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21 Overrated Pokemon

Yes, Charizard is just too overrated. People who say the he isn't overrated is just proving even more that Charizard is overrated, by saying that. See? Plus, now Charizard has TWO megas. That is REALLY unfair. Charizard already had annoyingly enough attention, and now Charizard fans are going nuts. Bulbasaur needs more attention, Bulbasaur is more helpful than Charmander in the gyms. Ugh, it's just grinding my gears even more than Klink! Just ONE stone edge, and it's goodbye Charizard.

Yes, Charizard is barely overrated, I never tried one. But I tried ONLY once. Also pikachu, it's annoying. His voice, it's hard to evolve overrated pokemon. But not lucario, lucario's already evolved from an underrated pokemon. So I think Lucario is only the good Overrated pokemon. - SwampertBABY

Charizard pikachu lucario
I don't think I must say more.

Charizard Pikachu and Mewtwo

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22 Serena's obsession with ash

Why is this such a bad thing? Quite a few girls in the past liked ash, but no one minded.

No one ever looks at the good things about Serena

This should be higher. I've never wanted to slap anyone like I want to slap her! She is so stupid and just downright pathetic. Too bad she's not smart enough to figure out Ash cares more about Pikachu than anyone else. I'd love to see her crushed by that revelation. I'm a non-shipper but I'd love to see Ash get with any other girl just so I could see Serena make a fool out of herself out of jealousy. Stupid, shallow bitch!

23 Easy gym leaders
24 Team Rocket

They've done their annoying routine over 700 times, every episode they appear and do stupid crap for a dumb reason, get blown away, repeat I THINK ITS TIME TO CHANGE THINGS UP - SammySpore

While they're like BLAH BLAH TO PROTECT why didn't Ashfur and his friends do something?! Are they blind? They have like three minutes to do something!

Very annoying so obviously I liked when Bonnie interrupted them in the middle of their slogan and said "STOP DAYING THAT" Jessie is the worst though :/

They are actually good guys in Gen I this is why:
Giovanni needed team rocket to steal the Silph Scope so they can catch ghost Pokemon the only things at the time that could beat Psychics which Mewtwo was (Dark type didn't exist Bugs weren't good against psychics)
The Master Ball was needed to catch Mewtwo
Team Rocket was trying to save the world or else Mewtwo will kill, everyone (not unless Arceus or Red interferes)

25 Competitive Players

So your not allowed to be "the very best" of the list

26 Battling a trainer with a Metapod with your Metapod

Harden. Harden. Gasp: Harden. This will go on for approx. 60 times. Struggle. Struggle. You use potion. They use potion. This goes on for ever. - Pikachulover1

You don't wanna know what happened to me when I used my kakuna for a metapod :( it went for like 80 minutes then I rage quit

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27 The only words a Pokemon can speak is its own name

They're nonhuman. What do you want from them? A five star opera? This list is awful. Who cares if Ash never ages? Who cares about the surnames of Ash's traveling companions?

What did you do with meowth?! Put a translator in his stomach?!

Except for Meowth and that movie where pokemon talked. Legandaries talked. But it'd be interesting if they used their raw game cry.

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28 No Pokemon Stadium 3

Why was this never made exactly? - lolimmaninja

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29 Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.

Everyone says; "Pikachu's so strong! " "I'm SO gonna beat you with my pikachu! " "You cheated with your charizard! Because my pikachu would kill it strait."

They obviously haven't played Pokemon. - FennikenFan9

He looks like a little cutiepie and people say "am Ganna punch yar kangashkan up with my pikachu"

They probably don't know what's a pikachu

30 Genwunners

Nope when Pokemon Go was released many said "The 90s are back".
Before Pokemon Go it was forgotten except for the internet and video game magazines.

Pokémon is for video game geeks now, its not mainstream like the 90s.

These clowns haven't played a new Pokémon game since Oasis's Wonderwall was relevant, and then they bash the newer gens like they've played them. Losers, right? Just refer to whoever put “all the new characters and Pokémon suck” on this list as an example.

31 Evasion/Accuracy
32 Umbreon Umbreon

Really hard to get because nighttime lasts for like five seconds and when eevee reaches level 15 Eevee doesn't have full happiness

Is that a shiny or what? Because normal umbreons are yellow I thought

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33 Fighting a Legendary and Forgetting to Save Before

Just today I forgot to save before capturing groudon in pokoemn emerald and I accidentally killed it - coolguy101

Thank God this didn't happen to me. ALWAYS SAVE BEFORE YOU CATCH A LEGENDARY! I almost didn't save before I caught Zapdos but I remembered at the last second. Zapdos is awesome. ^_^

34 Ash's rivals are jerks

I think the nicest was Gary Paul and Trip were really jerks except Paul was more abusive Trip just wanted strong Pokemon but he didn't abuse any of his Pokemon Paul abused Chimchar Pokemon CRUELTY good thing when Chimchar was Infernape it kicked Paul's ass

Specifically, Paul. He catches Pokemon based off of their strength and move set. That is cruel and a waste of time. Just teach that Pokemon a move you want it to learn

Everyone of Ash's rivals has been jerks to him or Pokemon or both. GO ASH'S RIVALS! - Pikachulover1

35 Weird evolutions

How does magikarp evolve into that Pokemon I forgot its name. - SammySpore

Feebas evolving into Milotic. Stupidest thing ever.

A blue snake evolved into a yellow dragon - SammySpore

Boulder = lizard in the rubble

Sure, pokemon.

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36 Cilan Cilan Cilan is one of the three Gym Leaders of Striaton City's Gym, known officially as the Striaton Gym, in Pokemon Black and White. In the anime, he is classified as an A-class Pokemon Connoisseur and traveled with Ash Ketchum in the Unova region. He first debuted in Triple Leaders, Team Threats!. V 3 Comments
37 All of the new characters suck, pokemon and people

CODE G! Genwenner here!

The truth hurts doesn't it? I played a Pokémon game from after gen 2 and it was just boring. I probably wouldn't watch the Anime now either, I heard Ash's new voice and it was really weird. But remember the parody of the Porygon episode. The Simpsons go to Japan "Battling Seizure Robots" haha

Attention all people, we have a genwunner here. Repeat, a genwunner.

Especially Cylan and Clemont Bonnie and Irirs are annoying as hell

38 Lavender Town
39 Pokemon Fans Making Terrible Fanart

*cough* Serena/Amourshipping fans *cough* - RiverClanRocks

Kill the pictures on DA and millions will be happy

40 Axew won't evolve

Iris' goal was to evolve him all the way. Why hasn't Axew evolved yet?

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