Top 10 Worst Things About Police


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1 They kill people for no reason instead of arresting them

Y'all are stupid they take out their guns to defend them selves

Yeah right there was a police officer who killed a Wife's Husband on YouTube she starts crying that's very bad! - Lordvader3500

Poor Michael Brown just wanted to get some cigars from that market, and just because he was poor the manager wanted him to pay for them. Its no wonder Michael was misunderstood and had to shove the manager out of the way, and that stupid racist cop should never have told him to do anything at all, its no wonder that Michael had to attack him.

It was so unfair that the person in Berkeley who aimed his gun at the police officer got shot, just so unfair.

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2 They were trained wrong
3 They think they can do anything

True, cops are so overpowered with freedom that they get to kill people and get away with it, steal things and not pay for it, we don't care we're cops and we don't give a single crap about our people's safety! - MorganChambz

What an offensive list, cops keep the world safe. Saying they're all racist, brainwashed and were insecure children is dumb. If it weren't for the police Charles Manson, Fred West, Harold Shipman and many other killers, rapists and paedophiles would still be on the streets today.

4 They had a troubled past

Yep! - Nirvana13

5 They are sinners

I know we're all sinners, but cops today just go around and kill people, and killing people is a sin. - MorganChambz

6 They are extremely racist people

Hitler was racist because he hated Jews, Osama was racist because he hates us Americans, two examples of terrorists that are now probably now in hell, If you were a cop and that killed someone, you better hope you don't end up in hell, pray it off, ask Jesus for forgiveness, and he can heal you. - MorganChambz

It was totally racist that the cops in Detroit arrested those 4 guys for killing Antonio Smith. Even though Antonio was only 9 years old, he might have been snitching, and so he deserved to be killed and those guys should not have been arrested for it.

7 They were probably bullied and left off as insecure as a child

I was bullied when I cut my hair short in 3rd grade, Was I bullied? Yes. Was I insecure? Yes. Do I go off killing people? No. All the bullying stopped by the time I was in 5th grade when my hair grew back, Anyways, most people who were bullied and were insecure mostly end up as heartless life-taking criminals, like the guy who killed Michael Brown, he lied, I can tell, That's why he's not convicted. - MorganChambz

YOU can tell the police officer lied?

Wow, YOU can read minds?

I doubt very seriously that you can read minds, and the police officer did not lie, the scientific forensics backed him up, as did all 8 of the witnesses, except of course for Michael Brown's partner in the robbery of the store.

8 They make their country look bad

So many people killed by cops. Anyone heard of the Sandy Bland Case?

No? Let me explain. A cop pulled over a woman who forgot to put the turning signal on, he told her to throw out her cigarette, she said no, he pulled a gun on her and arrested her and started beating her up. Two days later, in jail, she committed suicide. - AnonymousChick

Like ours, our political system is corrupt, people from other countries other than US mostly say thing about our corruptness, I see YouTube fights all the time about this. - MorganChambz

Like the guy they just caught in Brazil, who murdered over 90 people by stalking them and then brutally stabbing them to death, including numerous small children and several babies.
The most he can get in prion is 30 years.

9 They were once brain-washed

Like the 16-year old brainwashed zombie who made this list?

10 They try to stop you from committing crimes

If you really, really need or want something, you should just be allowed to take it from somebody who might have it.

It should be your right to ignore any law you don't agree with.

I never pay attention to laws, why should I?

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11 They arrest people for no reason

Either it happens by mistake or someone swats the victim. Swatting is a large and serious crime everybody needs to know about. It is not the policeman’s fault.

It's like kidnapping innocent people, and don't terrorists kidnap people to kill them? It secretly kills the innocent person inside though. - MorganChambz

12 Their uniforms don't match

This one is pretty funny. :') - MorganChambz

13 They fight back if somebody attacks them

Cops should never fight back, they should be required to just stand still and take it.

Totally true! - Nirvana13

14 They beat you
15 They are rude

Asses 90% of them. - Nirvana13

16 They go undercover

They pose as drug dealers and then arrest each other.

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