Top 10 Worst Things About Pokemon Amourshipping

I don't know why this list hasn't been made yet, but alright, here I go.

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1 Ash can't relate to Serena at all

He could relate with the other traveling companions with there goals and love for pokemon but not Serena she only cares about Getting with Ash and only dose the princess crap as a excuse to be with Ash

Completly agree with this. They have nothing to do with each other - diana123

Exactly what I was thinking. I can't stand that the Amourshipping fanbase is bigger than even Pokéshipping, which was the first and was much more interesting. And it's bigger because all it is is Serena going "Notice me, Senpai! " And Ash mostly ignores her! How is their fanbase bigger than all the others with that baseless BS?!?

Also, I don't see how Ash could find Serena that pretty. THERE, I SAID IT! SHE'S UGLY! SERENA IS UGLY!

I'm not a Pokéshipper. I respect the couple, but I prefer Pearlshipping myself. Unlike Serena, Ash has a true camaraderie with Dawn Berlitz. They respect each other and are thicker than thieves. And Ash is closer to her than anyone else.

I just hope that when the Pokémon anime comes to an end, it doesn't end with Ash getting married to someone. I'd rather the fanbase squabble than having something canon, unless that canon is Pearlshipping. - Sovereign-Robo

2 The only substance to the shipping is that Serena has a crush on Ash

So? Misty and Dawn had crushes on Ash, too! And though I'm a Pearlshipper, simple crushes don't make a ship canon. Besides, Ash has little to no interaction ir similarity shared with Serena. She's just a bland Mary Sue who only exists to crush on Ash. Amy Rose from Sonic is WAY more developed than that!

That's why I'm a Pearlshipper. Because unlike Serena, Dawn has a camaraderie with Ash.

Honestly, Serena wasn't that bad of a character.
It's Amourshipping that I find useless. - yungstirjoey666

Yup this is the sole purpose. there is no chemistry, friendship or anything. serena is infatuated with Ash, it's all.

I have to wonder why sometimes why the female crush is so important that they ignore the other side. It's not just amour but:
Sasusaku (even though it's canon, sasuke showed no interest in her till they got married)
Naruhina (alright and canon, but most just liked it because Hinata had a lasting crush on naruto)
Arnold & helga

Most r better than amourshipping, but I see the same pattern of since the girl has a crush on them, they have to find anything to use to make it look like its two-sided even though most of what they find is the guy being his usual kind self or what friends do to other friends.

3 Every other female companion has a stronger relationship with Ash

This is true! Even misty who they 90% argued with each other got good development, communicated better, and did more with each other than Serena! May they entered an unofficial contest and split a ribbon. Dawn & ash shared moves & traded Pokemon. Iris he swinged from trees with her & hangout alone with her. Serena fails so much that she can't have a decent relationship with him & has to resort to trying to force a relationship with has like trying to hold his hand.

Yet amourshippers think that Ash and Serena are meant to be just because she's infatuated with him

4 Amourshipping is completely one-sided

Ash and Greninja will be better than Ash and Serena LOL

I believe Ash and Greninja’s battle bound is true. but not Ash and Serena

Heck yeah it is.

Sword Art Online: Kirito and Asuna both love each other to the point that if any one of them were to die in-game, the other couldn't go on because they have lost the one they loved.

Pokemon: Ash is nowhere interested in romance while all Serena does is fawn over him. That isn't love. That's just a childish infatuation at best. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Don't worry. I never said Kirito and Asuna were solely defined by their love for each other. They're both pretty much their own characters even when they're not together. Ash is his own character as well, although Serena is only defined by him and her stupid obsession for him as well. Just wanted to point that out. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

5 There is little to no chemistry between Ash and Serena

Amourshipping is only better than Negaishipping

Misty > Dawn > May > Serena > Iris

I love this list so much! - Chibipokemonmaster

Serena is really a static character-- no real development or depth whatsoever. She really brought nothing to the table, being flat and one-sided. She's also quite annoying, like that Fenniken costume she dawned once. With that said, the two, Ash and Serena, cannot mix naturally and have it work. The ship is stupid anyway; dumb concept for a dumb character.

Even when Serena does try & talk to ash it fails, like their little 'date' they had! Serena tried to talk about c**p she was interested in, while ash went off to look elsewhere already lol!

6 Amourshipping makes Pokeshipping look good in comparison

Lol! Yeah and, in my eyes, Serena makes Misty look so much better and I think more of her because she's so the opposite of Serena.

And the funny part is ash called misty ugly in the japenese but ash still was fine dancing with misty when she asked. Serena failed to dance with ash lol! I dislike both ships, but I see pokeshipping more than boreshipping (amourshipping)

Yeah, there were several times in the dub that he said something to the effect, Misty was ugly. Lol, he was such a punk at the beginning.

7 Serena is manipulative towards Ash

Now Serena sexually assaults ash and amourshippers take that as 'ITS CANON! ' Ash should have punched that b***h down the escalator! But him giving her a bit of an annoyed look is the best they give for a negative consequence for that Mary Sue!

That, too. Ash never wanted that kiss, and forcing it on him is sexual assault! Why the hell do people support that?! - Liinde

8 The writers hint amourshipping as bait

This is so, so true! Most moments that Ash has with her are just bait and fanservice, when Ash just considers her a friend!

The date and dance episodes were just for bait. - yungstirjoey666

Ohoho. Just watch as the perverts take advantage of making a sexualized version of Ash "seducing" Serena. Pff, that was already an image. And seriously, it's disgusting!

9 Serena idealizes and fantasizes about Ash instead of treating him like a person and a friend

Also this. I explained this in "Serena is manipulative toward Ash". But Ash CAN be depressed and feel down at times. And that doesn't mean he's "not the real Ash", this means he is a human being who can feel negative emotions as well. This clearly shows that Serena doesn't know Ash enough to be in a relationship with him. - Liinde

You know, this is rather demeaning to Ash as a person.

10 It's the most boring ship out of all ships revolved around Ash and one of the female leads

I hate how people ship May Iris and Serena with Ash. Misty and Dawn are only nice girls for him


Well they hardly interact, for one thing. And when they do interact, they're both on totally different pages. All Amourshipping is, is Serena fangirling and fantasizing about Ash, who is still as clueless as ever. I saw a comment that describes Ash and Serena's relationship compared with his relationship with all the other female companions:
"I feel like everyone has two kinds of friends.
1) The friends you always babytalk and compliment constantly and adore and would never say a rude word to. (Obviously Serena)
2) The friends you greet like, (pg version) 'Hey! Punk! Answer your IMs or I'm gonna come break your keyboard.'" (All of Ash's other friends)
I know none of his friends would be as obnoxious as #2 (except maybe Misty or Iris). But the point is him and his other friends are informal with one other. Compared to Serena, who always puts Ash on a pedestal and he's always having to encourage her ALL THE FLIPPING TIME. She can't do anything without his approval. Ugh!

So I don't really ship ash with the main girls much but...
Pokeshipping: really this is an abusive relationship waiting to happen, but hey at least they both seem like they can be honest & themselves around each other, unlike how fake Serenas & ash's seems. Really though I like Tracey with her as she seems less hot headed around him than ash/brock & has shown moments which shows some interest in him (when he approached the pink ryhorn). Also Tracey has done a lot for misty without being asked like giving her a azirl & helping her with getting more badges. And he still sees misty pasificly, not all the gals in celrulim gym, not Daisy or any other her sisters, oak at the end of BW said something along the lines of 'he went to go and visit misty.' If they wanted Tracey out he could have been doing an arrend or went to visit a family/friend at OI.

Advanceshipping: a lot like it for the student/teacher relationship... but what really got people was the ranger movie where ash made ...more

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11 She barely helps Ash with anything
12 It caused Serena's character to be nothing except fan service and ship bait

How I wish Serena was more than a shipping fodder... She could've been so much better. - Liinde

You know, I liked her for a short time at the beginning. But I quickly realized how pathetic she is and how poorly the writers handled her.

13 Serena is obsessed with Ash, not in love with him

Ash is not acting like the ash u know? Really Serena,it sounds like u don't know ash at all! Though it's understandable. U over glorify him & hold on to an ash from when u both where like five yrs old for a moment in that time frame.

14 Serena's infatuation with Ash is forced
15 Ash's body language to Serena Kissing him was basically disapproval

From what I can tell (because I did not watch that disgusting scene, but there were images leaked on the internet), Serena felt like she liked it while Ash was uncomfortable with that kiss. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the other scenes (presumably on the films), didn't Ash had the same mood when Bianca (Pokémon Heroes) and some other girl kissed him (but he didn't have the same expression like in that XY anime). Not only that, but amourshippers go like "Oh, come on Ash, you like her! " I was like no he DID NOT, it pissed me off, but I don't seem to care. Also, I was on Instagram and I saw an image of a screenshot of a video from YouTube that called, "Is Ash 'cheating' on Serena? ", Depicting Mallow holding Ash's hand while going (to school? ) somewhere (you might've seen that image) and on the top-right image would show Serena and her facial expression (looking like she's shocked? ), and some guy (who was against amourshipping) was like "...Just stop, ...more

16 A child crushing on someone is not evidence that a ship will become canon
17 Amourshipping distracts the viewers from the plot of the series
18 Ash is sometimes rude to Serena


Stupid Serena self inserts want her love interest to put her on a pedestal and treat her like an absolute goddess? And if he doesn't, he's "rude". PLEASE. A boy is totally allowed to not like a girl back if she likes him. Being a jerk only if she forces herself on you too much. Serena did, and Ash was NEVER a jerk to her. If someone obsessed over you and you didn't like them back, but they kept pestering you and forcing themself on you, would you treat them like a god(dess)? Would you never be annoyed at them and their attitude? - Liinde

So two things here:

-while it's also Serena's fault for being an enabler, ash used Serena to hold her backpack & jacket even though he could have put his coat in his backpack and kept it on his back, & did so without even asking Serena if she'd mind. Rude on ash's part, & stupid of Serena to just take it

-on the 'date' Serena was trying to show ash some things & was clearly talking to ash, but instead ash ignores her and forces focus on what he found. Though, the problem here could have been Serena was stupid & not paying attention & was just lucky enough to not end up separated from him & got too far away to ash to here her talk.

In all honesty though, ash should slap/yell at her for being rude to clemont, & for being manipulative in some instances, as well as for being such an idiot & only deciding to finally leave home because she saw him on T.V. & go track him down

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