Top Ten Worst Things About Rightists

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1 They are hateful.

Quite ironic. - Phillip873

This list literally insults anyone with a differing opinion than yours, such as labeling all of them as "old fat men" - Phillip873

Like you with your lists - darthvadern

2 They hate Che Guevara and Stalin.

You don't even know the biggest reason I hate Stalin - darthvadern

I'm not a rightists but this is a good thing.Stalin was an evil mass murderer who killed 20 million people and was totalitarian.Pol Pot was also evil because he was also totalitarian and he killed 2 million people and literally sent his country back to medival era.-LitSavage

But, Stalin was an awful man - 445956

3 They are racist
4 They are capitalists.
5 They praise Pinochet.
6 They hate leftists

Because leftists hates them! - darthvadern

7 They’re hypocrites
8 They think they are always right
9 They are old men.

Shut up! Soon you will be an old man and you will realize how rude this is (but of course, you won't care because Mario probably possesed you with a cap) - darthvadern

Says the guy who appearently is 100 years old according to the profile (I know you're not that old), wyh haven't you heard of four words, THINK BEFORE YOU ACT! No wonder your list downgrading toptenners got deleted, because it was also downgrading admin - darthvadern

10 They are overweight and sheltered.

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11 They are Anti-SJW

Probably because SJWs are hateful? - 445956

12 They hate Trotsky.
13 They listen to bad music
14 They’re oversensitive
15 They are not cool.

Hey I'm back

16 They are cons
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