Worst Things About PlayStation 4


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1 No backward compatibility

I think Xbox is much better

Gaystation is gay

Ps4 trash join xbox one x

2 Pay for Online

no fun

I think this person is completely clueless. - DapperPickle

Pay for online for Nintendo switch too

You have to pay for Xbox too, and Wiis don't even have good online services.

3 You can't turn off the controller light bar

Yes you can

Yep its right man ik that I hope u can do that

4 Detroit: Become Human

PlayStation is gay

Is that a bad thing

5 Same Thing As PS3

Yes xb1 is different to xbox 360 u shambles

Massive difference between xbox 360 and xbox one

I'm betting this idiot doesn't even own one. - DapperPickle

And this xb1 is totally different from x360, right? - VideoGamefan5

6 Bad Party System

Very glitchy

7 Bad Exclusives

Uncharted 4 and Spiderman ps4!, come on man!, what are you on? - B1ueNew

Yet xbox one has great exclusives? - VideoGamefan5

EXCUSE ME? Godzilla is the best Exclusive game on PS4. Xbox One has the worst Exclusives. - asantalo

Go back to FIFA, you peasant.

-The Last of Us
-Until Dawn
-Ratchet and Clank
-Gravity Rush
-Crap load of Indies

Xbox has the shoot em ups for the kiddies and there are few good exclusives. - DapperPickle

8 Graphics Aren't Impressive

PlayStation graphics suck

The graphics look better than Xbox, and graphics don't really matter unless they're are very bad. - DapperPickle

9 No Good Games

Dapper pickle sucks
Also Xbox has my favorite games including FIFA
PlayStation needs to be uncharted like its newest model
The only good games are Godzilla and spooderman

I agree the only people who would defend the playstation is people who are religiously playing playstation

This is stupid. Basically, I have a bunch of games on PS4. And they’re amazing. I can play them forever. The best one I played is Godzilla Vs. - asantalo

Hahaa no - B1ueNew

10 No Good Shooters

Really? - DapperPickle

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? Bad Battery Life on Controllers

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11 It Promotes Stealing Nintendo's Ideas

I love Nintendo WAY MORE than playstation. When I first knew this, U was never gonna play playstation ever again, but it's all anyone talks about because of Fart-Nite.

As much as a Xbox fan that I am, this is not true, PlayStation is it's own console and is original.

12 Terrible Controller

Dual Shock 4s are amazing!

This is probably the biggest reason why I don't want to buy a ps4.the controller has the joy sticks right next to each other,it's very uncomfortable.

The ps4 controller is amazing

I agree I fear at some point, someone with the longest thumbs and sharpest fingernails will easily ruin the thumbsticks and instantly ram it into the touchpad braking it

The thumbsticks make it awkward and weird to grab hold on you'll wriggle like a worm!

13 Rehashed Games
14 Vulnerable to Hackers

Well, so is Xbox, - DapperPickle

15 Unoriginal

It is not original ps4 more GS4 Gay Station 4

The xbox one isn't very original either - B1ueNew

16 Overrated


17 They won't cross play with Nintendo and Microsoft.

Ya it sucks

Why would they? , they are rivals, This is mainly for fortnite though, I don't know why you would want to cross play playing an online game on the switch to the ps4 - B1ueNew

ADMIT IT. You thought this was baffling.

18 Cannot Store Your Media in It Anymore


19 The controller is too small for big hands
20 No Good People on It
21 Terrible Company
22 Terrible Exclusives
23 Terrible Banning Systems


24 Censored Games
25 Worst Wifi Chip

Nearly impossible to play online games. Smh

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