Worst Things About Roblox's Community


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1 Teenagers who have a high position in a game act like something more special than anything V 1 Comment
2 People hate guests for being soulless

Those haters are pieces of crap who don't care about the guest that are very innocent

Guests are just idiots that are too lazy to make an account

Guests are nice whoever hates them are mean bullies how would u like it if I said stupid robloxian to you huh? THEN STOP CALLING GUESTS STUPID

3 Little kids get no respect

They shouldn't even be on the internet, they have horrible grammar, and they report you for being better than them at a game

People just don't understand...roblox was meant for kids! Not adults or teens! If you are a teen, why are you wasting your life on a computer on a website meant for kids, dissing a little kid because he's/she's better than you.

4 Teens always insult OD'ers
5 Little kids wear terminator suits
6 People rage
7 Everyone whines if an overpowered weapon is being used

Only Noobs use Overpowered Weapons

8 People try to team with hackers
9 Little kids act dramatic while whining
10 People who constantly say stuff like "noob" or "gay"

The Contenders

11 Little kids
12 Teens don't talk much

This would be a good thing. Some robloxians keeping their mouth shut. I think that's exactly what we need.

13 OD'ers
14 Spammers
15 Sore Losers
16 Roblox has a glitch where it says you're banned for 1 day and really I've been banned for a week now just for 1 advertisement.
17 People who have jobs

I mean Starbucks, everyone there gets a job but doesn't get paid?

18 Fashion FREAKS

Pretty much everyone, I guess

19 AAers
20 Roblox noobs
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1. Teenagers who have a high position in a game act like something more special than anything
2. People hate guests for being soulless
3. Little kids get no respect



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