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21 Jayden from Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai

His appearance in super megaforce was very disappointed. He is not legendary ranger. He and Kevin are losers and jokes.

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22 Wes from Power Rangers Time Force

Martha generic is a dumb woman in a dumb mother

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23 The Snow Prince from Power Rangers Mystic Force

He's an aging hippie liberal douche

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24 Theo Martin from Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Those who hate Theo are sh++-eating bigots. Same goes for those who hate Kai, Sky, and Kevin.

I hate this blue ranger!

25 Sky from Power Rangers S.P.D.
26 The Rangers Aren't Strong Enough

Don't believe me? Then why do they use those robots at the end? They always use it! They might just well use it from the start.

My brother said that the rangers look really weak and it's true

27 Same Story Over and Over Again

Gets boring after watching four seasons, - naFrovivuS

You got it dude.

28 Lothor from Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Ninja Storm hands down had the worst villains in power rangers history

More of a joke than a badass. Up there with Rita.

29 Mentor Ji from Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai

I wish he was never been born

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30 Emperor Gruumm from Power Rangers S.P.D.
31 The Lion King Movie Came Out the Same Year In Power Rangers

Power Rangers the movie is more popular than the Lion King duh

32 Cheap Effects

Here's The reason I think the effects never get better, it's probably because back then they didn't have the best technology to make good effects, and nowadays they probably took an oath to honor the old tradition and never improve the effects, I would like them to improve the effects but that's probably the reason why they haven't

Because they are low budget and cheap.

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33 Forever Red Final Battle

I wanted all the red rangers megazords to be part of the final fight and a 2 part episode instead of one

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34 Animus/Kite

He interfere with the Wild Force Power Rangers

He put the world in danger just to test them.

I Hate him.

I'm glad he died and went to Hell!

35 Mako from Shinkenger
36 Time Force


37 Ninjetti Power Coins Destroyed In Alien Rangers Ep 3
38 Dino Charge Gross Humor and Attacks

Dino Charge Gross Humor and Attacks

Doing burps and farts is really jumping the shark, but they jump into the sharks' mouths and got eaten


Why Fart Attacks and Gross Humor in Power Rangers that is stupid!

39 The Spastic Movements

For some reason it's impossible for the rangers to speak without waving their arms and jumping all over the place

40 Power ranger might as well be a cartoon or anime
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