Worst Things About Roblox in 2017

Sometimes Roblox knows how to piss me off in different ways...

The Top Ten

1 Online Daters

They crush so many people dreams, bully anyone that is new or like in RHS if you RP they make fun of you. - SithpenguTheSith

2 Bad Updates

Sorry for the language but it bothers me I haven't any good updates this year. - SithpenguTheSith

3 The Logo

I actually like the new logo. - AlexImmortal420

I hate how the logo looks it makes me think of a bootleg minecraft ripoff. -_- - SithpenguTheSith

4 More Minecraft YouTubers are Joining Roblox

I hate this since their everywhere on Roblox since Minecraft is dying. - SithpenguTheSith

No. Minecraft sucks.

5 Spammers

I hate the spamming it ruins Roblox for me; seeing everywhere it's annoying as hell. - SithpenguTheSith

6 Scams and Lies
7 Bad Games
8 Clickbait
9 Roblox is Still Money Hungry
10 Fake Hackers

3/18 (John Doe): Fake
Greg: Fake
TheC0mmunity: Fake
Blox Watch: Fake
Soul Watch: Fake

Why do they make these rumors? - Datguyisweird666

The Contenders

11 Tix are Still Gone

The dumbest move Roblox has made.. - SithpenguTheSith

12 The Horrible New Look for Guests

I can't stand it any more... - SithpenguTheSith

Well I actually like it. Also, guests are much better than bacon hairs. - AlexImmortal420

13 Exploiters
14 Tags
15 The Amount of Unneeded Censoring

Why ### these words even ######? They are ### even inaproppiate or ###! - Datguyisweird666

16 Bad Events
17 Trolling
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