Worst Things About Power Outages


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1 When it goes out for hours or days

I always get bored after awhile, twice I had one power outage last all night on July 17,2011 7pm -July 18,2011 11am and one all day on August 1,2015 1:55pm-9:54pm - flaggy0666

2 Food can be spoiled after 4 hours

This can suck, worse when you just went shopping - flaggy0666

3 When it goes out while playing video games

This really sucks when your having lots of fun or haven't saved for a long time - flaggy0666

4 When it goes out while watching a movie

This the worst when your enjoying a movie, one day it kept going off when I was trying to watch ice age dawn of the dinosaurs on T.V., I watched it the next day after school and I didn't have any outages - flaggy0666

5 When it goes out when your phone is dying or dead

This the worst then I can't play games on my phone - flaggy0666

6 When it goes out while watching tv

This happened to me before - flaggy0666

7 When it goes out during a shower

This happened to me once I was taking a shower then lights go out, took me a while to notice first thought the lights burned out - flaggy0666

8 No heat in winter

Sucks when it gets too cold because of no heat - flaggy0666

9 No air conditioning in summer

Sucks when it gets too hot because of no air conditioning - flaggy0666

10 When it goes out at night

This can Suck if this happens when you don't have a flashlight to see if you need to use the bathroom or something - flaggy0666

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