Top Ten Worst Things About Public Schools

Ever wonder that you hate going to terrible school system? Here is the reasons why public school is terrible.

The Top Ten

1 Bullies

At my school there is no bullies. However, there is a purposely annoying kid. I'm one of his main targets if I'm not THE main. It's not at all fun to deal with.

I am bullied 4-7 times each day by a group of 25

I think your completely right about bullies

Bullies are so mean, when I was in 2 and 3 grade there was this kid and he cep on telling me that a have to friend and no one likes me as a friend. Soon after he stared to punch and kik me, one time he was breaking everyone's snow forts and tunnels so I went to stop him and … well it work a jrad him off the one what a grade 1 made and then he ran off. I want to tell my friends the bad news and then I saw him. Them there was a fist coming my way and bam! He punch me in the face and gave me a black eye.

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2 Teachers

They are so rude and nosy

3 Test score

My old school test score went very low and teachers forgot some stuff to teach you. - InfernoTopTenners

4 Long days
5 Homework on the non-school days

What about homework in general

I have so much homework on the weekends nowadays... - Minecraftcrazy530

Me too and it stresses me. But I don't usually have homework when I go to magnet schools. My school is an 'A' school and we are too smart for homework. - InfernoTopTenners

6 Violations
7 Underfunded

I heard that my school district's high school music program was nearly cut!

8 Rougher kids
9 Referrals for no reasons
10 Stupid people everywhere

I'm the smartest person in the school...


The Contenders

11 Can't learn
12 Small and not a lot of class to choose from
13 Shootings
14 Horrible slang
15 Immature kids

Kids back on my old schools are very crazy and 76% of our class went below C. - InfernoTopTenners

16 Uniform loss
17 The canteen

What in heccin heck is the canteen?

18 Fire drills
19 Abuse
20 Staffs don't care about you
21 Special Ed

Seclusion rooms definitely venting all about it right Mrs Holt (which decides I should go into special education classroom she does not teach it though but she obviously 🙄 is the report teacher/classrooms mommies! )

22 School lunch
23 Bragging
24 Dirty toilets
25 Makes you sit out of recess for no reason

That is Horrible

26 Toilets
27 Lockdowns
28 Maths test

It's the worst thing in the world

29 Mrs Holt
30 Edward Holt
31 Communists Communists
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