Top Ten Worst Things About the Politicians of the 21st Century

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1 Making terrible choices

This may not be every politician, but some just do before they think. It can lead to disasterous results. - Turkeyasylum

Barrack Obama makes so many terrible choices. Bush actually made better ones.

Barack Obama standa for Boo! - FerrariDude64

2 Lying about what they will do

They always say "Hey, we will raise the minimum wage! ", but in reality, they will get themselves more pay. - Turkeyasylum

What's the point of winning an election if you don't plan on doing anything? Gah! - keycha1n

They always plan on doing something - they plan to try to structure things to benefit their financial support. Then, the best of them also try - with the necessary support - they try to benefit and affect some positive things. Of course, people have different opinions on what is positive and how to benefit those things. Even with the best intentions, it isn't an exact science with all the factors and influences - Billyv

Looking at you, Kathleen Wynne. - PetSounds

3 Always attacking the other politicians

Each candidate makes the other seem like the worst choice. You can only conclude that none of them are worth voting for. - BobG

It seems like these days you find less reasons to vote for a particular side and more reasons not to vote for the other.

There's a different way than to be fierce in competition. But sadly, now adays, if you don't attack the others, you won't get elected. - Turkeyasylum

Obama (insert insult here)!
Hilary Clinton (insert stupid insult here)!
George Bush (insert insult here)!
'enough said

4 Either far left or far right

It's mostly the scary far left that's the problem.

They are either liberal or conservative. If they aren't, they don't get elected. There is not an "in between". - Turkeyasylum

People should think more about the countries need besides their own beneficials, they should think more on howto build a nation than ddestroying it

I consider myself as a center wing person. I hate both left and right.
Right - Too conservative, racist and extremely religious.
Left - Stupid, arrogant and cannot think logically.
Center is the best.

5 Annoying election rallies

It's like a popularity contest in a way. I can easily compare some politicians to Paris Hilton in terms of striving for attention. - Turkeyasylum

6 Political merchandise

Here in the US, people buy endless amounts of things to help a politician with their rallies, - Turkeyasylum

7 They make it seem like an obligation to vote

I can't vote yet, I have to be 18. But, they almost make it look like you HAVE to vote for them. - Turkeyasylum

When eligible you have a responsibility to consider and try to vote. that's the system. Citizens have a duty to participate or the system and process has No Chance to work as it should. - Billyv

8 Possible corruption

George W. Bush was once accused of closing liberal voting areas, with help from his brother to win the last state in the election. Not confirmed, but possible. - Turkeyasylum

9 Political parties

One of the worst things that has ever come out of the United States. Now they are everywhere! (Not saying I hate the US or anything, I live there) - Turkeyasylum

10 Taking advantage of the public's ignorance

YESS! People didn't know what assets were so people tried to save them, made Liberal look like the bad guys but they were right! (Making references to QLD election, state in Australia)

The Contenders

11 Not being able to compromise

This is one skill many politicians seem to be lacking, as barely any bills get passed these days.

Thanks for reading! - Turkeyasylum

Best point here, Turkey, in my humble opinion, and good, thoughtful list. - Billyv

12 They put their own ideology or faith before the interests of the people
13 Racism

Donald trump

14 They regularly take bribes from corporations
15 Socialism
16 Not caring about disabled people
17 They argue and act like children while the world is collapsing around them
18 Ignoring or perverting the Constitution

Get educated

19 Killing their own people

Politicians around the world like Rodrigo Duterte, Nicolas Maduro, Kim Jong Un, Muamar Gaddafi, Barack Obama and Joko Widodo are examples of this.

20 Some Pushed for Brexit

Hear no more

21 They fight too much, and make individuals do so too
22 Historical Revisionism

Education is non-existent and full of LIES.

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