Worst Things About PlayStation 4


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1 Bad Exclusives

Yet xbox one has great exclusives? - VideoGamefan5

All the good games are on Xbox one too - ikerevievs

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2 Same Thing As PS3

I'm betting this idiot doesn't even own one. - DapperPickle

And this xb1 is totally different from x360, right? - VideoGamefan5

3 Graphics Aren't Impressive

The graphics look better than Xbox, and graphics don't really matter unless they're are very bad. - DapperPickle

4 Vulnerable to Hackers V 1 Comment
5 No Good Shooters V 1 Comment
6 Rehashed Games
7 Pay for Online

I think this person is completely clueless. - DapperPickle

You have to pay for Xbox too, and Wiis don't even have good online services.

8 Unoriginal
9 Bad Party System
10 No Good Games

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11 It Promotes Stealing Nintendo's Ideas

As much as a Xbox fan that I am, this is not true, PlayStation is it's own console and is original.

12 Terrible Controller

This is probably the biggest reason why I don't want to buy a ps4.the controller has the joy sticks right next to each other,it's very uncomfortable.

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13 Cannot Store Your Media in It Anymore
14 Overrated
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