Top Ten Worst Things About the "Top Ten Reasons Why Teen Titans Go Is Better Than South Park" List


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1 All the items aren't true

Another list that contains lies. Yep, you heard me. - EpicJake

2 Teen Titans Go isn't even funny

It honestly KILLS comedy!

Yeah it is, TTG rules and if you see my list That I like TTG.
I always like TTG and its always funny!


3 It says that South Park is for old people

I'm almost 12 and I watch South Park a lot! - EpicJake

I saw my first episodes at 9. - Tacocheese

I watched it when I was 8 and the target audience for South Park is teens - venomouskillingmachine

4 Teen Titans Go is better "Because it's for kids"

Kids can watch South Park too, it's just that South Park isn't INTENDED for kids - venomouskillingmachine

Kids shows rule adult shows drool

5 It calls the characters in Teen Titans Go nice

NICE?! NICE!? Your kidding me.

Robin is bossy, violent, and mean to his teammates.

Raven is creepy, evil, and dark.

Cyborg is careless. He and Beast Boy are jerks.

Starfire. Everyone thinks she's so beautiful, but on the inside, she is nasty, short tempered, and stupid. It's a shame this girl was ever created.

Lastly, Beast Boy. He doesn't care for his friends and likes pulling mean pranks.

That Show Doesn't Even Have One Nice Character. NOT ONE I SAY!

Butters and Stan Marsh and lots of other South Park characters are nice - venomouskillingmachine

I hate Starfire so much in this show. I can't believe ALL OF THE VOICE ACTORS CAME BACK FOR THIS CRAP! - MontyPython

6 The comparisons are bad
7 It calls Robin hot

Robin is basically Mandark on drugs. - lelennyface

Watch TTG and see how its Robin behaves so annoyingly, then you'll understand and find out the list EpicJake made is not wrong

8 It says that Teen Titans Go has better jokes
9 It's biased
10 Both shows have nothing in common

Yeah! Exactly! Both Of Those Shows Have Nothing In Common, So Why Are We Even Comparing A Kids Show To An Adult Show?

Another person feeding the troll, ignore it and move on. - Puga

Don't like either shows. - Therandom

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11 It says the characters in TTG are good.
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