Top 10 Worst Things About Princess Peach

These reasons are 100% true. Do not deny it. Princess Peach is a cruel-hearted, cowardly teen queen. Princess Daisy and Rosalina do not suck. Princess Peach does. She is a short-tempered, bossy and ignorant princess who can't jump for her tall height and never wins gold. She can't tread water! She is too sensitive, I hate her. And I believe Princess Peach to actually be a 43-year-old spoiled brat who is very broke on purpose and loves to throw childish temper tantrums. She always loses on everything and is nevertheless very disgraceful. I hate Princess Peach's voice, everything about her! She is very worthless and pathetic. Please believe me, peps!

The Top Ten

1 She is useless and gets kidnapped several times despite being in perfect shape

So just because shes in perfect shape she's supposed to fight a giant fire breathing turtle? - HeavyDonkeyKong

She does beat Bowser in smash bros - Martinglez

2 Her high, girly voice
3 She takes the spotlight away from other characters
4 She was very useless in Super Princess Peach

Princess Peach is even worse than Lester the Unlikely and all these reasons on this list are perfect.

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5 Her dresses
6 Her hair is yellow

Her hair is ugly and reminds me of Barbie. Peach will sturt in with her unreasonable hair in almost all the sports games. She should wear it in a ponytail!

7 Her girlish nature

She's a girl so she acts like a girl. What is she supposed to act like? A boy?

8 She doesn't get combat training
9 Her rivalry with Amy Rose

Princess Peach would pull a Piko Piko Hammer at Amy Rose and threaten people if Mario or Sonic forgets her date.

Amy Rose is horrible, too. She should not be in Sonic X nor on Archie Comics. I hate her so much!

Peach Is Better Than Amy Because Peach Doesn't Stalk Mario

By The Way Amy Is Not Too Bad

10 She has appeared in more games than any other female gaming character in history

The Contenders

11 She is aggressively annoying

There's nothing wrong with Rosalina. She's perfect! It's Princess Peach who is very bad. All she does is whine. She is unable to touch a bomb without screaming, gets confused too easily and angrily accuses people for losing her stuff even if it was an accident. And she dresses childishly! I HATE PRINCESS PEACH WITH A BURNING PASSION!

Amy Rose, her ripoff is just as aggressively annoying, awful and terribly portrayed as Princess Peach. Due to your hatred of Amy Rose, HeavyDonkeyKong, "Top 10 Worst Things About Amy Rose" is for you. And what will your comments be? Yoshi is MUCH cuter than Amy Rose.

I agree. I hate Peach with a burning passion as well.

12 She replaced Paulina
13 She is in modern Mario Kart games

I don't like Peach, but she's actully pretty good in Mario kart! Oh, and she's in classic Mario kart too! - HeavyDonkeyKong

14 She doesn't give a crap about the toads
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