Worst Things About Riley from Girl Meets World

I'm not trying to offend Rowan Blanchard or anything... This is just a list about her character.

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1 Her voice sounds awful

@rowanblanchard- Guys this hate seriously needs to stop! You need to realize that this hate is affecting me in various bad ways! I know that may sound good to some of you but really it's not good. I don't understand why all of this hate is occurring anyways. I also don't understand why you all hate my character so much. I realize that most of you aren't meaning to hate on me but hating on my character feels like your hating on me as well. I recently just scrolled through all of this and it's horrible! These comments are so inconsiderate and cruel and there all about me! Does hating on me honestly make you all feel good about yourselves?! Does it make you feel powerful and better than me? Just stop hating okay?! Please stop hating!

+rowanblanchard don't listen to anything any of these people say. You are so amazing and Girl meets World is the best show ever. I wish that I had friends like Riley, Maya, Farkle and Lucas. I wish that I knew you, because you seem like such an amazing person. I'm 13 and I wish that there was some way to have you see this. If you respond to this, I would love to talk to you more! I love you and you are so amazing!

It sounds like she's blocking the hair from her nose, it's so weird, I don't know if she's doing it on purpose (like Sabrina makes her voice WAAAYY lower when she sings, because she's trying to sound older, that sucks so bad, don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of hers but her real voice is already good enough like, I don't understand those people -.-) so yeah, it's terrrible.

@skykatzraps- ! 🙊😱Guys what the heck?! How could u be so mean to say all of this about Rowan? 😭😫 She's a person just like u and me and everybody else on this planet! 😤😞 So stop treating her like she's a nobody! She's doing all of this for you u know? 😕 She's acting so that YOU can watch her shows and that YOU can enjoy her acting and u give her in return...THIS?! 😡😩 Stop being a hater😒 You're just mad that she's FIRST and you're SECOND😖😏🙄

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2 She is a spoiled brat

I am not trying to offend anyone who made girl meets world, or anyone who likes it, but the show makes me insane! I HATE IT its way to overdramatic, Riley is so annoying, Maya acts like her life is so terrible when some ( a lot ) have it way worse! Her mom didn't even forget her birthday, and if she had, at least she has probably had ONE party al least before, well I haven't! There are two shows I hate on Disney, Girl meets world, and jessie. They both suck in my opinion! My parents agree and think Disney will end up having to either take over or cancel it! Boy meets world was was way better. Auggie is so annoying and its annoying to see that little spoiled rotten brat AVA! She drives me insane and is a big BRAT BRAT BRAT! I hate girls meets world! It sucks no offense to Disney but it does

She is an unrealistic character and some of the lesson we're suppose to learn from her are very convoluted. Like in the cheerleading episode, she sucks and cheerleading, I get that she's "trying" and it's something she really wants but the sad, real truth is she sucks. If she really wanted it that badly she would actually practice and TRY to get better, but she doesn't, she just expects because she REALLY wants it, she should get it. It's not fair if there are only 12 spots and 13 girls and 12 of them have a clue what they are doing and yet one of them is expected to give up her spot to this girl because she weally, weally wants to be a cheerweadewr (sorry, just to convey how freakishly annoyed I am by this episode) Like what is the lesson here? That if you want something, even if you don't deserve it or work for it, you should get it just cause you really want it? That not a lesson! It's just so stupid to me

To be honest riley doesn't seem like a good girl. She's not rebellious and bad but is kind of dumb and her father doesn't care! Like remember when her father asked about the Great Depression she thought it was the Grand Canyon. She should have learned about the Great Depression like there years ago.

@kaileealden- 40 👍? Or else you all are gonna smell my feet

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3 She is obsessed with Lucas

She has a life besides Lucas! She always says stuff like "what are we gonna do about the triangle" or "I just had a moment with Lucas".

I hate how the romance fits in with the characters of Girl Meets World, it pisses me off like mad and I hate it from the bottom of my heart! Stop going mad over him for God's sake, it really ruins the show.

But he also changed his age, since he was around 8th grade in Dog with a Blog and he is in 7th now. - Minecraftcrazy530


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4 She tries to fix everything

I know it's in her best interested that her friends problems are solved. But I think she needs to learn that there are some problems that she can't fix. Like a divorce (Cory had to learn that too), or a friend's parent's death, or a change in personality. But I just tolerate that part and enjoy the rest of the show.

Just saying, this should be number one, hands down. I seriously can't stand this character for this reason.

I understand its in her best interest to help. But she never knows her limits. I would like to see what would happen if someone ended up in the hospital or heck, even died. She can't fix that. Disney never put her in a problem that couldn't be fixed. Because there are things that can't be fixed.

Okay I think it's really sweet of Riley to want to have everything perfect and glittery I mean that's what I want too! ☺️💜But trying to make things perfect and glittery ALL the time is a stretch! Whenever there's a problem in Riley's mind her little switch goes off and she goes ahead and tries to fix the problem...😒Which the problem is probably unfixable! I just think she needs to realize that dwelling on the problem and constantly trying to fix it is just gonna make it WAYYY WORSE! 😬😬because it's not about Riley...not everything is😒🙄

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5 No girl in real life would act like her

This is very true. The show is very unrealistic entirely, while what made boy meets world so great, was that it dealt with real, difficult ups and downs of life. Riley isn't taking on the world, she's taking on a baby princess version of it. Though I suspect this was Disney's fault. - keycha1n

I'm in middle school and I have a lot of friends and none of them act like that.No one at my school acts no where near that

Honestly, if some people claim to act like her than that is fine because now we know that we should stay on the look out. Be your Riley-like selves. I'll just make sure not to bother you and you promise to not get near me. That way we can live in peace.

Hi everyone I just wanna say that I'm literally the real life version of Riley is that bad?

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6 She is too reliant in things such as "besties" and "dad"

This show annoys me so much. All she cares about is her dad and her besties. All her dad cares about is her. Every class is revolved around Riley and maya. Like when darkly wanted to learn about Belgium but of course the dad only cares about what Riley's problems are. She doesn't know anything about life. She is a spoiled brat and needs to learn the real ways of the world. This show is dumb and makes Riley seem like am entitled brat.

All her dad cares about is her! A teacher isn't supposed to show favoritism to their favorites. The reason why Riley gets A's in Cory's class is because her father is the teacher. I mean, she is so dumb! She never even knew the difference between the Grand Canyon and the Great Depression. I mean, how does she even get A's in History? Favoritism is why!

In the future when these actors and actresses are single, the rest of the world will know why.

Everything revolves around riley and maya and its annoying and when its not its stupid

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7 She will end up dating Lucas

Although I really wanted Riley and Lucas together, Lucas and Maya might be nice. I think Lucas has been only going for Riley because of how he was in his past and didn't want to be the same way.. Which makes me sad now that I realize this crap. Charlie is pretty cute though, just saying.

I agree. But they make a good couple. I don't want to sound any mean to any Lucaya fans.. But, we all know that Riley is the main character. And rarely, the main character gets the boy and not her two friends. I just don't think Disney is going to put them together..don't get me wrong, they could be a great couple. But you know this is Disney we're talking about.

They have zero connection. Lucas isn't even apart of the show that much.


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8 She dresses in clothes that nobody would actually wear

No, she dresses in clothes that Nicki or Lady Gaga would wear.

Like in the episode when they needed money to buy clothes: I don't understand how they have such weird outfits that look like they cost a ton and they still need more clothes. And where do they get the money to buy her first outfits?

I dress like her and if anyone knows how I can dislike I this network please tell me these people just can't come on the internet and tell everybody person stupid and you can't dress like her and stuff


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9 She lied and made Farkle quit all of his clubs

In Riley's defense, she only lied about Farkle's performance because she didn't want to hurt his feelings. Farkle' chose to quit all of his clubs

I hated that episode because she was pointing out Maya's mistakes when she had made a simple problem into a bigger one.I just don't understand why she taught she was doing something dumb.What Maya was doing wasn't as bad as what she did

Farkle quit all the clubs on his own knowing. She just didn't want to hurt his feelings, but Farkle became modest.

But if she really did care about him than a true friend would tell the truth event if it ment hurting them because this lead to an even bigger consequence

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10 Every class revolves around Riley

I HATE this so much. In one episode a classmate, wow the first black one ever, pretends to leave the classroom. Now apparently she does this all the time as a joke, but cory told her to get back in class. However maya and riley leave whenever the heck they want to and over the dumbest crap. Was I supposed to feel bad for maya getting an F? Was her big rant about cory thinking she's a failure supposed to make me feel for her? I pretty much yelled at my screen for her to stop whining and shut up, you don't do the work right you get the bad grade. Grow up and stop acting like your entitled because your dad is gone. So what, deal with that personal crap outside of the classroom. They always bring their baby drama in the classroom and cory just goes along with it.

Riley only get's A's because of her father(She never knew the difference between the Grand Canyon and the Great Depression, yet she gets a A! ). Her problems in life are apparently the lesson of the day in History class. Cory will just drop his whole lesson to teach the class for Riley. I mean, he should have already gotten fired! It's hard to believe that the whole class even past 6th grade when all they learn about are Riley's dumb and childish problems. Riley, Riley, Riley, all about Riley!

Every time they are in class, Riley's dad will start to teach and Riley or maya always interrupt because of problems they are having. And of course, the dad always disregards the rest of the class and only focuses on Riley and Maya's problems. This show makes those girls seem like entitled spoiled brats, honestly I don't even get the point of the life lessons. I'm a junior in high school and all I see is a bunch of spoiled, entitled middle schoolers who rely on daddy to get whatever they want. All I see is am over dramatic and unrealistic depiction of preteens...anybody wanna argue with me, go ahead but you better have a good argument. I was never allowed to act anything like those girls. They have no idea what life is or what life is like. And the show tries to act like everything turns out good in the end...in reality...it doesn't. The world doesn't revolve around Riley Matthews, so why doesn't she just shut up for one class period and let her father educate the other children ...more

That does bother me that when the kids are supposed to be learning about some war or famous person or whatever it is, the lesson somehow gets turned into the Riley and Maya show featuring Lucas, Farkle, Zay, and even Smackle. I get that Cory wants to teach them life lessons but first of all, they are not the only students in the class or the school for that matter, and second, it's history class, not "how Riley and her friends can conquer the world" class. I think Cory is a great teacher, but if he's going to be teaching history then I think he needs to actually teach about things that don't revolve around Riley and her friends.

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11 She abandoned her family tradition just to go to dance with Lucas

No boy or girl is more important than your family.

It's true family comes first

Sometimes I feel like she acts like eric when he was younger and would rather be with girls than hang with his brother and riley would choose friends over family

I don't agree... so what, she didn't ride a ride with her dad ONCE, like honestly calm down. if it was something more important I'd agree but it's not so

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12 She's over dramatic

Oh my god yes! A whole episode dedicated to Riley CHANGING HER ROOM! Like do they think I care? At least make her new room look relevent! Not from the eighties. Do they think that bay window is gonna be a thing? Ridiculous.

I agree and seriously her new room looked awful am I the only one that thinks that? I personally think her old room was much better.

That episode was pretty much about riley and maya going insane by talking to there past selves

That episode about Pluto when Riley found out it wasn't a planet, she acted like a child and people treated her like a child. she acted as if the world ended because a tiny planet was no longer a planet

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13 She makes fun of Maya's home life.

Maya doesn't have a perfect life, as the show has ALREADY made pretty painfully clear, and she says things like, "Whatever happens, at least you're doing better than Maya." If Maya's your best friend, why would you say something like that? That's actually really rude and disrespectful. You don't purposely point out how awful someone's life is, because news flash! They probably already know. They're living it.

In Girl Meets Creativity. Riley said the only reason Maya is good was because she has a terrible life. Like how could you talk to your 'best friend' like that.

Yes! Who Knows, Maya might have depression and Tiley might just be making it worse!

No best friend should say things like this

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14 She thinks her problems are more important than anything

She got one D and she almost started to cry. Maya allways takes bad grades but she is trying her best and Riley with only ONE bad grade she started to act like a 5 years she act so selfish

Yes she is so selfish we spend an episode worrying about how to decorete her room

I don't watch the show but I don't like how you guys are treating riley.

15 She doesn't listen

Riley does not raise her hand in class.please like my response.

16 She's played by Rowan Blanchard

It's not the actress, it's just the character. Nothing wrong with Rowan at all

YEES! Rowan Blanchard us SO annoying

Rowan is better than u. She gets her own show What do you have

[@devóreledridge]- There is absolutely nothing wrong with Rowan at all

17 She is actually a good character

Wow. Apparently you people hate a character that is happy, cares about others so much she wants to fix their lives, and would do anything to keep her friends happy, such as put her friends first. Obviously you people for some sick reason do not see the good in a character that is willing to risk her own happiness for others who don't deserve it. I am disgusted that there is actually a list of things you hate about a fiction character.

It's right. Love it!


I completely agree. I mean sure, her voice and character can be slightly irritating, but I think Riley is adorable and her immaturity, happy-go-lucky personality is actually trying to tell people you don't have to be what the world wants you to be and that you also don't need to grow up too fast.
I admit the show could've done better with a slight change in the casting, but the show is technically supposed to be the "Riley" show.
It's basically Riley Meets World.

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18 She's annoying

She always gets what she wants. She wanted to be with Lucas, she got that. She wanted to get Shawn and Katy together, she got it. She wanted Maya's dad to apologize, she got it. She needs to stay out of everything.

I hate how perky she is. She's so stupid and she knows it and everyone thinks she's so lovable because she is air headed. In real life a girl like Maya would laugh at her and drop her on her ass then and there. Shed be bullied and nobody would give a crap. But its Disney so her idiocy is celebrated. "Oh don't mind her she stupid but shes lovabblee! " Like really?

She is with lucas now. 26th July 2016

Riley is so bubbly and she decides that not everthing is good.The only thing she thinks is good is a dumb reason:a bay window. I mean what is so important about a bay window?

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19 She's extremely naïve and boy crazy

She's too naive. I think she needs to learn that there are some events that she can't fix. Like a divorce (Cory had to learn that too), or a friend's parent's death, or a change in personality. But I just tolerate that part and enjoy the rest of the show. Reasons I love reading and writing Fan-fictions

Native isn't the word. Stupid is. I don't want her and Lucas to be together. Maya deserves someone to love but nooo Riley has to have him because she's little Miss Perfect.

I think you guys are being mean because Riley is actually a good person.It teaches you if you have problems like these one day.

This reason is not her fault all Disney girls behave this way.
Teddy:Went through four BFS
Ally:Obsses over Austin
Jessie:Worst of them all

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20 Too scared to stand up to Maya

By "she" I meant Riley by the way

I agree. She sacrifices waaay to much for their friendship. I love Maya but she should be be considerate of her friend.

Yes - Jasminejax

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