Worst Things About Post-Beta Minecraft

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1 The Terrain Generator

Biomes are all the same now. All the biomes have a certain way of forming and that's it. No variety or anything. Mountains used to be cool until they made them ugly and boring. - SammySpore

2 The Orange Lighting
3 The Integrated Server
4 Useless Items

About 80% of everything added is either completely useless and superficial or even sometimes makes the game WORSE. For example guardians. They are useless and attack you for no reason. Some other useless things are purpur, prismarine, bunnies, granite, diorite, andesite. I HATE all the useless junk! - SammySpore

5 RPG Elements

Minecraft is about building. Stop adding RPG elements to mess up the game. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Minecraft should really be renamed Zelda 3D.
(or any other RPG game) - SammySpore

6 Tall Grass Everywhere
7 Updates Come Out About Once a Year

Back in the good old days, there were updates about once a month or two. I would even sometimes come home from a vacation and find a new update, without having any idea! Now there's like a year of hype, hype, hype, until the update FINALLY comes out, and most of it is junk anyway. And then they come out with 10 tiny updates that are just bug fixes. Then the cycle repeats again. - SammySpore

8 New Fog
9 Corrupt Servers

McMagic is a prime example. God I HATE the staff on that server! They censor EVERYTHING and whenever somebody says something questionable, they clear the chat so nobody else can see it! Once, there was a guy on who was saying that he hated gay people. Know what they did about it? Nothing. Know what they did to me when I tried to stop him? Muted me for fighting. Retarded staff, never play here. - SammySpore

*ahem* *wink* MCMAGIC *cough* - SammySpore

*cough* MCMAGIC *cough* - SammySpore


10 Annoying Kids on Servers

Servers have become infested with stupid kids who call you a noob and gay, and say you're a hacker because you killed them. - SammySpore

The Contenders

11 New Water & Lava Textures
12 Mountains

Mountains are just grey hunks of crap stuffed with andesite, gravel and other junk. They used to be really interesting, when they were made of grass and had cool formations. Now they're just flat at a lot of parts, and everything is grey and ugly. - SammySpore

13 Realms

Just make a server. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Yeah it's actually cheaper + easier to make a server instead. Point valid. - mattstat716

14 Notch Left

Notch left the game (which is fine) but left that hack Jeb in charge, who ruined the game. And now Bill Gates is probably going to ruin it. - SammySpore

15 Bad Focus

I am expecting new blocks but they just add mobs. Microsoft completely forgot about the builder and modder community. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Gotta agree, this is completely random updates. They just add trash and nothing of value.
Polar bears, llamas, parrots etc are examples. - mattstat716

16 The Story

Beta: You just build, explore, and create. You just use your imagination to make anything you want. And you explore the beautiful world of Minecraft. Now there's a stupid underlying story ripped from an RPG and it sucks. - SammySpore

17 The Controls on the Console Versions Are Awful

They're impossible to control. Say you got attacked by a zombie from behind. On PC, you would press a number or scroll to get your sword, whip around and kill the zombie. On PlayStation or pocket edition, you have to press a bunch of buttons to get the sword and then turn around slowly. By the time you got ready, you would be dead. - SammySpore

I know the controls on pocket edition

18 Too Many Ores

And we still mine diamond ore... and that's still the final tier... Invalid point. We don't have enough. - mattstat716

If I can complete the game in 15 minutes by finding 3 iron ore, 3 logs, 1 coal, 8 cobblestone and about 48 diamonds, we have a problem. - mattstat716

19 Combat Changes

This should be #1.
The old combat was at least decent. Now it's just trash. - mattstat716

20 Making All the Versions Pocket Edition
21 Modding API
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