Top 10 Worst Things About Rainbow Dash Haters

Dash haters need to be exposed for the horrible people they are.

The Top Ten

1 They lie about her

Yeah. Rainbow Dash Haters can be very annoying. - InfinateSuperstorm

Well some are lies and some are not, sometimes they just make this stuff for entertainment, but the fact that she cheated in a race with applejack is true.

I'm a rainbow dash hater so that means I am a liar!? - Sugarcubecorner

Bronies. - Not_A_Weeaboo

2 They're annoying

Well, I have no smpathy for Rainbow Dash fans. They defend her like a real person. She is not a real person just a fictional character. We are just talking about how much we do not like her, but no, we cannot speak up for ourselves because you guys ruin it. You guys looked for it, just leave us alone and respect the fact that not everyone likes Rainbow Dash. We are just sharing that we dislike her that's it. But you guys have to come in and ruin it, you guys wish us death and would be happy about, sounds cruel, we are real people, I cannot believe you treat a fictional charcter better than real people. You guys bring it yourselves, this is why the haters keep making lists about you, you guys started it. If you left us alone in the first place, none of these lists would be created. I do not feel bad for you, you guys are being bullies and wishing death to real people, you guys looked for that. I never been to any fandom where fans treat haters so bad. Juat stop it and quit it, I never ...more

And you guys never quit on bullying us which is more annoying.

Yall treating a sausage with LBGT colors like a god. this bs is jsut an idol not the one true god.

3 They say she's a bully even though she isn't

Well rainbow dash has been a bully sometimes, not always.

The funny thing is, they are bullies themselves.

Yeah! She is a bully! - Sugarcubecorner

4 They ignore her good qualities

Well everyone has good and bad things about them, at least Dash isn't a criminal, which makes her good, but also did bad things. It all depends on your choices.

Although I am dashie hater but would say she have some good qualities like awesome, cool and athletic etc - Sugarcubecorner

5 They keep making repetitive stupid lists about how bad she is

I respect their opinions, but this gets very irritating. - RoseWeasley

Sort of true that these lists are repetitive, but at least they are not afraid to share their feelings.

The RD hate lists never stop! It's so annoying! - TheMuslimMemer

6 They make her sound worse than she is

I don't think of her as a criminal or bad person because of her flaws, I just dislike her because she thinks she is awesome when I see nothing really cool about her, and because she is so arrogant, but her rude fans make me hate her even more, sending death threats and bullying us, making us look bad.

Her voice totally made my ears bleed but I don't really hate her but the problem about MLP is about their voices. Oh gosh, that gives me 9000 decibels ear bleeds.

7 They don't respect opinions

This applies to both sides. - RoseWeasley

Well, you Rainbow Dash haters should keep your opinions to yourselves and not express any opinion that you know will piss people off! God, why can't everyone just have the same opinions!

Well we are just sharing our opinion on why we hate dash. There is nothing wrong with people liking her, but what makes me mad is how you say bad stuff just because we dislike dash, we just want to express our feelings.

I don't hate everyone who likes her, and I am a dash hater, I only hate on the ones being rude, but innocent people who like her no.

8 They're immature

You fans haven't realized you're the bullies, not them! - Chromium

You are the ones being immature for wishing death to dash haters.

9 They're bullies

You guys were the ones being bullies first, sending death threats for hating dash. Treat others the way you want to be treated, respect. I am a fan of Buttercup, and I don't send death threats to her haters just ignore them, that's what you should do.

Hypocrites! You fans are the ones who are bullying them and will you even send some to me? I'm just one of the very few RD fans TwilightKitsune like. - Neonco31

How is TwilightKitsune a bully just because she pissed you off when she said she hated Rainbow Dash?

10 They flood this site with pointless hate lists.

Some of the lists are indeed pointless, such as "Top 10 Characters Who Should Beat Up Rainbow Dash", however the lists that have decent reasoning I can tolerate because well, they have decent reasoning. I honestly don't even know why I'm commenting on this list, since I don't care about MLP in general. It's a really overrated show in my opinion and isn't particularly special to me. These whole "character debates" are honestly pointless and just cause equally pointless arguments between fans. That's all I have to say. Feel free to disagree with me all you want, but I don't care. - Vancedapurpleguy

"Top 10 Characters Who Should Beat Up Rainbow Dash".
That's just one example, and yes, that list actually exists. - InfinateSuperstorm

What. You Dash fans are so un logic sometimes, jeez!

I think everyone has a right to be heard out, the lists are not 'pointless' if they have good reasons. This is the TopTens, what were you expecting? - TwilightKitsune

The Contenders

11 They think she's the worst character ever even though there are worse

I dislike Rainbow Dash more than any other character. But I got to admit there are worse characters out there. RD is my most disliked, but would be a bit better than the characters from teen titans go, they are annoying.

I know there are worser characters than Dash so... - Neonco31

I can't think anyone worse than her. - TwilightKitsune

I can't think of anyone worse that her. - TwilightKitsune
Boy, if you think that, then just LOOK at Veruca Salt. She's 100 times worse. No wait scratch that, she's 1,000,000 times worse than Dash!

12 They like Dora

I do not like Dora, that show is even worse than MLP.

Eeh! I don't like Dora - Sugarcubecorner

Really? - Chromium

What? :vv - CorvetteroZR1

13 When you say something good about rainbow dash they swarm you in a comment
14 They fart a lot

Lol. Those gassy jerks.

What!? - Sugarcubecorner

What the...?

15 They still wear diapers

I think RD fans wear diaper! - Sugarcubecorner

Do they really?

16 They hate Vocaloid

I love Vocaloids, much better than Rainbow Dash. Miku Hatsune is the best. Plus this makes no sense cause this is MLP, not Vocaloids.

17 They make her sound evil

Rainbow Dash is not evil, but she just gets annoying. But I don't think she is evil, but extremely annoying.

She doesn’t get that Really Annoying to me...

18 They think anyone who likes Rainbow Dash deserves to die

That is you guys who do that not us.

So do those annoying fans - Chromium

I didn't think that because everyone has their own opinion! - Sugarcubecorner

19 They make death threats

This is wrong, you fans are the ones who send death threats to us. This is what you guys do, not us,

Actually, the fans too send death threats, not the haters. - Neonco31

20 They nitpick too much
21 They're hypocrites
22 They made her more overrated
23 They ignore the message of the show
24 They are mean
25 They think opinions are facts
26 They are selfish
27 They hate her even though she's a good girl
28 They act like victims
29 They're sociopathic.
30 They are tattletales
31 They bring her up out of nowhere
32 They say she's a bully but don't hate other characters that are bullies
33 They hate her for dumb and immature reasons
34 They don't know how to get over things
35 They treat her worse than she ever treats anyone else.
36 They act like her wanting to win all the time is a bad thing

You play to win the game.

37 They keep comparing her to Buttercup

I know Buttercup is better than RD but the comparing stuff is kinda annoying now. - Chromium

38 They act like immature brats
39 They whine about her
40 They are Weeaboos
41 They are stereotypical
42 They hurt feelings
43 They bandwagon on it to make themselves look cool
44 They Compare Her To Osama Bin Laden
45 They say that Rainbow Dash fans wear diapers

It's true. - InfinateSuperstorm

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