Worst Things About Rap in 2017


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1 Using the same beat style

All I hear nowadays is the exact same drums. Nobody cares about variety anymore. - jameshoward

2 Singing

Are you trying to be a rapper or a singer? - jameshoward

3 Mumbling

Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, Future, XXXTENTACION, Desiigner, etc. - jameshoward

4 Autotune Autotune

It's for rappers who can't sing - jameshoward

5 Bragging about money and bitches

How is this gonna make the world a better place? - jameshoward

6 Repeating the same words

In New York I really rock
Push me to the edge
Mask off
Mask off
Mask off

7 Nursery rhymes

It's a lack of lyricism. - jameshoward

8 Biting

A lack of creativity. - jameshoward

9 Posers

I've seen a lot of rappers showing off thinking that they're so cool with their money, cars, jewelry, and their girls. - jameshoward

10 Trash rappers think that they’re a god, a king, or the new version of another rapper.

I heard Ariana Grande's song "Side to Side", which features Nicki Minaj. At the end of Nicki Minaj's verse, she says "I'm the queen of rap".

That's stupid. People take rap too seriously these days. - jameshoward

The Contenders

11 Excessive n-word use

All it is today is young n**** this, young n**** that, n**** be trappin

12 Disrespecting old school artists

Why would they disrespect these artists when they've never even heard of them - jameshoward

13 Disrespecting women
14 Thinking they're better than 2Pac
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