Top Ten Worst Things About Pikachu

Pikachu is one of the most overrated pokemons in history, here's a list

The Top Ten

1 It's Overrated

Pikachu is with no doubt the most overrated pokemon in history, I can't belive it, it's even more overrated than Charizard! - darthvadern

Because he's the logo of Pokemon.

It's almost as overrated as Greninja. Charizard is NOT overrated.

2 It's So Weak V 1 Comment
3 It's Evolved Form Raichu Doesn't Get that Much Attention Like Pikachu Does

Pokefans think:
Obviously, their wrong.

4 He's Overpowered in The Anime

That's the reason I don't like the Pokemon Anime. - darthvadern

He beat Dragonite, Regice, Latios, Mewtwo, and Mega Lucario! How?! It's only because he the mascot. I hate that. - NikBrusk

I just don't understand how Pikachu beats legendary Pokemon but loses to an Electabuz. - Catlover2004

5 It Has an Annoying Sound
6 You Can't Evolve It in Pokemon Yellow

That's just so stupid! because you are suposse to evolve pokemon so you will be the biggest pokemon master ever! But no, you can't evolve Pikachu in pokemon yellow, that's just because Ash hasn't evolved his Pikachu, I hate that, so I probably also hate Pokemon Yellow! - darthvadern

7 Was Very Mean at the Start
8 It Has a Lazy Design

Pikachu has a so lazy design, it's just a yellow mouse with red cheeks, that's all it is! - darthvadern

9 It's Ugly V 1 Comment
10 It's Not Cute After All V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 It Has Cheeks

Why does Pikachu have cheeks? It's the only pokemon to have cheeks. Why? - darthvadern

I hate cheeks. - DapperPickle

12 It's Dumb
13 It Can Learn Moves That Other Pokemon That Should Learn Them Can't

For example: Pikachu can learn Draining Kiss, but Togekiss can't. Pikachu can learn Fly, but Scyther and Yanmega can't. Pikachu (as well as Jigglypuff) can learn Body Slam, but Hawlucha can't. Pikachu can learn Skull Bash, but Rampardos can't. Pikachu can learn Icicle Crash, but Avalugg and Regice can't. Need I say more? - NikBrusk

14 Pokemon Yellow Pikachu is overrated.
15 Raichu is the Only One in the Family to Not Be in Smash Bros

I was so angry that I named a Pikachu custom "Richu" (I didn't know how to spell Raichu correctly)

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1. It's Overrated
2. He's Overpowered in The Anime
3. Was Very Mean at the Start
1. It's Overrated
2. It's So Weak
3. It Has a Lazy Design



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