Top Ten Worst Things About Remixes On TheTopTens

Remixes are good but there are some bad things about them.

The Top Ten

1 It isn't considered a list

I wish it could be a list. I mean, I they were lists it would be chaos but still. - Therandom

2 Users can't vote on them

I am glad about this. It is supposed to be sharing your own opinion, not others. I am also glad that other users can't comment on them, because you want the people reading your remix to read your comment, not other people's comments. - RalphBob

I want to vote. - TeamRocket747

I want to vote on some users remixes. - Therandom

That's their opinion. You can't control their minds and thoughts - SoldierOfFortune

3 You can't have more than ten items on it

I wish you could put as many items as you want. - Therandom

4 People can't comment on them

I wish they could. - Therandom

5 You can only put three dishonorable mentions on it

I think one is more than enough. Some people use this to help get their favorites higher on the main list - Billyv

I wish you could put more than three. - Therandom

6 Users might not read them

To be honest, I only read remixes on my lists, and I feel that remixing is boring. - Animefan12

They should, some users have really good remixes. PositronWildhawk, BritGirl, Jaytoptenslist, and TurkeyAsylum have some of the best remixes. - Therandom

7 They are barely recognized
8 They don't always submit

Well mine don't always submit. - Therandom

9 Admin could remove them

Mine have never been removed, but a user I know had theirs removed. - Therandom

10 They could get hacked

There's no use of remixes getting hacked. - Animefan12

The Contenders

11 They mess up the original list
12 Some remixes user made are ridiculous

I saw this remix of Worst People and Bieber was above hitler in a remix - TeamRocket747

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