Top Ten Worst Things About Popular Girls

These arrogant snobs are found in schools everywhere, and they are extremely annoying. Some popular girls can be OK, but this list is based on the mean and arrogant ones. Here are the worst things about them.
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1 They bully everyone who is not popular

In school, there is this annoying loud-mouthed popular girl who always talks to her friends and never cares about school(She likes to chat at class as much as I see),and she's like ",I'm fine with that! " When she gets a bad grade. She's also mean. True, she is nice(but only to a few students) and she always brag about her luxuries but she's a stingy diva! I mean, I wanted to borrow a music book from her and she rudely told me to borrow someone else's book. And she never think that flaws or mistakes exist. That's why she always disrespects me when I made a mistake at playing badminton when it's PE class. A friend of mine told me that she's a complete snobby rich girl. And It's true! And she probably tells many students lies about the unpopular girls crowd. But I'm not sure if she does. But I'm sure she does! Plus, she's quiet bossy and makes her bullying victims feel bad about themselves all the time! I wish I don't have to be at the same homeroom as she is for the 8 and 9 grade!

There once was this girl who was nice to me until she started hanging out with the popular, annoying girls. After that, she started hating me for "not being girly or popular enough". I HATE popular girls, and I agree that everything on this list is PURE TRUTH. I HATE how they are overdramatic, not down to Earth, OBSESSED with their phones and social media, their clothing and makeup, and their taste in music SUCKS!

Just because I'm a nerd with mental issues doesn't mean I need be be rejected. I'm just not treated fairly because people are jealous of my special abilities.

I can't express how much I hate them. They act like they rule the school and everywhere outside it.

2 They "date" multiple guys in a year

When people in my school brag about being "in a relationship" with someone, I (not very kindly) inform them that 7th grade is much too young to acquire true love, and that dating in junior high is the most counterintuitive thing I have ever heard of, and that people who do it lack intelligence in every possible way.

In some cases they could be contravening the Christian customs. It is like these girls are marrying then divorcing and remarrying over and over again! This puts a lot of pressure on them! Popular girls these days need to make up their mind!

And when their Boyfriends broke up with them because they knew that their "girlfriend"Is nothing than a cheating liar who cheated on them for a cute boy, They'll cry like a baby. But they were just begging for supports so people will hate on the boy

They actually think that they are "dating" and "have a relationship". These girls are way too immature to even handle actual dating.

3 They dress in hideous clothes and wear way too much makeup

I love makeup. I wont give you some ridiculous excuse like "it gives me confidence" or "it enhances my natural beauty", which are both valid points (kind of, I guess), but I wear makeup and love fashion because I'm an artistic and self-expressive person. I find makeup to be just like painting, except on a different canvas and I view it totally as a creative outlet. If anything, wearing makeup makes me even more insecure because of people like you who are seemingly against it. In fact, I wear makeup, heels and dresses when I have no where to go, but hardly ever wear them out in public. I love the feeling of spending time on myself and simply being able to transform my face whenever I please. I find that to be really cool!

They shop at places like hollister, abercrombie&fitch, areopstale, and any other designer shop. They have a Juicy coutre or a louis vuitton, an expensive smart phone with Justin Bieber/One Direction music in it and cake their faces with make up. No offense popular girls but you're at school, not on a Miss Universe fashion show. And they wear clothes than shines too much, It breaks the dress code by dressing inappropriately, and yes, It's pink. They also wear heels to school, and wave their hands to all the guys and fellow popular girls all flirty as they trot around as if they're in a red carpet.

There are these populaur girls who think they are the best thing since sliced bread, they dress in shirts that are see through, high up so they look like bras, and the sleeves cut so wide they are an inch from being cut up, short shorts that don't even cover their entire butt, and wear high heels. God, it's not like your at a NY city fashion show. Also, is there a cotton shortage? I never wear makeup unless it's a special occasion, in wich I put on a little or Halloween, and I am not afraid to admit that is when I go overboard and scare everybody because I need to make it look like I am actually what I'm dressing as, lol. But they wear like, 9 packs of it every day and it isn't attractive.

At the age of 13 (everyone in my school), you don't need to be wearing makeup. Maybe on a special occasion, but that's about it.

4 They are way too involved with social media

Why does every girl in my class so obsessed with social media. All the girly popular girls in my class care about nothing but romance, boys, gossip, and social media. I'm a tomboy, and I like stuff like video games, nature, NoCopyrightSounds music (NCS has a lot of good music), and I just like to draw. I mean, I do like wearing some jewelry and some hair accessories, like headbands, but those girls at my school, all they do is gossip and be like ", he's like, so hot, I want to date him". And they like Kim Kardashian! Of all the people to look up to! And of course, social media. All they do is go on social media! Ugh, girly popular girls are so ridiculous!

Times are a -changing. Social media is a powerful, powerful tool. While the girls you describe might not benefit, chances are, there are social media users who are more successful and famous than you'll ever be. Utilize this new tool to your advantage, you'd be surprised.

Ugh! This happens to me a lot! Even some girls who I rarely talk to ask me. While I do use social media a lot, I don't go around begging every girl for fans.

They beg for followers all the time. They always write 'Please Follow me and I'll follow you back' but they never did. And when you don't, they would threw a tantrum from it

5 They are obsessed with their phones

Even though I'm a teen, I HATE cell phones! I was walking out of my school one day, and this girl behind me knocked me down. She ended falling too, and she dropped her phone. She totally freaked out, crying over her phone, and instead of asking me if I was okay, she was totally rude. I wish they could go back in time to the 1900's so they could live without their precious cell phones.

Where do I begin with this? There's a girl who would take selfies in the classroom, then post them on Instagram. Another girl, would be on her phone THE WHOLE CLASS. Normally, I'm the smart one that leaves her IPod Touch (that's right, I don't have a cell phone) in her backpack, and just uses it for the bus. The girls are always BEGGING the teacher to take a selfie with him, and its ridiculous!

This is youth in general. I can't tell you how many kids and teens I see walking and texting. I have been tempted to trip a few of them. Sometimes they walk right into me and I do nothing to stop them. Why should I? They need to learn to stop texting and walking. They do it when they drive now, also. It is a huge pet peeve of mine. It's dangerous.

I'm tired of the Apple fandom. It's too overrated. Nearly every kid nowadays has one. Even seven year olds! The top reason why people buy iPhones is just because it's made by Apple. Observe the product and compare it with an alternative, instead of just buying it and bragging about it as much as iJustine.

6 They make everything a huge deal

A girl and a boy are in a high school corridor. They are best friends but they love each other too, and have just had the courage to admit it.

Boy: I love you.
Girl: I love you too.

The girl and the boy kiss. But neither of know that there's a 'popular' girl lurking nearby, ready to turn this romantic scene into unneeded drama,

Popular Girl: Other girl, why are you kissing Boy? Don't you know that he's got a crush on me?
Girl: Yes, but he's my best friend and he might be my boyfriend. If you ask him, he won't say he's got a crush on you.
Popular Girl: He has got a crush on me! All the boys do. You've got a crush on me Boy, haven't you!
Boy: No! I never have, and I never will, I love Girl!

Popular girl storms off, and will probably slap this scene all along her gossip column in the school newspaper.

This happens to me all the time!
Girl:Hey babe!
Boy:Hey Hottie!
Girl: Oh look, it's the wannabe with black hair!
Me: I may be dateless, however I don't lie about my hair color.
Boy: I don't lie about my hair color! Half it it is brown!
Boy:Man, Natural hair color black hair boys are weird! Expect for me!
( Pushes me)
Me: Bawling( I HATE YOU!)

I know. I have a rather popular friend who is like the fashionista. She's nice and funny but kind of annoying. I chip my nail, she screams. I have split ends in my hair, she gasps. I wear boyish clothes, she freaks. I rip my paper, she recoils. I don't have things neatly perfect, she raises an eyebrow. Like seriously!

I'm popular at school but I'm really nice to everyone. I know another popular person who is the opposite. She complains about everything like "My pencil broke! " Ok your pencil broke, and you have a million pencils so get a new one.

7 They don't care about school

This is a very serious thing to bring up. Lots of the popular girls don't give a flying waffle about their education. Once, I overheard a girl say, and I quote : "I got a D in math, but I still did a good job." Like, if you have a D, you're FAILING the class. If I came home with a D on my report card, I'm studying hard in that subject. I'm not just going on Instagram, or any other social media, and lose my brain cells. Plus, you aren't graduating high school with those C's, D's and F's. They just prefer to put 0% effort into their education. And then, there's the girls who don't know what to do when they're given a packet. Like, there's an article on the front, with questions on the back, what's so complicated? You read the article, then answer the questions on the back. And they ask "What do I do in the textbook? " when the teacher has it written on the board. I could go on and on and on about this, but I don't want this to be 3 paragraphs

I don't really care for school, but this is because I've never had a challenge. I do good in school and am the smartest of my friends. I'm not popular, I'm more of the person you go to for homework help. How could you not care about your grades, though? We took a pretest in Social Studies and I got a 60%, while the rest of the room got a 0% I was more concerned that, although it wouldn't count in the grade book, I didn't get a passing grade.

This is my main issue. I cannot stand anyone who doesn't care about their own dang future. It's just so unattractive to brag about getting a C or being generally airheaded. They need to realize success doesn't come easy in life, and that being lazy and not caring about their grades or anything else besides friends will only get them swabbing floors at night.

The only reason I dislike school and get monotone grades is because it's a hellhole for me since I'm not popular, and treated like a punching bag by "popular" kids. One went so far to say I had a gay crush on one of my friends just because I moved to sit next to him, and he was backed up!

8 They use pointless slang

They never do that at my damn school.

Yolo, swag, bae... Need I go on?

9 They laugh at every little thing

Oh yes. I know a lot of popular girls who are like that. Not all popular girls are bad (soke can be really nice) but I'm talking about those bad ones.

Anyway back on topic, a lot of them tend to laugh at the slightest things such as when you are reading, yawning, writing or even when I'm just walking. What's next? Would it also make them laugh if I had a broken arm or something?

THIS IS SO TRUE. My English teacher asked a popular kid to read what was on the board and he said "ok." All the other popular kids burst out in laughter.

One popular kid had to read something and he was laughing and that made the other populars laugh. When it was my turn to read, I started laughing because something funny came into my mind and I couldn't help myself. it was so awkward and cringeworthy because they all had slightly dirty looks on their face, and it created an awkward silence

I know this one particular girl who laughs when someone throws something in the trash, at the word goat, the number 45, and the word racist. come on I don't get how that stuff is funny.

Teacher:Now, class. We will be studying about primate humans. So, from time to time, there are 3 types of primate humans. There are Meganothropus erectus, Pitchenathropus erectus, and homo sapiens(by the way, sorry I didn't spell them right. They are pretty difficult). Any questions?
Popular girl:(snickers)
Teacher:What's very funny,____?
Popular girl:You just said homo, teacher!
Teacher:Are you really that dirty minded?! I am telling the principal and after school, the principal would love to see you in her(the principal in my school is a woman. Not a man)office!

10 Their conversations rely on gossip and gossip alone

The girls at my school do that. They gossip about all sorts of innocent people! Once I heard them say my mom is a old grandma! Hate their guts me and my friends agreed that they are evil.

Can these girls talk about anything other than themselves, their friends, random guys, and unpopular people? Apparently not.

Popular girl:That new girl is a total loser. I mean, I saw her stealing my friend's wallet and stole all her money for plastic surgery
But the truth is that all the money is gone because the supposed stolen money is actually spent on designer shoes(and it was spent by the popular girl's friend)In fact, plastic surgery and implants are restricted at the school

Can't they talk about something else? Gossip is so old and can be mean.

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11 Their 'need for drama' to live

I hate drama, it just causes problems and depression. I like to joke and be down to Earth.

Whether they're creating it or spreading it. And so on.

Honestly, they're pathetic at making drama.

That's every girl.

12 Most of them are blondes

Nope at my 2nd school their hair was a clump of hair extensions so I couldn't even tell what colour it was. It looked like the colour of mousey bird poop.

That's so fake!

13 All they talk about is boys, dating and sex

Dudes talk about sex and I'm pretty damn sure you talk about boys too.

Pretty sure they learned that from Kim Kardashian,girls in my school actually like her! GROSS.

Who cares about dating?

There are some popular girls at my school and they are actually nice

14 They act like they're innocent

Even if they know they did something bad like cyber-bully and stuff.

15 They think they are the most liked, even though everybody hates them

It's hilarious because here's the breakdown:
25% Popular People (Guys and Girls)
75% Normal Amazing People
The only people who like the popular girls are the popular guys, so only 25% of the whole frikin school likes them.
Our cafeteria is divided in half, the populars on one side, the normals on the other.
One time, when the Eagles' Parade was happening after the superbowl, the cafeteria was full on the normal side, empty on the popular. I understand that the popular guys will go to the parade, but the girls? Only 10 of them actually like football; the rest ditched school. You could tell that the normal kids actually cared about school and wanted to become something, and that's why we were all there.

Popular girl:I'm so POPULAR!
One of my friends 1:What is that snob talking about?
One of my friends 2:I know! She seriously doesn't know what the students that's not in the popular crowd think about them

16 They tease people who are not as popular as them for no reason
17 They are rude to quiet people
18 They call you tomboy if you wear non-girly clothes

I rather be a tomboy than to like make up, be obsessed about how ugly I look, and make drama out of small things like getting pimples or messy hair. I rather would like rock music, go outside and have fun, I look up to a guy figure(not Justin Bieber and that girly garbage), admire skateboards and art, and I love video games, it is a better lifestyle for me.

Once I wore blue jeans and a white t-shirt while they wore squad outfit and made fun of Me and called me tomboy. And made fun of me because I wore lip gloss and make up

If someone calls me a tomboy, I take it as a compliment. I'd rather die than ever wear their pink brand glitter stuff and decaf Starbucks

19 Saying the word "like" way too often

That's not restricted to popular girls. All girls and guys say "like" too often. It's pathetic!

20 They think they are better than everyone

That's because they're really stuck up by nature. But who cares about popular girls other than dumbasses, anyway? When they will be older their popularity will fade away and then they will pay the price for their attitudes. They will be depressed because nobody gives a damn thing about them anymore.

Oh my gosh so true! I HATE *most* of the popular girls at my school. One or two are really noce and smart and are just friends with the most popular girl's friends, so yeah. But seriously, they think they're sooo cool! The ost popular girl at school has less friends than me! ME! She always wears way to mch makeup. She's 12 YEARS OLD! Really! She just gets so full of herslef. Ugh! I HATE her!

21 They're too girly

I'm that smart tomboy who isn't afraid to tell the stupid populars that they don't have any right to do whatever they're doing. I absolutely hate how they dress and they wear 1000 bracelets on each arm and smother their faces with makeup. Girly girls are the worst!

22 Bad taste in music

Popular girls only listen to overrated trendy music just because it's popular and want to fit in. In comparison I mostly like music from the past as it was a time when music had meaning.

23 They think the world revolves around them
24 They only got popular for their parents' money or their looks
25 They give you orders

Some girls calls you and gives you orders and if you ignore them, they call you really rude names. They think they are miss Boss

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