Top 10 Worst Things About Pop Music

Pop used to be great back then. Back when true pop artists like The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and The Monkees were making music of their own and had actual meaning to it.

Nowadays all you hear from most pop songs on the radio is sex, partying, drug use, butts, getting drunk, getting high on weed, and just the dumbest shit in the world. And most artists get famous because of their looks. Not because of their image.
What happened to being real? What happened to having morals and values?

This is the list you've all been waiting for. Here are the top 10 worst things about pop music (mostly modern pop music).

The Top Ten

1 Constant Talk about Partying, Sex, Drug Use, Weed, Butts, and Alcohol

No different from the previous fifty years. - PetSounds

That's What Defines Miley Cyrus

Ik at the moment most songs are about bad stuff HOW ARE WE STILL SAIN

2 Auto-Tune

Actually for 99% of the music industry auto-tune is used to cut studio times in half. Not because the singer can't sing, just to shorten time. - RandomWeirdo

If you can't sing; don't sing in the first place

I like it if it's used in an interesting way. If you consistantly sing just a half step off key, it makes you sound like a glitchy robot. Which is useful if you're Daft Punk or something.

3 Artists Becoming Popular Based On Image, Not Talent

I love 1d but without the looks they would not be as famous as they are now.

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4 Can Influence Bad Behavior
5 Sex Songs to Get More People to Buy a Terrible Artist's Albums
6 Fangirls

I agree, we are quite dangerous. I even have a-a-a BUTTER KNIFE. *gasps* - RandomWeirdo

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7 Too Simple
8 Horrible Beats

Just simple. No bass drops or anything. - InfernoTopTenners

9 The use of stuttering and phrases used repeatedly during extremely basic choruses. V 1 Comment
10 Most Artists have Ghostwriters writing their Songs for Them

They don't give songwriters enough credit!

The Contenders

11 Is Played Everywhere

Pop music is annoying and Ithink that rock music should be played, because the singers do not sing about drugs or alcohol

12 More Popular than Other Genres

If people want to make this crap then I don't care but when people choose to listen to unoriginal pop by bands who've never written a song and have the arrogance to judge your music taste? That's what I can't stand

13 It Talks About Boys and Girls

Oh My Goodness This Bothers Me!

14 It's overrated
15 Boring

You just hear the words over and over again. Simple beat. - InfernoTopTenners

16 Idiots Talking Crap About It.
17 Terrible Lyrics
18 Only Appeals to Girls

It does make a little sense that this was marketed to girls, but there are some boys that like it too. And I'm a girl but I hate pop music

I Really Think That Pop Music Is For Girls Not Boys! Pop Music Was Made For Girls Because They Like Popstars Like Little Mix, One Direction, Katy Perry, And Taylor Swift.
So Maybe Your Right Pop Music Is Marketed To Girls.

Yet, here I am... As a girl... Listening to Dio and still trying not to cry over the death of Lemmy... - LostDream258

19 Uncreative

They all have the same stupid David Guetta beats

20 More Popular Among the Crowds
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1. Artists Becoming Popular Based On Image, Not Talent
2. Auto-Tune
3. Sex Songs to Get More People to Buy a Terrible Artist's Albums
1. It Talks About Boys and Girls
2. Artists Becoming Popular Based On Image, Not Talent
3. Auto-Tune



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