Top 10 Worst Things About Regular Show

While I don like Regular Show, I'll admit that it has some serious problems.

The Top Ten

1 Overused slang

If there's one thing I can't stand from the 1990s, it's slang! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy



2 Mordecai Mordecai is one of the two main protagonists of Regular Show, along with his best friend Rigby. He made his debut in the non-canon short "2 in the AM PM" as a human cashier, who then morphs into a prototype Mordecai-like character with a fanny pack. He later makes his first official appearance in the more.

This guy feels like Brian Griffin from Family Guy! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

3 Rigby Rigby is a character from the cartoon Regular Show created by JG Quintel. He's best friends with Mordecai (A talking Blue Jay). Together they slack around and have fun in the park. A place where they work and have the risk of being fired from.

He's just rigby


4 Mordecai and Rigby are Unlikable Sometimes

Well, they can be jerks sometimes. But that doesn't mean they're unlikeable. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

5 Bad Episodes

You only saying that because your watching season 1 and 2 watch season 3, 4, 5 and 6 then you would like it - bert631

Lots of the episodes are good. - nintendofan126


6 J.G. Quintel Isn't Funny

He's just like Seth MacFarlane. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Not true - Unknownguy

7 Thomas Revealing He's a Russian Spy

Why would Regular Show do this? - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

8 Muscle Man's "My Mom" jokes

He won't shut up! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

9 Benson, Skips, and Thomas are the Only Characters that Don't Act Like Brain Dead Morons

That's true - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

10 Mordecai and Rigby Won't Get Fired

I feel really sorry for Benson - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

The Contenders

11 Doesn't Make a Whole Lot of Sense

It doesn't make sense to you because you are watching the latest episodes if you watch some of the past episode than the new episode maybe you would take this back - bert631

12 Margaret

Who the hell wants to screw a bird? - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

She's a bitch!

13 They Do The Same Thing Every Episode

Here is the show's normal plot line:
1. Mordecai and Rigby are assigned to do some boring/difficult task.
2. Benson yells at them to do it or they're fired.
3. They try to do the job and they get bored of it and get lazy.
4. They got to Skips or get some magical source to cheat out of their work.
5. Things get catastrophically worse.
6. With help, things get all better.

I can name at least 100 episodes with that plot. I love the show. It just gets overly repetitive sometimes.

That's true but usally with baby ducks

Think about it. Normal plot line:
1. Mordo and Rigz have to do a boring job.
2. Benson says to do it or they're fired.
3. They try for twenty minutes and then get bored.
4. They try to cheat out of it with magic.
5. They end up making it even worse.
6. Somehow it ends up alright in the end.

I can name at least 75 episodes with that plot.

14 It's Too Nationalist and Makes Fun of Other Countries Too Much

"The Real Thomas" - racist towards Russia
"Fool Me Twice" - racist towards Japan
"Firework Run" - racist towards Mexico
"Mordecai and Rigby Down Under" - racist towards Australia

In Regular Show, if you're not American, you don't matter as a human being.

Very racist. Don't let your kids watch this people!

"Married and Broke" - racist to Canada

15 So Much Useless Drama

When Adventure Time does drama, they pick the right times to and it works in a good way. Regular Show has milked this Mordecai/CJ/Margaret love triangle for like a year now, and it's getting really annoying. Also, people always say Finn is too whiney nowadays after his breakup with Flame Princess. Look at Mordecai! Every time he gets dumped he turns emo and gets depressed for weeks! Regular Show needs to drop these tired, sappy romantic plots and get back to just funny stuff.

16 Half Of Season 7 Was On That Stupid Dome

The first special was good but than most plots had something to do with it. - bashed

17 It's Really Boring Now


18 Pops

Anti pops is worst

19 Mordecai punching Rigby in almost every episodes.

¡Seriously! ¡You cannot punch a short friend like Rigby who has a lack of strength! ¡At least he's fast, but he isn't a damn punching bag, you idiot!

20 It Rips Off So Many Other Things

Isn't the plot of two 20-something slackers going on their own crazy adventurers used up? Beavis and Butthead, Harld and Kumar, Dude Where's My Car? , and even Smosh.

21 CJ is becoming really annoying.

Wendy Corduroy is way cuter than CJ - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

22 They Say It's Regular But It's About Dramas

It's boring - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

23 Cussing

You know, for kids. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

24 Retro Technology Doesn't Help

They just use retro technology! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

25 Eileen

She's unattractive. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

26 They think blonde people are evil

DAMN YOU, JG QUINTEL! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

27 High Five Ghost (Regular Show)
28 It has no magic.
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