Worst Things About Peter Griffin

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1 He's a rip off of Homer Simpson

It's true: Peter is just Homer Simpson but all of Homer's worst qualities are expanded and stretched out basically making a
Dumber, Fatter, meaner, and more abusive and waste of human skin than Homer who at least cares somewhat about his family and respects their dreams while Peter just insults their goals and hopes.

He'll never be as good as Homer, never

I think that this is, by a long shot, the most apt. - PositronWildhawk

Just watch The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XIII Send In The Clones and The Simpsons The Italian Bob.

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2 He treats Meg like crap

He's always calling her fat and ugly when he's no supermodel!

This is the whole point of him having a daughter, my god it's like you have never watched Family Guy - Zindondiddlybop

Shut up Peter! Just leave her alone!

3 He's a rubbish father

He even said that he hates spending time with his kids!

4 He's annoying
5 He's childish
6 He's fat
7 He tries to be funny
8 He suffers from Chinballalitis

He has balls growing on his chin.

God that's gross! But true.

Chris griffin and steve smith does too - ihatetrump

9 He's a jerk
10 He disemboweled a beached whale

This should be number one this is worse thsn killing a person animals matter more - ihatetrump

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11 People like him
12 He shot Quagmire in the leg and didn't apologize
13 He killed his stepfather
14 He's a retard
15 He gets away with his bad actions
16 The audience is supposed to sympathize with him
17 He shot Meg in the face for saying hi to him
18 He shot Joe's eye out with a BB gun for amusement

This is just Sadism, not comedy

19 He beat up a little boy
20 He has managed to get even dumber in recent episodes
21 When he opened a restaurant, he didn't let Joe in because he is a "gross cripple"
22 He ate Joe's legs
23 He's a horrible father
24 He hates spending time with his kids
25 He forced Carter to drink eggnog and shot it to look like a porno
26 He's dumber than Patrick Star
27 He constantly fights with Ernie
28 He farts in Meg's face
29 He killed a whale
30 He abuses animals

This is the worst thing - ihatetrump

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