Top 10 Worst Things About Pokemon Amourshipping

I don't know why this list hasn't been made yet, but alright, here I go.

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1 Ash can't relate to Serena at all

He even said it in XYZ episode 28 when she tried to compare her first performance to his struggles. Literally said she doesn't know anything. - Ruee

Completly agree with this. They have nothing to do with each other - diana123

2 The only substance to the shipping is that Serena has a crush on Ash

Honestly, Serena wasn't that bad of a character.
It's Amourshipping that I find useless. - yungstirjoey666

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3 Every other female companion has a stronger relationship with Ash

This is true! Even misty who they 90% argued with each other got good development, communicated better, and did more with each other than Serena! May they entered an unofficial contest and split a ribbon. Dawn & ash shared moves & traded Pokemon. Iris he swinged from trees with her & hangout alone with her. Serena fails so much that she can't have a decent relationship with him & has to resort to trying to force a relationship with has like trying to hold his hand.

4 There is little to no chemistry between Ash and Serena

Serena is really a static character-- no real development or depth whatsoever. She really brought nothing to the table, being flat and one-sided. She's also quite annoying, like that Fenniken costume she dawned once. With that said, the two, Ash and Serena, cannot mix naturally and have it work. The ship is stupid anyway; dumb concept for a dumb character.

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5 Amourshipping is completely one-sided

Sword Art Online: Kirito and Asuna both love each other to the point that if any one of them were to die in-game, the other couldn't go on because they have lost the one they loved.

Pokemon: Ash is nowhere interested in romance while all Serena does is fawn over him. That isn't love. That's just a childish infatuation at best. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Don't worry. I never said Kirito and Asuna were solely defined by their love for each other. They're both pretty much their own characters even when they're not together. Ash is his own character as well, although Serena is only defined by him and her stupid obsession for him as well. Just wanted to point that out. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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6 Serena is manipulative towards Ash

There were a few manipulative moments that amourshippers labeled as "progression" for amourshipping to become canon. Shows how much they care about Ash. - Ruee

Or they're just stupid and clueless as to what makes a relationship good, or even healthy. Considering they're mostly teens/grown adult men obsessing over two 10 year olds (who hardly even interact) being in a romantic relationship. - eventer51314

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7 Amourshipping makes Pokeshipping look good in comparison

Lol! Yeah and, in my eyes, Serena makes Misty look so much better and I think more of her because she's so the opposite of Serena. - eventer51314

And the funny part is ash called misty ugly in the japenese but ash still was fine dancing with misty when she asked. Serena failed to dance with ash lol! I dislike both ships, but I see pokeshipping more than boreshipping (amourshipping)

Yeah, there were several times in the dub that he said something to the effect, Misty was ugly. Lol, he was such a punk at the beginning. - eventer51314

8 The writers hint amourshipping as bait

The date and dance episodes were just for bait. - yungstirjoey666

9 Serena idealizes and fantasizes about Ash instead of treating him like a person and a friend

You know, this is rather demeaning to Ash as a person. - eventer51314

She's more of a fan girl than an actual friend. - Ruee

10 She barely helps Ash with anything

You know how past companions would help solve issues and fight against Team Rocket? Do you see her doing that often? No? Okay. - Ruee

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11 It caused Serena's character to be nothing except fan service and ship bait

You know, I liked her for a short time at the beginning. But I quickly realized how pathetic she is and how poorly the writers handled her. - eventer51314

12 It's the most boring ship out of all ships revolved around Ash and one of the female leads V 2 Comments
13 Ash's body language to Serena Kissing him was basically disapproval

It doesn't prove that Amourshipping is canon or two sided. Ash did not show any feelings back that would make it two sided. He was confused and annoyed. If it was two sided in any way shape or form, he would've A. Blushed or B. Showed that kissing him made him feel good. He wasn't feeling that at all. - Ruee

From what I can tell (because I did not watch that disgusting scene, but there were images leaked on the internet), Serena felt like she liked it while Ash was uncomfortable with that kiss. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the other scenes (presumably on the films), didn't Ash had the same mood when Bianca (Pokémon Heroes) and some other girl kissed him (but he didn't have the same expression like in that XY anime). Not only that, but amourshippers go like "Oh, come on Ash, you like her! " I was like no he DID NOT, it pissed me off, but I don't seem to care. Also, I was on Instagram and I saw an image of a screenshot of a video from YouTube that called, "Is Ash 'cheating' on Serena? ", Depicting Mallow holding Ash's hand while going (to school? ) somewhere (you might've seen that image) and on the top-right image would show Serena and her facial expression (looking like she's shocked? ), and some guy (who was against amourshipping) was like "...Just stop, ...more - ClassicGaminer

14 Serena is obsessed with Ash, not in love with him

Ash is not acting like the ash u know? Really Serena,it sounds like u don't know ash at all! Though it's understandable. U over glorify him & hold on to an ash from when u both where like five yrs old for a moment in that time frame.

15 A child crushing on someone is not evidence that a ship will become canon
16 Amourshipping distracts the viewers from the plot of the series

I found a post on Pokemon Amino explaining this so I'll add it. I won't go into detail of everything the OP said but it mostly mentioned how Amourshipping is distracting and how it makes people not see Serena as a traveling companion and/or an actual character.

It's called "The Problems with Amourshipping" and if you can find it, I suggest reading it. It's an interesting point of view that I haven't fully acknowledged myself. - Ruee

17 Ash is sometimes rude to Serena V 1 Comment
18 Serena's infatuation with Ash is forced

I'm on hiatus, but I just remembered that I should've added this. It should be really obvious of how her infatuation is forced. It's literally her introduction that started it. We barely know about Serena, just got introduced, and somehow she has a crush on Ash. I would've not been so bothered if her crush actually developed through the show as she's around him more and got to know him than at her summer camp as it would feel like she wasn't solely there to increase the show's ratings. There was literally no reason why she would be so infatuated with a guy just because he showed minimal amount of decency that anyone would do. Again, it makes it feel forced and unnatural. Which has started some of my distaste for amourshipping at the beginning. - Ruee

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1. Amourshipping is completely one-sided
2. Ash can't relate to Serena at all
3. Every other female companion has a stronger relationship with Ash



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