Worst Things About Public Transport

The Top Ten

1 The Smell

Breathing on people is disgraceful

A woman behind me kept breathing cheese and onion down my neck. I could smell every syllable she spoke - Britgirl

2 School Children

Yes, they can be a nuisance, but they're often too young and immature to know better. Unless they're throwing pebbles at passengers they're not the worst people to share public transport with. - Entranced98

Hyperactive children and sensible adults make a cocktail of disaster. - Britgirl

3 Miserable Bus Drivers

My perspective on this changed recently when I saw one dressed as Santa. Now I really can't take them seriously! - PositronWildhawk

The grunt their response at you - if they like you. - Britgirl

4 The Noise

That is possibly very true, you being body. But I haven't been to Britain, so I don't know what you sound like

Crying babies, iPods blasting out, stressed parents, me... - Britgirl

5 Pushchairs

People with these insist on getting on first. If I get on with bagfuls of shopping how am I supposed to get through these offenders? - Britgirl

6 The Idiot

There is always one and he / she always manages to find a seat next to me! - Britgirl

Not the same idiot who always added JB to every list, is it? If he's on the bus or train next to you all the time, Britgirl, I certainly feel for you. - PositronWildhawk

7 They're Dirty

Someone once left a half-eaten Pot Noodle on the bus floor and it almost spilled all over my new shoes. Another time there was dried mud all over the seats. - Entranced98

Burger wrappers, chewing gum, sticky drink. , - Britgirl

8 The Queue

Well, I say queue. There ARE no queues anymore. It's everyone for themselves now. I'm small and almost always get pushed to the back. - Britgirl

9 Chavs

Not many people are worse to share public transport with than a bunch of drunk chavs who swear all the time, brag about their 'bling' and blare crappy music from their tinny phone speakers. - Entranced98

10 The Expense

I really would rather not work out what I spend on train / taxi / bus fares every week. It would only make me cry - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 The Length of the Journey

Having to spend the duration of the journey with everything on this list! Hmph! - Britgirl

12 It's Always Late
13 The Timetables are Never Left Alone

My local bus company used to change theirs almost every month. - Entranced98

14 Strangers Talking to You
15 You Have To Share It
16 People Bumping on You All the Time
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