Worst Things About the Pokemon Movies

Pokemon is very good! ....Well the games are. The show was good at first but is bad now, I grew out of the comics, and the movies are, well, probably the worst medium of the franchise. Let’s break it down.

The Top Ten

1 They aren’t made for the games, they are made for the show

I mean the first batch of films were acceptable because the show was still good and relevant back in the day. Now that the show is now more or less an advertisment to people who haven’t played the games... - PageEmperor

2 There are way too many of them

There is 1 movie for each season of the show. I’m not kidding. To think there are tons of actually good movie franchises with less movies than that. - PageEmperor

3 The show doesn’t require movies

...Exactly. Why would you need movies for something that already tries to help get people to join the franchise? - PageEmperor

4 Each one is worse than the previous

Nothing will ever convince me to check out the Pokemon movies - PageEmperor

5 Most of them are just longer episodes of the show

Here’s hoping that the live-action Pokemon movie comming out next year will actually be a good Pokemon movie. - PageEmperor

6 Most of them are just episodes of the show but with legendaries or a special Pokemon added

What’s the point? Just put legendaries/special mons in normal episodes! Put them in normal episodes, and save all the money required to make the films to aid homeless shelters or something. - PageEmperor

7 They probably ruin the franchise’s reputation more than the show

Case in point - PageEmperor

8 They shouldn’t be considered movies

Again, they are just longer episodes with legendaries/new mons. I remember the first few were somewhat varied and so those are fine. But others, nope, and even if there was, you can never convince me to check it out. - PageEmperor

9 Bad writing

Howabout we get an actually unique idea for a Pokemon film, like the backstories of the characters or some revelations or whatnot? - PageEmperor

10 Some of them try to be too edgy, trying too hard to appeal to kids, etc.

Stop milking these films please. They are seriosly worse than the current state of the show by now. At least the current state of the show can be charmingly bad. - PageEmperor

The Contenders

11 They Lack Team Rocket
12 They keep reusing the same generic backgrounds

This has been done since the Diamond and Pearl movies. Luckily I Choose You put a stop to it! - AaronReturn2004

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