coined it) "Shark Week". - keycha1n

Never needed to do this. - Entranced98

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8 Having to Change Every Few Hours

I'd rather this than TSS. - Entranced98

Especially in the 5 minutes between classes at school. It's torture. - Minecraftcrazy530

9 Feels Horrible When It Comes Out

It feels like your peeing in your pants.

Its like oh god no!


10 Bloating

Sometimes I wonder how I spontaneously gained five lbs in a week, and then I remember... - keycha1n

The Newcomers

? Leaks at the Most Inconvenient Times

Once I leaked in the morning and I had to problem, right? Well, while I was in the middle of it, my sister would not let me finish and my mom made me let her use the bathroom first. She takes a REALLY long time in there (over 1 hr) so I had to leave my bloody underwear and pants there for a while.

? Leaving a Mess When Changing

Sometimes I get blood on the toilet seat, the floor, etc and I had to wipe it up!

Sorry to all those people who stepped in my period blood in the stall, or sat on it the toilet seat (jk I clean it up unlike a lot of other LAZY SLOBS at least on the seat I do). F heavy days!

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11 Freaking Out Over Any Change to Your Cycle

Missed, early or late; you literally freak out

12 Embarrassment
13 Back Pain

Worst than cramps for me. Also come before and stays throughout period

14 Bleeding Through Your Pad

Once I woke up to bloody pants and underwear

15 Eating Something Naughty Like Chocolate and Then Feeling Really Bad Afterwards
16 Depression

Crap, it feels like I've been on valium or something for the past 3 days. fml

17 Teachers Will Not Let You Go to the Bathroom to Change

Once when I was in middle or high school there was blood on my chair once because the teacher wouldn't let me change. It was also on a heavy flow day!

Well since the teachers were being d**ks karma slapped them in the face with a blood mess on chairs they are responsible for because they didn’t let you change >}

18 PMS

Go from happy, to pissed, to sad, to I just wanna die. Damnit I just want to stay happy T-T >( =|

I'm a bitch the whole week before, though I try not to be.

19 Trouble Breathing

I just walking around, and I pant Like I ran a mile

20 Acne

Dang it I have pizza face every time I get on it

21 So Many Feminine Hygiene Options

After cross checking from the isle saying pads tampons night pads and panty liners I then need to pick size resistance if I get pads thickness wings sport. Tampons plastic cardboard or no applicator. brand,travel safety
It's a nightmare

22 Sore Boobs

I mean, some times I can't put my bra on without feeling like my boobs have gone through some kind of workout or something.

23 Having to Check Every Time You Go to the Bathroom
24 Keeping Track of Them
25 The Heavy Days
26 Money Spent on Hygiene Products
27 Bloody Toilet
28 Bloody Trash Can
29 Headaches
30 Girls Have Them Earlier Than Before
31 The Clean Up

Washing underwear and pants when they leak

32 The Amount of Toilet Paper You Use Every Time You Go to the Bathroom
33 Having to pack hygiene products whenever you get it on vacation
34 The amount of baby wipes you use every time you go to the bathroom
35 Feeling Really Hot and Feverish Then Feeling Freezing Cold

Honestly every time, I get hot and then I'm suddenly freezing and curling up in a blanket. It's the worst.

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