gemcloben Well, another list based on the popular girls. I do hate them, but for other reasons, and from my personal experience. So, here is why this list is inaccurate:

1. "they bully everyone who is not popular"
If someone is not popular, there will be a reason for that. And, bullying is another word for overreacting over an opinion. I am not myself popular, but as many on this site know, I don't even like myself, and I can give self criticism.

2. "they date multiple guys in a year"
In a comment, the list creator called them immature. Coming from a girl who found a toilet disturbing. Honestly, if you are having sex and 100 boyfriends, that is a sign they must get a life.

3. "they dress in hideous cloths and wear way too much make-up"
I would agree, that this is utterly pointless. But, if I really think, a find girls a lot more pretty with make up. This would make me like a girl who is well presented and looks beautiful. And before all the immature ones of this site, don't comment "oh my god! He finds girls attractive! PERVERT!" because that would just represent the whole of thetoptens.

4. "they are obsessed with their phones"
Well, I brought up her obsession with thetoptens on this subject, and she told be that she toptens on a laptop. What difference does that make? Oh, suddenly, it becomes fine! Please tell me the difference! Gosh...

5. "they are way too involved in social media"
Wait... Thetoptens is a media, and you use it for social purposes... OH MY GOD! IT IS A SOCIAL MEDIA! Please, think before you speak.

6. "they don't care about school"
I have never cared about school. Teachers get so annoyed at me because they don't bother me. And the gasp when they see that I get the highest grade in the class in some lessons. Yep. I pay no attention and I am smart. Even the popular girls at my school are smart.

7. "they make everything a big deal"
The lists creator is the user who gets offended at everything and makes more than a big deal. Enough said.

8. "they use pointless slang"
slang is the English of the future, but people complain about it. Get with the time, expand your vocabulary. New things will never be popular at first. Even some of the worlds greatest scientific theories were once looked at as weird.

9. "their conversations rely upon gossip"
Gossip is just the discussion of other people. What are we going to talk about then?

10. "they laugh at every little thing"
Not true at all. They just have a different sense of humour to you. They have a very select sense of humour anyway.

So, when people of this site will stop being immature, easily offended, overreacting, contradicting themselves and then giving pathetic excuses, I may listen.


I agree with this post, but I have to ask: why did you remix the list with the same items? - IronSabbathPriest

Can't delete it - gemcloben

People think that because they're on a site full of anti-social people ( like me) they can automatically be a warrior and own everything that's popular because for the sake of double standards. Yeah! Screw capitalism!

Great response, by the way. - visitor

I'm not anti social... - visitor

It was a great post, but I've never read that minecraft crazy found a toilet disturbing, and to be honest, I don't know if I bye that statement. And in her defense, some of the options were here opinion. - visitor

I agree most of that popular girl stuff are just things people on a disneychannel movie. - TopTensFan

Preach it - MeaganSaysHI

I'm anti-social. - visitor

You're anti! you're anti-social! - gemcloben

Yeah but the difference is that these users choose to, you don't, it just happened. - visitor

Now that I have read this post,i now regret agreeing with that list,nice post gemcloben - Nateawesomeness

Good post, but I still agree with the list.
It's not like popularity in school matters in 20 years.
My ELA teacher even said that the most popular school in her highschool was seen with a live baby on each of her limbs, missing teeth, and messed up hair. - Skullkid755

But, gossip and bullying are messed up. You shouldn't make people commit suicide when they don't deserve it and complaining about one of a person's traits even though it isn't bad or doesn't effect them is just messed up. I don't think the other reasons are things that make them bad though, except maybe the "date one guy one day, another guy the next" reason. - Skullkid755