Worst Things About Riley from Girl Meets World

I'm not trying to offend Rowan Blanchard or anything... This is just a list about her character.

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21 She is so stuck up and she doesn't have any sympathy for Maya whatsoever

She is in no way open minded and Maya does so much for their friendship yet Riley is the perfect one with the perfect crush, the perfect house(? ), the perfect brother, the perfect parents, etc. I mean Maya is always there for Riley and she's got a father of whom ran away, a mom that has to work extra to get her a gift, a crush on a boy she can never have, she might have depression... it's just ridiculous.

Maya is the selfish one in my opinion like all she does is whine and she doesn't have the worse life. She tries hard to be the typical bad girl, the only bad thing she did was stealing and vandalizing a park. - Jasminejax

Like duh. They are both obviously letting other peoples problems revolve around them. Riley is a selfish little spoiled brat
I can't even.

22 She thinks she's the center of everyone's attention

UGH! Everything is about her all the time! Sorry but that's not how the real world works! You aren't the center of the Universe.

23 Her face is ugly


This is mean :/ - ListElla

Rowan Blanchard really is a little funny looking I mean...😬 There's been a lot of funny looking celebrities out there though😝 Michael Jackson, Skylar Katz, Chloe Moretz, etc. All of them have creepy faces and it makes me sick🤢 Especially Skylars face😝 So yeah Rowan's just another one on the list🤢🤢

24 She says things no one would say

You don't know if anyone says that. my best friend and I say that and if you hate riley so much then why do you tae the time to watch a bunch of episodes when they're about her. she is not annoying or dumb, she is innocent. I know this because she's just like me. And she doesn't get what she wants, okay? She's gotten bullied, she feels she can't live up to her parents, she's insecure, her best friend is dating the boy she loves, she hiding her feelings, she's been bullied and they made the things she likes about herself into her insecurities. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE TWO PARENTS doesn't MEAN you're HAPPY! OKAY?! I HAVE TWO PARENTS BUT I SUFFER WITH DEPRESSION! And not to mention Riley keeps saying she's tired, she's tired of trying. AND ANYONE CAN BE DEPRESSED. NO ONE HAS MORE OF A REASON TO BE DEPRESSED. I LOVE MAYA AND RILEY, YES MAYA HAS A BROKEN HOME BUT RILEY IS ALSO BROKEN OKAY? NEVER SAY THAT SOMEONE HAS NO REASON TO BE DEPRESSED

U think that years of mental torture is what "actual" bullying is... I'm disgusted

She says stuff like "lets take on the world" "ring power" my god! No one says that stuff! And when she interupts the class, her teacher aka dad just goes along with it. All the other students are probaly thinking, "shut up! " Or, "my god! don't bring in your baby problems while were trying to learn! " I hate riley so much. It would be so much better show if the girl meeting the world was maya. Obviusly she has a much more intresting life. I would much rather watch a broken life with real conflict than a spoiled princess life who gets whatever she wants. Anyone agree?

Guys please just stop! 😬😝 I don't think that it's very nice to be saying this about someone. Poor Riley's probably crying and upset right now because of u all! 😰😭 Stop hating on such a sweet and innocent little girl. God forbid she do anything without being judged! 😒

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25 She acts like a dog

It's not Rowan! It's the character...Rowan and Riley are two separate people and there's absolutely nothing wrong with Rowan, it's the character itself. God...

Rowan isn't a dog. She is a swan!

I wish a dog would bite off Rowan Blanchard's head!

I agree your all asses that have nothing better to do. JUST STOP WATCHING THE SHOW IF SHE BOTHERS U SO MUCH IDIOTS

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26 People are so nice to them just because they are pretty

It's so unrealistic. Sure, everything is judged based on looks in this era but there's no such thing as everyone liking them.

And this is the part that pisses me off, every stranger they meet are so nice to them, I don't think that that is the proper way to portray everyone, especially to people in NY( no offense to the people in NY). I'm just saying, it would be more realistic if they met bad people in the show too. Especially with Maya's behavior.

Please stop talking about her
People say well everyone says I am Riley they say I talk like her I act like and dress like her I don't do this on purpose but I love Riley she is a good kid

27 Doesn't give respect to her brother
28 The show is boring

Yeah it really is. Riley and Maya and a problem, rileys dad talks about it in class, riley disagrees, then the problem applies to real life and boom. problem solved. Plus the acting is really bad. Like alll the time

29 She puts her nose in other people's business

In the episode of Girl Meets Maya's Mother, Riley invited Maya's mother to come to the Art Show, the mom didn't show up of course. And, Riley went straight to the Nighthawk Diner and blamed Katy for not coming. Like, it's none of you business just leave it OK? And also, the paint fight was so stupid! Riley was so irrational! It's none of your business Riley so why not leave it alone?!?!

Also, in the episode of Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project that aired yesterday (November 6), when Kermit came in the Topanga's cafe thing, Maya came up to Kermit after Katy threw stuff at him and said "Hi dad." And then, Riley came up to him and HAS to interrupt saying something like "I'm her best friend." I mean, if you're her best friend, why not leave her alone and let her talk to her dad?! It's not your dad! And when Maya was reminding Kermit of the time they were in Alaska, Riley interrupted some more asking Maya about why she knows something about Alaska. She did it twice.

I'm ...more

It's sometimes so unrealistic and so irritating

She can never just leave people alone

So true

30 She has things so good, yet she acts like she has a terrible life

I could forgive this if she has depression like I think, but if not she's just a brat. She thinks that just because things aren't going her way everything is terrible.

31 She pushes people to do stuff they don't wanna do

I understand she is trying to be a good friend but she needs to stop telling people what to do and how to feel. Like in GM Texas, she blurted out Maya likes Lucas. That is rude. If Maya felt that way then leave it to Maya to reveal.

I think she needs to learn that there are some problems that she can't fix. I feel like she wants to force the people around her to be just like her. For example, she completely is forcing Smackle to be friend. She does things that Smackle uncomfortable, like hugging. Like when she said, "You love us Smackle, you just don't know it yet." It's like peer pressuring someone into a friendship. Like a divorce (Cory had to learn that too), or a friend's parent's death, or a change in personality. But I just tolerate that part and enjoy the rest of the show.

32 Riley's problems and how class experiences differ from reality.

Yes! This is so true. Sure, the whole show is about them but their problems shouldn't even be brought up in class...it's a CLASS! NOT A RANT PERIOD! Shouldn't her problems be brought up at home? Not in school...ad this is quite Cory's fault. He shouldn't drop everything just to solve his daughter's problem in class. Ergh, Disney has ruined the Cory Matthews character from before

I mean, think about. Every class just talks about her, Maya and the other two. Like seriously, THINK ABOUT REALITY. This show is teaching the younger generation into thinking that "Oh!, maybe when we get to middle school, classes will be like that! We can do whatever we want! " *Cough* *cough* FACEPALM.. SCREW DISNEY! Disney has gone DOWNHILL.

33 She ended up getting together with Lucas
34 She can be a jerk!

Not really. I think she might have depression and doesn't know how to deal with it. Or at least hypochondriac depression. I have hypochondriac depression and it kinda helps when you act really happy, but it hurts a lot more when someone says no or when someone is a tiny bit mean. So I think she might just be going through tough times.

Wow, seriously. She's overreacting. That's an insult to all the kids who've ever been bullied. It hurts when people call you names. Riley's already insecure and when someone takes the only thing you like about yourself and makes fun of you for it, it can break you. I've been cyber bullied before and it hurts, okay? So do not say she had no reason to act like that, Maya is her best friend and when you're breaking, you take things out on people.

In Riley's defense, she was doing that because she was so close to Maya, that she felt comfortable enough to put some blame on her. Also, getting bullied is a serious issue and can change you forever.

She put an icecream on maya's face in the ending maya had a big icecream stack I really wanted to see maya throw that icecream at her

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35 She's too perfect.

Her parents are Cory and Topanga, she doesn't have to raise her hand when she wants to speak, she gets to eat cold spaghetti in the middle of the night. Nobody is like that. I mean this show is unrealistic.

COMPLETELY DISAGREE! If she was so perfect, why has everyone (including me) found so many flaws in her life! Personally, I would rather be homeless than live like that! I don't see why everyone has been bullying her in middle school. NO ONE ANYWHERE WOULD ACT LIKE HER! THE PROGRAMS NOT SMART IT IS RETARDED!

Jesus y'all this isn't the Support Riley page it's the Let's Talk About How Honestly Stupid She Is page. I get it if you're depressed and have problems but getting one text from a jealous chick isn't anything compared to years of mental and physical torture.

There's literally no such thing as the perfect personality...it's just Disney's fault on this one

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36 Unrealistic

She always does stupid and does dumb things and yet nobody gives a " she's so annoying" reaction.

Even if someone gives a "she's so annoying" reaction, she'll make such a big fuss out of it. I don't mind putting 20 bucks on that

Anyone feel like Maya and the rest are tolerating her. Farkle changed from his cute, childish personality into a completely matured, hot teen boy. Hopefully the same change (Maturity) happens to Riley.

37 She always gets what she wants.

In Girl Meets Creativity, Riley was upset that the arts were taken away so her friends and herself worked together to get them back and they did. I mean, like seriously?! If the school doesn't have enough money to provide them, then just accept that! Also, Maya can just buy some paint, pencils, etc. at Walmart or Michaels!

In Girl Meets Belief, she and Lucas were persecuting Maya and Farkle for not believing in a higher power. We're supposed to accept other people's beliefs! And what happened at the end? Maya and Farkle believe in God! Like, in a day?! No way!

And why do her and her friends get to talk whenever they want... IN EVERY CLASS? So far, we've seen the history class, English class, art class, and the science class. And in those classes Riley and her friends get to talk whenever they want and the TEACHERS allow it?! Let some of the extras talk too!

Riley isn't meeting the world. She's making the world so easy and making it what she wants it to be. That's ...more

Hey Ri Ri it's me why don't u come and visit me at Saint Avenue North 268 huh? I think we could have a lot of fun together! You know I've always liked u. Your smile your body your face it's just so beautiful And your personality is just perfect I love it so much! Your my favorite girl so just keep that in mind. Riley I love you way more than I love anyone else! I love you even more than I love my girlfriend! That's pretty good! When u come over I have a lot of things planned! First we can take a little bath together. Then we'll dress each other up. Then we'll feed each other. Then we'll watch a movie and cuddle. And for the grande finale! I'll lay down on the floor while u put your feet on my face Then I'll smell them and get a good whiff too! You'll tickle my face my tummy and my dick with your cute little bare feet! And yes they have to be bare no socks allowed! I hope u get this note and will come to see me! Remember I'm super hot and I need some bare feet to tickle me so let's do ...more

"That's not how the real world works," not "That's now how the real world works."

I hate Riley so much! Come on Riley put your feet in my face I dare u! Stomp on me all u want cause your a damn douche! Pin me down on the floor and stick your feet on my nose and my dick. Tickle me all around with your feet especially my nose and my dick. That way it'll give me an excuse to kill u! I could say that Rowan Blanchard harassed me! And that's why I killed her

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38 She was super duper selfish in GM Bay Window!!!

She seriously didn't consider Maya's feelings about re-decorating the bay window (which they basically grew up with! ). She also made the effing episode so annoying by ALWAYS thinking that she's right about the whole situation when she made the most stupidest decisions in the past seasons that I don't think anyone in their right mind will. And when Maya and Riley were 'talking' to their toddler selves, Sabrina perfectly played off the scene with her amazing acting skills. Riley on the other hand, I don't really understand why the eff she's crying since she was just so insensitive about the whole situation in the beginning, I feel like she just cried to get some attention AGAIN. And even here toddler self was super annoying to me, honestly the kid had no acting skill what so ever and her voice was SO annoying. Although, I did like the actress who played adult Riley. That is all I have to say for now.

I agree with the third quote. Also just because she's crying even though she was insensitive about actually changing the bay window doesn't mean it was forced! It means that she's just realizing exactly what she's doing damn u u idiotic freaks that don't know what to do with their lives

What the? No she wasn't! I hate the bay window, I wish it was demolished! I also disliked Maya in this one. The episode was forced and melodramatic. Complaining over a bay window? How does a window have power? How did people cry during this episode? (A lot of people have said that they cried.) Go ahead and dislike my comment, I don't ' care.

I love you people! I hate Riley too

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39 She talks weirdly

At the end of the day, it comes down to character, not how you sound like

U can't blame her for that


40 She is the perfect mean girl

That's because Maya has a terrible life and Lucas is my boyfriend and you cannot have him so what do you think about that? Now if that's not mean I don't know is she can be very selfish at times and nasty things she's little miss princess..well that's what she thinks of herself, she really does not deserve friends like Maya or a boyfriend like Lucas she needs like her, mean,selfish and too perfect.

Then stop watching the show idiot.

Dear Riley,
I really like u like a lot! Your super sweet, cute, and sexy. I'd like to have a girl like that sleep with me at night I wanna lay down with your bare feet over my face, tickling my nose and cheeks. When I go to bed, I wanna sleep next to your feet Your bare feet. Because I love you...so so much Ri Ri
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