Top 10 Worst Things About Politics

To me it doesn't matter if you're a liberal or a conservative but I think we can at least agree that politics in general just start fighting. Here's what I consider to be the worst things about politics. I already got a feeling this list will be controversial.... but I'll see how it goes.

The Top Ten

1 Lying politicians

Too many too count and all of them promise change but never fulfill it.

2 Vote rigging/ botting

Especially in the election of Al Gore vs Bush. Al Gore should've won, but it was rigged so that Bush won. I think it's obvious how bad that turned out.

3 The White House is always divided and can't make up their mind about anything

Yeah... explains itself really.

4 A president that gets nothing done or fulfills any of her/ his promises

*COUGH* I'm not calling names here but there has been quite a few presidents like this.

5 Knowing who to trust to be president

Especially when both candidates are unlikable.

*Cough* 2016 election - Randomator

6 Candidates that lie against each other to get more votes

The 2016 election in a NUTSHELL.

7 Despite it being important, no matter who gets elected, nothing about our country is fixed

To be honest this doesn't really require much of a explanation.

8 Barely anything gets done

Especially with the all bickering from both sides. The White House has gotten next to nothing done and when they do it's very rare.

9 Hypocrisy

The hypocrisy in politics is just as real as hypocrisy outside of politics.

10 The chance that the same politician you hate gets re-elected twice

Self explantory.

The Contenders

11 It causes fights
12 It divides people against each other
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