Top Ten Worst Things About Planning Parties

The Top Ten

1 Your parents cancel them

Who thinks of cancelling sometime awesome

2 Your friends say they can't come
3 Friends being annoying

Friend: when is the cake here?
Friend: when can I go outside again?
Friend: where is the disco ball?
Friend: I hate this food
Me: (throws bus on friend)
Friend: when is my--🚌

4 Everything not going as your expected

Things went ok

5 Your friends hate the food you brought

Friends: ew! Pizza! EW!

6 Your family cussing

Family: &$@&$
Friend: new words!
Friend: &$@&$

7 When nobody helps you tidy up

My room is so messy will someone help me?

8 Your phone breaks when you need to remind people

Shoot my phone brang no more fat people

9 Your friends making pointless jokes

Friend: when Abby brought an A she got a B! Haha!

10 People keep mistaking it as a birthday party

Ooh is a birthday party?

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