Worst Things About Rap Music

Rap music is amazing in its influence and popularity. Far more than just a musical style, rap and the sub-genres of rap have created distinct cultures with specific expectations, status symbols, and norms.

But while some rap artists have worked to buck the trend, much of rap music seems to be heading down a scary path of intolerance, self-destruction, and violence. This list seeks to identify the worst things about those forms of rap music that do more harm to society than good.

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1 Egotism

How many rap songs can be basically be boiled down to "I'm the best, toughest, and hardest. Don't agree with me, I'll prove it"?

You really have nothing better to talk about than yourself? And how convinced am I supposed to be of your superiority that you feel you have to shoot someone in the face if they say something negative about you? No self-confident person would need to do that. In fact, the more you talk about how great you are, the more I begin to wonder who you are trying to convince, me or you.

The scary thing is that this mentality seems to be contagious and when combined with the glorification of violence, we have people murdering other people for inconsequential slights. We've gone from "words will never hurt me" to "stick and stones may break my bones, but words will cause me to get a bunch of friends, drive by your house, pepper it will bullets, kill you, maim your girlfriend, kill the little girl playing out front, and get ...more

You have some valid points but today's rappers claim to be gangsters but are just pussies and say they don't care about the haters but still have to mention them in every song they make - Pablo4Lyfe

It isn't that I'm NOT tough enough to listen to rap, it's that I am tough enough NOT to listen to rap

"Test my gangsta"
*Gets thrown into jail* - CharismaticKat

Kanye West is an example

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2 Sexism

I like modern mainstream rap but I agree with this item. I'm a girl and we shouldn't be treated as objects that can be thrown away. Why can't any rappers understand that? - CharismaticKat

Since the beginning of music, women in songs have been idolized. Songs have been about love and heartbreak, wooing the woman of your dreams, and the joy of being with the one you love. So much of rap is a completely different story. Sure, there are a few female rappers, but for the most part rap music unabashedly objectifies women. Instead of a woman being a person you do things with, they become a thing you do stuff to.

Reinforcing the sexual double standard (pimps and hoes), advocating violence against women (slap a bitch), making it seem okay for men to mistreat women in all ways... Yup rappers are clearly winning kind of guys. Real men would never do this kind of thing; that's why it makes sense that all rappers are young immature boys, even if they may be trapped in a grown man's body. What's even more unbelievable is the support and popularity that some of these songs generate. Oh good, that's just what we need: a new generation of misogynist numb nuts. Yippee.

Although I am male, I am sick of them using women only for sex. They just care about their backsides and breasts and I am sick of it. I hate songs like that and they make me want to do a violent protest.

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3 Pointless Lyrics

Not all of them. - Userguy44

I don't listen to rap music for the lyrics, I listen for the beat and catchism. - CharismaticKat

Almost every rap song nowadays is just about money, luxury possessions, girls, and drugs, not real issues like what rap used to be about. - allamassal

All they talk about is money, drugs, how much there life sucks (when they have huge houses), and women - zipper_yeet

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4 Glorification of the Gangster Mentality

Yeah, you're bad, you know the streets, you know the plight of the people. But guess what? You're a millionaire. You've made something of yourself. So why are you still acting like your entire world is shaped by the neighborhood? Instead of glorifying the gangster life and helping make sure people and the neighborhood stay the same, why not do something positive. Instead of dropping $50k on a diamond studded grill, how about building a playground for the community. Instead of paying a half a million on a Bentley, why not send a few dozen kids to college.

Here's another idea for such rappers: donate the large amounts of money they made to their families or others who live in such neighborhoods.

I know, it's dumb. Being a Blood or a Crip isn't cool and will get you into jail. - CharismaticKat

They call themselves artist, they are not. Not one of them have any talent. Not one can sing, no real musical instruments, probably because they can not play one. Really dumb background sound effects and it is always the same dumb story with profanity, violence, violence against women. The recordings are bad, they sound like they were done in a bathroom. What is sad is that the youth are expose to this trash and like it. The Parent Advisory Label is a joke. If porn is not sold in regular stores, why should rap be on the shelves, it is the same thing.

I think I've found it. The WORST anti-rap comment OF ALL TIME. Rap =/= porn, it's just what gets endorsed. Dozens of rappers use and play instruments, and have some extremely powerful messages that exceed that of ANY other genre.

You know what? I could say that no metal band has any talent, and you'd be down my throat. Actually, I think I might do that. If you can't dig above surface level for rap, why should I for metal?

Also, RAP IS A DIFFERENT WAY OF CONVEYING THOUGHTS. Not all lyrics can be sang. What matters is what they are saying, in which there are hundreds of rappers with a lot of lyrical talent.

I don't know if I'm done, but I don't want to give this guy any more respect. - WonkeyDude98

What a joke. Shooting people will get you nowhere in life but jail.

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5 The Sound

Ever heard of Death Metal and Dubstep? - CharismaticKat

There's only 3 rappers I can name who really sound good. - allamassal

I like the sound but mainstream rap sucks.-DarkBoi-X


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6 No Talent Goes Into It

"No talent", excuse me? Not everyone can rap, write a whole song, and then perform that song in front of thousands of people. NEXT. - CharismaticKat

FFS if you think no talent goes into it, try writing some lyrics and rapping and then performing the song in front of a huge audience. Not everyone can do that, guys. - CharismaticKat

The only no talent was Honey G, The Rapping Dog "Its Party Time" in Titanic cartoon movie and the Rapping Sharks in the third Titanic cartoon movie.

So apparently people like Nas, 2pac, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Black Thought, GZA, Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def have no talent? Do your damn research before stereotyping a whole damn genre. Plus, The Roots are a band of live instruments where there's a guitarist, drummer, bassist, etc.

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7 Songs Bragging About Having Money

That's a bit of a problem but who cares! They're all rich and have the right to show it off. - CharismaticKat

Don't get me wrong, I love rap music. I even like some songs about making money, but only when its about the hard work and effort involved. But I hate songs that just brag about having money, and telling people that they don't have as much. If someone is talking about getting enough money to feed their family, like Dr. Dre did in "Forgot About Dre", then it is not bad. But someone talking about how they have a ton of money and are blowing it on stupid stuff just pisses me off. - Atliens

Nobody gives a crap seriously.

For the love of God, NO ONE CARES ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE! Music isn't about having money. I understand that people need to make a living somehow, but that's not the main idea. Music is about expression and inspiration. It's there to explain something to you. It has a deeper meaning behind it. Music isn't just about making money. That just isn't even music. I have no tolerance for that.

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8 Racism

So much of rap music talks about how difficult it is to be considered a lesser person because of the color of your skin and how one's heritage can be cause for other to hold them back. But ask yourself when you listen to some of these lyrics, are they helping or hurting the cause? Think of some of the negative stereotypes of specific ethnicities and then consider how many rap songs reinforce these stereotypes. What do rap songs say about people of other ethnicities, including white people?

This nation and the world has a poor history of treating everyone equally, and there are certainly still issues today, but most people have far more influence on their lives than they would believe. Most people feel held back at some point in time and if they really examine the situation closely, they'll realize that they are the ones working the hardest to keep themselves down.

I listen to a lot of rap and have only heard about two or three songs that are legitimately racist, unless of course the N word counts as being a sign of racism. - CharismaticKat

This, however, is not true. Rap is part of the black culture. There is no racism when the culture accepts it. We accept it because of how we feel we relate to it when we listen to it. Rap music is not racist, and only people who can't go 10 seconds without expressing how their political opinion is right believe that. I'm talking about both liberals and conservatives. Both sides are dumb as hell, hence why I have no political alignment. Politics ruin everything. - hiphopgod

This list is proof of how absent minded people can really be.

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9 Misinformation

Rappers are talking about things that a young person might want to do. It's steering black youth in the wrong direction in life. The youth are dropping out of school trying to do things that rappers are talking about.

Most rappers say things that are meant to rhyme, but It ends up sounding really stupid and gets a lot of people in trouble.

A lot of things that rap has "taught" people are specific to the ego of the rapper and have no value to their stupid fan base. - PositronWildhawk


10 No Variation

This only occurs mostly towards somewhat famous rap music. Some examples of variation in rap is: Nas with his Rakim influenced sound and somewhat slowly and little, but still, changing rap sound. Red Hot Chili Peppers with their mix of rap and funk elements (If You Have To Ask and Mellowship Slinky In B Major are prime examples) that definitely goes further than how Will Smith used to mix rap with dance music elements. Amoc (Inari) and Slincraze (Davvisámegiella) which raps in almost/somewhat extinct languages. Rage Against The Machine with their unique mix of rap and metal with unique solos by Tom Morello (Bullet In The Head, Settle For Nothing) as well as Linkin Park with Mike Shinoda (Faint, Somewhere I Belong). Kendrick Lamar with his tone variation and song structure that shows that you can mix the sound of the older stuff with the newer and that it is all about how you do it and how well. Beastie Boys with their punk influences, whilst sounding nothing like the metal rappers, ...more

They need to paint a visual picture to complement they're beat. Wavy trap artists such as Playboi carti, ethereal need to channel energy into the wave they create. Mike G from OF can spit descriptive though. Why does the game always gotta convey either struggle or lavishness where's the in between? You can be lyrical without rapping about negativity and violence but Eminem has been spotlighted as the lyrical standard. Battle rap hasn't helped even though I love some battle rappers. Also where's the love for other Detroit MC's pay dues. Descriptive language is key hip-hop deserves a atmospheric renovation.

My God, every "rap" song is exactly the same! I was never a big fan of rap music, but at least Eminem actually had a message, and his songs didn't all sound exactly the same. These songs insult the intelligence of every human being that dares to listen to this horrendous heap of garbage. Also, you don't have to say "f***" at least 10 times in every song. It doesn't challenge anyone at all. A 5-year-old could point out everything wrong with this!

Rap can be summed up as, pointless rhyming that doesn't sound good, has no meaning, and is full of curse words, layered against a cookie cutter beat that isn't even catchy, layered and compressed for bad quality, with a stupid, I'm tough image. Point being, it is all the same, it is lame

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11 Songs About Sex

You guys forgot about Nickelback, Guns N Roses, and KISS. All those bands have songs about sex and rocking out. - CharismaticKat

Every genre has it's fair share of sex songs. - CharismaticKat

You people do know that that Crank that Soulja Boy songs was about ejaculation right?

Ever heard pop songz eh

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12 Glorification of Drug Use

Drugs are gross and harmful. I'm never going to try them. - CharismaticKat

It's not the fact that rappers use drugs. After all, decades of music were influenced by mind altering chemicals. It's that all the negative aspects of a drug culture are put on display. The use of hardcore drugs, the peddling of drugs, the violence that goes along with illegal and addictive substances. Brian Wilson may have used drugs, but he wrote about Good Vibrations and not about the years he spent confined to his bedroom sleeping and taking drugs, the deterioration of his voice and his mind, and the tragic loss it was to the music world when one of it's most brilliant members was no longer even a functioning member of society.


First, I like rap music, I'm not a hater. Second, it really angers me when I listen to a song like "Purple Pills" by Eminem. He took drugs, look where that got him: a decade of awful albums. (Encore and Relapse)

He even disses those albums in Cinderella Man, on Recovery.

One of the main reasons people today use drugs is because they think it's popular - and songs about how great drugs are doesn't help.

Studies show that glorification of drugs is done the least in the rap and Hip-Hop genres (no there no interchangeable). The only reason people think only they do it is because it's the most listened to genre of music right now.

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13 Kids Trying to Imitate Real Gangsters

That is 90% of the kids in my class. I am currently in 8th grade, male, and black. About 90% of the black kids in the school listen to rap. Half of them steal peoples phones and money, curse at grown ups, and one guy even tried to fight me when I said I listened to rock and roll. They also brag about being self proclaimed "thugs." Here's a message kids: you ain't no gangster and you NEVER will be. I would rather be a scrawny, rock and roll loving nerd than a cheap ass wannabe thug.

This is sadly true. Because of our modern glorification of violence in rap music, some kids take it too seriously. I love classic rap, but I'm also glad that time's past, because the influence it would have on our generation could be awful. - hiphopgod

That would be more than half the population of 8th graders on the planet.

When a five year old is throwing up gang signs your way and singing rap music, you know you don't belong on this planet.

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14 Songs About Killing People

For crying out loud, death and black metal have it way worse than rap. - CharismaticKat

Like Metal doesn't talk about killing people, right. - Rambles

Still better than love songs

The glorification of violence is a key theme in many rap songs

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15 Songs about Getting Drunk, High, or Intoxicated

If you take out the lyrics from rap music, There are no words - zipper_yeet

Its just people complaing about there lives and how it sucks and that all they do is smoke weed and do drugs and in my opinion its just a bunch of synths making sounds and people singing random lyrics that someone who lives on the street would give them.

16 Random Sounds Replacing Instruments

This is why I hate modern music. This and voice editing. I mean anyone can sing when there voice is edited. I mean rockers have electric gutairs but you still need skill to play them.

Electronic musicians use synths and engineer the sounds with precision. Rock musicians play guitars and drums. Classical musicians have orchestras. Rap "musicians" have autotune. - PositronWildhawk

Yeah! The Black Eyed Peas invented autotune and ruined it! If not for them, Britney Spears would've produced real music. They are even worse than Bonnie McKee, Justin Timberlake, Ariana Grande, Patrick from Fall Out Boy, Harry from One Direction, and even Max from The Wanted!

These morons don't even know what music is. How about instead of using background music that sounds like a DS having a mental breakdown, you actually use real instruments, like a drum. Those sound way better than the Gameboy on LSD sound we got instead. It's just a spit in the face to anyone who loves music.

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17 Studio Gangsters

There just pussies lol


The biggest example is YBN Nahmir.

18 Stupid Dances Invented by Rappers

Real rappers don't have dance moves. - Rambles

The Soulja Boy-Soulja Boy
The Dougie-Cali Swag District
The John Wall-Troop 41
The Shmoney Dance-Bobby Shmurda

I guess the only way to get people to buy your crap is to do some dumb gimmick in order to attract more people.

Seriously? Where's your talent? You should focus on the rapping and the music. Focus on your talent instead of dancing!

19 Perversion of the Language

Along with excessive use of profanity, there is a theme of general disregard for proper syntax, spelling, and pronunciation. It's hard to consider someone intellectual and a poet when their lyrics are filled with dis, dat, da, dose, and strengf.

Please no more swearing or I'll kill you wrappers.

20 Hip Hop Feuds
21 Rappers Using Stupid Slang

How is slang stupid

22 It's Repetitive It's Repetitive
23 Anyone can do it
24 Excessive Profanity

Yes, using the same cuss word at the end of every sentence does help make everything rhyme, but really, it's enough already. And it's not just that it is objectionable language. If you use ANY word that many times it sounds stupid. If rap lyrics are supposed to be an art, then excessive profanity is like only drawing pictures of vaginas. It may be amusing at first, and simple minds will have more tolerance for it, but eventually people are going to want to see a picture of a sunset.

I agree.. Rap uses too much unnecessary profanity, making it look like a bad and uneducated music genre as if it takes no talent to rap since curse words are the first words to be used when one can't think of any other words, and it gives rap a bad image when a so called rapper uses curse words as "fillers"

That's actually true so many time rapper say something and all of us youth do it. This is so sad as a brother,friend,whi ever you think I am to you please don't listen to rap music. We have something better to study,play outside,talk to your friend,do something and don't follow them please. Thank you have nice day.

You lot sound like the kind of people that'd ban someone for saying "Heck" on your Christian Minecraft server. - BlarchBlaces

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25 Trap Music
26 Most Modern Phony Rappers Compare Themselves to Tupac and Biggie
27 Mumble Rap Mumble Rap
28 Sampling

It's one thing to cover someone else's song. It's another to steal bits and pieces and try to pass them off as your own. But honestly, this might be one of the more entertaining parts of listening to most rap music. It's like a game. Try to figure out what song that hook, baseline, or chorus originally came from.

Sampling can be used in some pretty creative, often times genius, ways. Better than plagiarism. - WonkeyDude98

I think sampling's a positive thing in music. It's just a way of saying not all beats are gonna be 100% original. So some beats are gonna have to be sampled anyway.

Sampling isn't really a big part of Rap. It can also happen in Rock/Metal songs as well. Did you know that the guitar riff to Papa Roach's Last Resort was sampled from Iron Maiden's Genghis Khan?
This honestly doesn't bother me at all.

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29 Glorification of Violence

Not much really needs to be said here. The fact that rappers are killing other rappers because of something they said in a rhyme is ludicrous.

50 Cent became known because he was shot up, scarred, and lived to tell about it. It's a sad thing that we think more of him for this than we do for the doctor who toiled through years of schooling, earned the right to be called a surgeon, and used his education and skill to save yet another person's life.

In some lyrics they spread their hatred of rival gangs like bloods and crips even killing them. Do you think children and teens should be listening to threes awful lyrics?

Worse than Profanity, Drugs and Alcohol, this influences and covers and causes them all, Violence through Alcohol and Drugs, and Profanity influencing Violence. SCREW VIOLENCE, IT IS AGGRESIVE AND BAD INFLUENCE! - marlonacott

The is the most inaccurate list I have ever read

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30 It's Just Talking

My friends in school always sing it but to be honest its just making random words up and rythming them with other words so that's it and rap is going to be the best noo way. Also I hate how they always swear its just bad influence and making people go haywire. Also when people here this they do this weird poses and like in mature pointing the finger like is that what you are going to do in life there is 10000000 things more useful to do then this so rappers go help people and stop acting like you're the best MOVE ON IN LIFE

First of all Rakim never swears. Second of all there are GOOD rappers like Nas, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, 2pac, KRS-One, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, Eminem, Public Enemy, Outkast, Akala, J-Jon, Immortal Technique, Talib Kweli and many more who rap about things that are wrong with this world. They have better lyrics than any musician in any other genre. I'm certain you can't name any better lyricists except maybe some rock singers like Kurt Cobain or Freddy Mercury. - Pablo4Lyfe


For goodness sake, anyone can talk to a beat. That's all it really is. Example: I'm a b I'm a b I'm a I'm a I'm a B. It's so repetitive. It is so annoying my 8 year old has dubbed it "crappy rappy". See, even kids know that rap is crap!

Pablo4lyfe most people like Kurt Cobain and Freddie Mercury actually put meaning into their songs and there are many other music artists than them and rappers that can actually put sense into songs. Also rock music especially has different lyrics rather than the same old talking about "money, women, drugs ETC" So just bare that in mind and listen to more of bands like Nirvana, Queen, Foo Fighters...

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31 It's Annoying
32 6IX9INE 6IX9INE Daniel Hernandez, known by his stage name 6ix9ine, also known as Tekashi69 or simply Tekashi, is an American rapper.

So? I've heard much worse. - CharismaticKat

33 Offensive Lyrics

What about metal muzic eh

There are barely offensive lyrics in metal. Stop saying eh it's annoying.

34 Sellouts
35 Unoriginal lyrics
36 Ghostwriters

Be original, write your own lyrics and your set

37 Most are Meaningless
38 Songs About Strip Clubs

I hate that kind of stuff - EvilCuteGirlJigglypuff

39 Negative Messages

It could send bad messages to ounger viewers

40 Terrible Rappers Having Decent Beats to Their Songs

Maybe that's why people keep buying their stuff.

That's sort of the reason I listen to it. - Popsicles

Honestly, I can tolerate people like Lil Jon or T-Pain who fall under this. There's a time and place for everything, including these kinds of rappers. - WonkeyDude98

41 Pretentious
42 Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj

Neither of them are even close to the worst of their genre, and Lil Wayne was an album away from being one of the greatest...until Rebirth. - WonkeyDude98

These people are pop stars not Hip Hop artists. - Rambles

Wayne is dope though

They suck - maxican03

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43 Swag Rappers
44 Bad Rapper Names

You're judging them by their name, when there is are bands you all love like Cattle Decapitation, Queen, and BUTTHOLE SURFERS. - WonkeyDude98

Some of those names are actually the rappers name

Schoolboy Q, Chance the Rapper, Soulja Boy, Lil Scrappy, Peanut Butter Wolf, Waka Flocka Flame, Machine Gun Kelly, Flo Rida, Birdman, Chamillionaire, Big Pun, 2 Chainz, J Cole, Mike Will-Made It, Fetty Wap, Pitbull, Tyga, Lil Boosie, DJ Mustard, DJ Khaled, Macklemore, Lil Jon, YG, Future, Rich Homie Quan, Lil Poopy, Wiz Khalifa, etc.

All those names I listed above. what kind of names are those? they all sound like crap!

45 Sounds the Same
46 Satanic-Themed Rap
47 The Attitude

The stuff they say and they way people in rap songs sing would make an elementary choir teacher go insane. Speaking like a mentally-challenged ape doesn't make you sound cool. You just sound like a dumb ass. Their attitude is far from kid-friendly, yet I hear 12-year-olds listening to this meaningless, mindless, and pointless, brainwashing. The attitude of these songs make me feel like killing myself. The attitude it unpleasant, annoying, and dull.

I hate the stupid ratchet "language" and its disrespect for English grammar. Example: You be/I be/We be/They be. The attitude is toxic.

48 Glorification of Incarceration

It does make sense that a culture that glamorizes violence and the gangster way would also idolize what is it to be behind bars. It's like your orange jumpsuit of courage.

And before you argue that rap does not romanticize being in prison, consider that many believe the sagging fashion made popular by hip-hop artists originates from the prison system where prison uniforms are often too large and belts are not allowed.

49 Unedifying

Rap music is devolving us spiritually and mentally. Not every rapper is this bad but the overall aesthetic is like being violated repeatedly by someone's ego. People become what they do in life. You get out of it what you put into it. So if all people are putting into their minds is egoism, violence, materialism, sexism, and glorifying drugs, what is the end result to their souls?

It used to be about making the world a better place but then imbeciles like Drake, Soulja Boy, Weezy, Young Thug and other mainstream rappers came up - Pablo4Lyfe

Dang. It's like what prodigy said. Hip hop is not for everybody. Hip hop is not for everybody! There's only a few percentage who can do it and Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and amanda bynes are not one of them.

50 Celebrities Trying to be Legit Rappers
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