Top Ten Worst Things About Reality TV Shows


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1 It doesn't make sense
2 They're getting paid for it

Famous people only do reality show because they get paid for it. Honestly in my opinion, their worth nobody's time, you can tell their scripted, and their all horrible actors.

3 People give it attention

T.V. shows like ET (stands for Entertainment Tonight), interview people from reality T.V. shows and ask questions by pretending to be curious about the show. Like they don't already know it's fake. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 Pointless
5 It's a bunch of drama

Oops voted for the wrong on - BigBrotherSucks

6 Its just daily lives
7 Animal cruelty

The characters don't know what they are doing, be all dumb, and hurt animals. My mom once was watching a live action movie or T.V. show and one character was up stairs and just threw a cat over the stairs. the cat was looking down and was all "what are you doing?! " Poor kitty - Officialpen

8 Repetitive
9 Occasionally staged scenes
10 They're not real

It's like the producers force all the contestants to act like a certain T.V. trope so the viewer can watch with ease. Not to mention the stupid, 'I'm not mean at all I was just bullied as a little kid so that gives me the right to bully others even though I should know how that feels' type characters. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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11 Somebody you like and root for gets voted off because of somebody you hate
12 The people are retarded
13 The kids are forced to say bad words
14 It's rigged and scripted

For example shows like american idol, x factor and america's got talent

Prove it.

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1. Animal cruelty
2. They're getting paid for it
3. It's a bunch of drama
1. It doesn't make sense
2. Occasionally staged scenes
3. Somebody you like and root for gets voted off because of somebody you hate
1. It doesn't make sense
2. Pointless
3. People give it attention


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