Top Ten Worst Things About Popular Girls

These arrogant snobs are found in schools everywhere, and they are extremely annoying. Some popular girls can be OK, but this list is based on the mean and arrogant ones. Here are the worst things about them.

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21 They tease people who are not as popular as them for no reason

I was sitting at lunch by my self one day on the oppiste table to them (I do have friends she just had to go to lesson ) and they got the boy I had a crush on and they started laughing at me

Ikr they are crap heads

I'm lucky girls at my school aren't as bitchy as yours.

22 They have dumb fears

No, I don't just mean bugs, but one girl in my class fears going to the bathroom because she doesn't want the fire alarm to go off. But every time I go to the bathroom, she's taking selfies - kaitlynrad11

A lot of kids in my class are scared of wolves and sharks. And they are obsessed with dogs, a super deadly critter.

This is elementary bullcrap. They'll grow up so please just shut the hell up.

At my first school there was this bitchy popular girl called carmen or something in the grade above me and she was apparently "allergic to water". Umm.. You need water to live! Just Wow. - Lunala

23 They are rude to quiet people

I remember me and this popular girl called shaye hated each other and we will NEVER get along because we are opposites.

I am shy, tomboy, wear sweatpants, a cap and no makeup, short, unpopular and nerdy

She was loud, girly, wore hideous booty shorts/crop tops and caked herself in makeup, tall, popular and bitchy

See what I mean? Personality clash. - Lunala

24 They give you orders

Some girls calls you and gives you orders and if you ignore them, they call you really rude names. They think they are miss Boss

25 They never get in trouble

Dude, the girls somehow always 'forget' their PE clothes and when the coach confronted them about it, they just say they forgot and it's all sun gone and rainbows. And when my friends forget their clothes it's apparently detention and they think that they can will get away with anything, including murder.

26 They'll flirt with anything either rich or popular

I'm a redneck and they flirt with me. I'm also chubby and a metalhead.

27 They hate anyone who isn't their friend

Thank god the popular girls in my school aren't this bad. - AnimeDrawer

Why must people hate - QuarterGuysApprentice

They really don't seriously.

28 They only care about their popularity
29 They're divas
30 They have underdeveloped, prepubescent voices

They sound like bratty six year olds with blocked noses. - Lunala

I have a deeper voice than almost all the girls in my grade. - AnimeDrawer

Lol, listen to them. They sound like a kitten mewling :I

Popular girl:(gossips with her friends will showing off her polished nails)Like,What a total loser.I mean,Blue? That's the only color for a correction tape?
Me:(Thinks as I walk to class)Is that a 7th grader or a 1st grader who got lost at the Middle School sector? - MLPFan

31 When a hot boy passes them, they always flirt with him

And this is why I hate flirts. Because:
1.When a hot boy passes them, they always flirt with them
2.They always twirl their hair, or batted their fake eye lashes just to get attention
3.When they just dated a boy they like, they always kiss them on the lips in front of everyone with no embarrass
4.They're attention hogs
5.They wear too many make up to attract boys.
6.They always steal other girls' boyfriends and claim that they belong with them.
7.They bully "their" new boyfriend's ex girlfriend by humiliating them in public
8.They always act nice
9.They only care for attention
10.When they saw a hotter boy, they'll likely cheat on their boy friends just to get the hotter boy's attention(and also by doing the CFT or also known as the Cliche Flirting Technique) - MLPFan

32 They're spoiled

A girl in my class has 15 to 16 friends, five electronics, 15 pets...
She insults anyone who likes books, I wanna tell her, "Considering you insult people, I am guessing that yo fave T.V. is Disney Channel." When I watch T.V., I watch nature.

And also, remember the guy who said his class loved dogs? That's me. If I were to make a list called Top Ten Reasons My Class Loves Dogs, the spoiled brat's probably No. 1. Also, the worst part? She helps starts BVG (boys vs girls)

33 They are truly stupid

Ask me and a spoiled brat in my class to write a description of a weasel:
Me-a small, brown mustelid, often hunts rodents but can kill a rabbit, is hunted by owls

Spoiled Brat-a kid who wears a hat with ears on it, eats human food, is hunted by wolves

Do I have to explain who is right here?!

Ikr these brats are social media addicts morons and get bad grades in school and make others get bad marks

"The first people to climb Mt Everest were neil armstrong and albert einstien"

- One of the popular girls from my 2nd school - Lunala

34 They cry
35 They ignore all the outsiders
36 They're stuck-up
37 They make fun of you for being different

There's this group of popular girls that are so mean. They all like romantic movies like dis eu channel. Twilight, vampire diaries, teen wolf etc. They make fun of me because I like manga and I Don't like romantic stuffs. They call me weirdo and bully me because I'm different.

What's the problem if your a girl and you like manga?

38 They make fun of you for not wearing big brands e.g. Adidas, Nike etc
39 Saying the word "like" way too often
40 They can steal your Identity for popularity

I don't mean your whole identity, just make it look like she's done the brilliant things you've done and say you've done to her all the horrible stuff she's done to you. Here's a story about it.

Erica is our innocent non popular friend. Vanessa is a previous popular girl who wants to be popular in St Richard, her new school that Erica has exchanged to. Nikita is the current popular girl. Sophie is one of Erica's friends who also exchanged!

Vanessa: I've like, won ¢10,000 in like, an ice skating contest
Erica: Liar! I won ¢10,000 in an ice skating
Vanessa: oh Erica, you're like, such a liar! Everyone at our old school knows that you like, locked me in a cupboard so I couldn't compete!
Nikita: I'm sorry, which one of you is 'the mean girl'?
Vanessa: Erica!
Erica: Vanessa!
Nikita: I'm so sorry Erica, but like, Vanessa said it like, first so like, I have to like, believe her!
Nikita and Vanessa become best friends and Vanessa becomes another popular ...more

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1. They are obsessed with their phones
2. They are way too involved with social media
3. They bully everyone who is not popular
1. They bully everyone who is not popular
2. They dress in hideous clothes and wear way too much makeup
3. They "date" multiple guys in a year
1. They bully everyone who is not popular
2. They dress in hideous clothes and wear way too much makeup
3. They "date" multiple guys in a year

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