Worst Things About Rap and Pop Singers

Think of all the people you hate and bring out your hatred. Just kidding, I want to hear real opinions. The Music Industry used to have really good music, now we have junk. State your opinion fairly and good day!

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1 Bad lyrics

This whole list is bull. Pop and rap are two totally different genres. Some of this stuff is true for both, but there are a lot rappers whos lyrics actually have meaning (Eminem, 2Pac, Biggie, etc. ) Pop is the worst kind of music besides dubstep. It is pointless, repetitive, and has no feeling to it. Michael Jackson is probably the only good pop singer. - gelatinbeastworm

The lyrics are not only bad, sometimes they don't make any sense at all.
And rap is a music full of verbal expletives (if ever I call this thing music). - Kiteretsunu

The beats are good but the lyrics are terrible, that's the thing with today's music. - venomouskillingmachine

Lmfao have once stated that they cite led zeppelin as a personal influence.

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2 Fans only care about looks

This is definitely the worst thing. Music has nothing to do with looks. Perhaps with style, but not looks. - keyson

I don't care if any of the modern female singers look good. I only wanna hear the talent and the lyrics.

Oh gosh. Nowadays it's all about the looks. Like how much people say how hot Miley Cyrus and katy perry R. I don't care if any of these people look hot, what I care about is how they sound good. Looks don't matter ok? Looks, fame, money, fortune, none of that means jack squat! What really does matter is your talent. How good you are in whatever you do. That's what really matters.

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3 There is a horrifyingly bad melody to each song

You know that one song where the guy says "Grab somebody sexy, tell 'em "Hey". The synth riff in the corus makes you want to kick a door down. - Caleb9000

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4 The songs are sometimes compared to good old songs like songs by the Beatles and so on

Lil Wayne is not and never will be the next 2pac. 2pac really did live a hard life growing up. I'm sure lil Wayne didn't struggle that much growing up.

The paper even said why one direction is better than the Beatles. I literally lose my mind after hearing that.

5 They win awards for dumb reasons
6 Their videos are boring and annoying

Some of them don't even make sense. like the music video to katy perry's California gurls takes place in candyland. not California. what is the point? This really irritates me when something feels incomplete like this.

Only one music videos is not like this is from the Beatles, glee, mj and from frozen soundtrack even les miserables - megasuperxx678

7 It's all for the money not the music

We are one of the most hardworking countries. We try to make sure that other countries have enough supply and money. So forget what you said.

If this keeps happening, pop music will become extinct in no time. - Metalthomas

This is probably why north korrea hates us so much. We have all this power and we're wasting it on people like Trinidad james.

8 They use insane amounts of auto tune

The biggest abuser of this is t-pain.

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9 They get respect from people better than them
10 The fans treat other genres with disrespect

You know what really ticks me off, I'm so sick and tired of people saying that metal has no talent and is all nothing but screaming and worshiping the devil. Don't accept any of that as fact because it's not fact! You can dislike metal all you want but don't go around saying that metal has no meaning and no talent. There are metal bands that sing about history, politics, fantasy, love stories, and most songs that are pretty much about being happy with life! Ohh that's so satanic. NOT. There's even Christian metal bands (bands like skillet, disciple, we as human, and demon hunter). And not all metal is screaming loud noise. Heck even I don't like the bands that scream and growl! I only like to listen to the bands that are not growling and are talking straight. So for all of you who think metal has no meaning and no talent, wake up because metal does have meaning and talent.

For those of you close-minded people who still think metal is all just screaming and takes no talent at all, go listen to Mana by Equilibrium and tell me if that song is nothing but screaming and takes absolutely no talent at all.

I'm sick and tired of people saying that rap and hip hop is all nothing but doing drugs, killing and raping people. It's not true! I mean there are rap songs like that but rap and hip hop did talk about positive messages and other important stuff back in the 90s. Where tupac, biggie, nas, and easy e exploded under the scene. These modern rappers like lil Wayne, nicki minaj, drake, tyga, kreayshawn, big sean, and soulja boy are all killing the genre and giving it a bad name.

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11 Some who are from Disney get really famous when they stink

I somewhat agree, but not all rappers and pop singers do these bad stereotypes - MoldySock

12 They get all the attention while better actual music artists never get a spotlight

The reason for this is because they want people's money. Being overplayed on the radio is an easy way to get people with no taste in music to buy their songs. Artists who take their careers seriously remain anonymous because they care more about their music than becoming famous and earning money.

I suppose this is fairly true for many forms of music, but with pop and rap it's simply ridiculous. - PositronWildhawk

13 They rip off each others songs/look

Lady gaga is a big Madonna ripoff. and what kind of name is lady gaga? What, was goochy goochy goo too much of a name to take?

14 Not enough real instruments
15 They almost never write their own songs

Don't some of them feel embarrassed to sing the bad songs they didn't write?

16 The way they talk in interviews is stupid
17 Saying their name at the beginning of the song, like we don't already know who the song is by

Jay Sean, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Momoiro Clover (they stopped when Akari left), Akon, just to name a few.

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18 Most are immature
19 Their famous for the wrong reasons
20 They steal the beats from older songs

The beat to Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby was not even made by vanilla ice. It was made by Queen's Under Pressure featuring David Bowie.

The best example I can think of is ice ice baby by vanilla ice.

What about the beat from can't touch this by MC hammer?

This just drives me insane.

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1. The songs are sometimes compared to good old songs like songs by the Beatles and so on
2. It's all for the money not the music
3. Bad lyrics
1. Bad lyrics
2. There is a horrifyingly bad melody to each song
3. Fans only care about looks



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