Worst Things About Rap Music

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41 Objectification of Women
42 Celebrities Trying to be Legit Rappers
43 Fake Rappers Trying to Look Tough and Hardcore
44 Alter Egos
45 Imitators
46 Misogyny
47 Hard to Listen to
48 Difficult to Understand
49 Amateurs

Lance Ueki is the worst rapper I have ever heard, especially when I don't rap, it just sounds so annoying. It sounds like Gollum spitting while trolls awfully sing opera while a choir of ogres fart.

50 Record Companies Have Ruined It
51 Posers
52 Diss Tracks
53 Pop Culture References in Lyrics

This isn't a bad thing at all, but I'm just saying. If you want to be original and unique, I recommend you not use so much pop culture references in your lyrics. Just saying. Nothing serious.

Pop culture takes everything from hip hop and rap so what do you mean?

54 Bad Rappers Starting Their Own Record Labels

Lil Wayne's Young Money and Gucci Mane's 1017 Brick Squad both count.

55 References to Smoking
56 Terrible Rappers Having Gimmicks to Get More Popular
57 Provocative Themes
58 Songs About Rape V 1 Comment
59 Pornography
60 Porn Rap

What is a porn rap?

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