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1 She can't sing

WRONG! She us just lazy, she can do great performances if she want.
Of course thus is number one, Rihanna haters always use this fake excuse. - DaisyandRosalina

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2 She thinks she is sexy V 1 Comment
3 She battles Miley Cyrus in her Twerk

Is the creator of this list a fan Miley Cyrus or not and also shes sucks.

Before she died, she did not add this. - kontrahinsunu

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4 She not on the top or #1 V 1 Comment
5 She not beautiful
6 She is so weird
7 Her Song: We found love is awful

Honnestly, I LOVE Rihanna and her music, but I hate "We found Love". It has nthing special and it's the most overrated song ever, but not the worst she did

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8 She doesn't sing very good

Yeah, she doesn't very good. Definitely. You could at least revise your list, don't you think so? Or is it Rihanna doesn't even deserve that? - keyson

9 She called one of her fans "ugly"

She did, but it was a mistake, everyone does mistakes. Recently she said to one fan that she was better than her - DaisyandRosalina

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10 She was in Battleship

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11 She's from a country called Barbados. Barbados in Spanish means Beard Two. That means Rihanna is two times a man.
12 She doesn't have talent

She can sing, dance, she has a model experience and is a fashon designer. Please, this is talent. - DaisyandRosalina

13 She's always half-naked

Nah, she has a lot if videos of concerts with dress on like What now. Also exibitions like the one in 2012 with Coldplay - DaisyandRosalina

14 She has terrible haters
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1. She can't sing
2. She thinks she is sexy
3. She battles Miley Cyrus in her Twerk



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