Worst Things About Rap Music

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61 Porn Rap

What is a porn rap?

62 Crunk
63 Most Modern Rappers
64 It's Getting Worse Everyday

I notice that people who are too fond of rap either call other music rap or they say other music sucks. The music they listen to has all of the things in the list on this site and I am beginning to dislike rap because I believe there is more to life than rap music.

Drugs, money, sex, committing crimes, cars, Jewelry, and weed.
#winner! Number 1 on Billboard. Sold 1 million copies!

This gets so annoying.

65 It's Not Real Music

Not voting because anything on this list is accurate, because it's based on a slim minority of rap that becomes popular. Tell me: what is "real music"? - WonkeyDude98

It's more of a bunch of yelling. The problem is that there really is no structure to rap- it's just some guy yelling a bunch of slang that rhymes while synthesized sound bangs in the background(I have no problems with synthesizers, but it's just a 10 second audio loop in rap). People rush to rap's defense by claiming "it's good poetry," but is poetry a show of sexual violence, guns, cruelty, and greed? I don't think so.

There's no such thing as real music.

That is so true.

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