Worst Things About the Powerpuff Girls Reboot


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1 It's Real
2 Charmless
3 Twerking Twerking

The party bear is probably a pedophile dressed up in a panda costume and is a rip-off.

This is the thing everyone comments about. Yeah what the party bear is stupid and so is the dumb twerking. Now I just need to add this to the list of childhood memories ruined. - DCfnaf

How many times do we have to tell these retarded cartoon developers that twerking is NOT funny. Just because it's has to do with shaking your butt doesn't mean it's comedy! - Mcgillacuddy

Should be #1.

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4 Bad Pacing
5 Horrible Animation

The animation is fine but too bright.

The animation looks too clear. - Catacorn

They don't have necks and their bodies don't bend

The animation is too bright - NightmareIsHere_

6 Continuity
7 Non-Sensical Plot
8 Background Characters Looks Like They're from Clarence
9 They're Removing Breasts from Female Characters

What do they have against boobs? I'm female and very confused. Do they think that a natural body part is innopropriate for kids, but not twerking and dressing bubbles-a five year old- up like a prostitute?


Awkward and cringeworthy

They removed ms bellum just because she has breasts, that's so sexist

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10 The addition of a "Fourth Powerpuff Girl"

Okay, two things. One, this is just a disgrace to the Bunny we all know and love from the episode "Twisted Sister". Two, why did they all of a sudden just decide to add a fourth Powerpuff Girl? It's pretty obvious they're pulling this five-part "Power of Four" movie marathon just to pull in ratings since the reboot has been doing very badly with such (Miller and Athreya, why must you two be so bent on keeping this deadbeat reboot alive? ). I mean, not only does it come across as pandering since the fourth Powerpuff Girl named Bliss is apparently ambiguously black (and has a large head and unusually large hips...) in a desperate attempt to appeal to SJW's, but Craig McCracken already established that the Powerpuff Girls are only supposed to work as a trio, no greater. Now I do appreciate diverse representation in cartoons, but the way they're using Bliss for this is more of Ghostbusters (2016) in PPG form rather than something that's awesome. Seriously, with all the criticism and ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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11 They Got Rid of Ms. Bellum

For a really stupid reason.

12 Jared Shapiro

To think that one of the writers on the reboot actually made a self-insert OC of himself as a love-interest for Blossom... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

13 It's just as bad as Teen Titans Go

Agree two reboot one childhood ruin!

14 They Made Buttercup Into a Ruthless Bully


I agree buttercup has the worst voice ever it sounds like a bully and a boy

Buttercup acts so unlikeable in many episodes including the season 2 episode tooth or consequences in that episode she punched blossom in the face and gave her another toothache and gets no punishment for it and another thing bubbles and the professor don’t look worried when she punched her and fell onto the car just shame on you buttercup!

15 They Don't Use The Original Voice Actors

Blossom sounds too high pitched, kinda like Bubbles. - Catacorn

16 They Tried to Make It Hip with the Kids

Doing that would make it more outdated in the future. - djpenquin999

17 References to Old Memes References to Old Memes
18 It's Soulless

Simalar to this why are disinbodied voices singing everything

19 Bubbles Wanted to Fight a Bull in One Episode
20 It's tries to appeal to teens as well

I was the one who typed that I thought I was the only one who realized that. But I forgot to add at the end that it's all because it tries to appeal to teens.

I am a teen and I hate this to death. Maybe it's because I'm not really into things other teens my age are into, but honestly, this sucks.

Sometimes I feel nauseous about it trying to appeal to teens

More like kids and tweens

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21 The Twerking Episode Ripped of "the Joy" from the Amazing World of Gumball

Sooo true.

22 It Got Renewed for a 2nd Season the Same Year the Series First Aired

REALLY?! At first, I thought that Cartoon Network was desperate for the PPG and TTG crossover, but after that I found out that it's gonna get renewed for a 2nd season. But now it's the PPGs that are desperate. Why move onto the next season, while we have 22 episodes of a SEASON! Hell even the rest of the 2016 shows are smarter than this crap!

23 It's Boring
24 Overused Jokes
25 It Insults Fans of the Original
26 It's not funny
27 It focuses on the least interesting thing about the original PPG: the main characters themselves
28 Cheap budget due to the fact that the intro had way more effort than the show itself
29 It's only for kids
30 There's barely any crime-fighting, and mojo jojo does nothing throughout the show
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