Top Ten Worst Things About Public Schools

Ever wonder that you hate going to terrible school system? Here is the reasons why public school is terrible.

The Top Ten

1 Bullies

Danteem: Guys I go to a way better school than you. My school has less bullies, better school lunch, nicer teachers, and more organized work and teaching. I'm deaf and I go to a deaf school that's why there's not really any bullies there but in public schools some people bully other students because there deaf, blind, short, handicap, autistic, or fat but my at school people respect other people who have disabilities. Everyone is different.

Yep, bullies are the worst! I've been bullied before, and it was horrible! He was shorter than me! - Pegasister12

At my school there is no bullies. However, there is a purposely annoying kid. I'm one of his main targets if I'm not THE main. It's not at all fun to deal with.

I am bullied 4-7 times each day by a group of 25

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2 Teachers

They are so rude and nosy

3 Test score

My old school test score went very low and teachers forgot some stuff to teach you. - InfernoTopTenners

4 Long days
5 Violations
6 Homework on the non-school days

I have so much homework on the weekends nowadays... - Minecraftcrazy530

Me too and it stresses me. But I don't usually have homework when I go to magnet schools. My school is an 'A' school and we are too smart for homework. - InfernoTopTenners

7 Underfunded
8 Rougher kids
9 Referrals for no reasons
10 Can't learn

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11 Stupid people everywhere

I'm the smartest person in the school...


12 Small and not a lot of class to choose from
13 Shootings
14 Horrible slang
15 Immature kids

Kids back on my old schools are very crazy and 76% of our class went below C. - InfernoTopTenners

16 Uniform loss
17 Staffs don't care about you
18 The canteen
19 Fire drills
20 School lunch
21 Bragging
22 Dirty toilets
23 Makes you sit out of recess for no reason

That is Horrible

24 Toilets
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