Top Ten Worst Things About Pickle and Peanut

Pickle and peanut is horrible show its the worst show on disney xd

The Top Ten

1 The Animation

Ugh its unwatchable disney what you had good animation with star vs the forces of evil, gravity falls, wander over yonder, and other cartoons this is just awful - VideoGamefan5

2 It's Gross

It is so gross why is there stupid live action things - VideoGamefan5

3 Characters are Stupid
4 It Rips Off Breadwinners, Regular Show, Gumball, Harvey Beaks, and Sanjay and Craig

I like/love gumball regular show and harvey beaks but I think sanjay and craig and breadwinners were horrible enough - VideoGamefan5

5 They Like to Twerk

Pickle and peanut twerk so much like sanjay and craig and breadwinners - VideoGamefan5

6 It's Unfunny

So unfunny and dumb - VideoGamefan5

7 They Use Too Much Adult Related Stuff

Like they use types of sprays they put on - VideoGamefan5

8 The Theme Song

It sounds like a person that lost their voice writing a grocery list - VideoGamefan5

9 The Voice Actors Can't Take Criticism
10 Everything Looks Like It Was Photoshopped Into The Show

The Contenders

11 The Voice Acting

Its annoying - VideoGamefan5

12 The Commercials
13 The Credits

LSD - CNSucksNow

14 It's Random

Its just stupid and unfunny - VideoGamefan5

15 Stupid Fashion
16 The Episode Ideas Are Either Ripoffs Or Just Plain Horrible.
17 Too Many Butt Jokes
18 Dumb Plots
19 Bad Morals for Kids
20 The Guy Who Made It Also Made Almost Naked Animals and Fish Hooks
21 Disney XD Made It
22 It is a Disney Show
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1. The Voice Actors Can't Take Criticism
2. The Animation
3. Everything Looks Like It Was Photoshopped Into The Show
1. It's Gross
2. The Animation
3. Characters are Stupid


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