Top 10 Worst Things About Roblox's Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery is my favorite game on ROBLOX. However, that doesn't mean it's perfect! In fact, there's a lot of problems with the game. Here are a few:

The Top Ten

1 People who spoil the murderer in the comments section

I died when I was a murderer because someone said it was cold doge aka me

It’s stinks a lot because the victim who died would spoil it in the comments, why I don’t like being the murderer

2 You can die even if the murderer doesn't touch you
3 People who team up

In one game I finally got the traitor sheriff to shoot the murderer by mistake.

These are annoying and are bullies. Well no duh if you insult them they wouldn’t answer

These are called teammers. This should be number 1. These people are bullies. They make you wanna quit Roblox. Even though I try to insult them (because they did first, in fact they’re doing it to everyone) they never respond. Two teammers got to have weapons TWICE in a row! I got a gun and I shot one of teammers and they were the murderer! God, I love karma...

It's so annoying, even worse, guy teaming is murderer and teaming his friend a sheriff and he'll never shoot him or do the boring fight T_T

4 Accidentally shooting the wrong person (as sheriff)

This player wanted to shoot me dead because he was jealous of my Roblox avatar (it’s a skeleton, don’t know why this guy was jealous) so he was waiting for him to become a sheriff so he shot me on purpose. Great job.

5 The chat
6 The coin limit
7 Lab 1 map
8 Knife box unboxings
9 You have to pay 300 coins to show emotion

Why do you have to

10 When sheriffs don't do their job

The Contenders

11 "come here if you're innocent "
12 You're guarding the dead sheriff and that annoying kid outsmarts you

Usually done by noobs and drama queens, this girl was going in the room around the circle, I tried getting her but because of the bad connection and lag she took it away from me and shot me. At the end of the game she said “I survived it”. I said gg trying to hide that rage when sebulba lost that race in that one movie. What do you mean you survived? What made you say that in front of someone who was suffering lag? like REALLY?!

This guys are dead toxic. So even you rage it won’t work either way. They literally ruin the Murderer’s experience by outsmarting them. Death to the pro who outsmarted the guy below me

13 Innocents who anticipate before you even kill them

I’m the Murderer and I decide to act like one and I feel like the others know I’m the murderer and it lags OH NO I died

14 Camper sheriffs and innocents

It’s a bad idea to camp in other murder games because you die so easily but here it’s easy. When ever someone comes in the area where I am camping I move out, waiting for a player to pull out a knife... I do kinda get that poeple call out on campers because they are butthurt they will lose over one. Another thing is that players actually check the places players are likely to camp in which is why I don’t anymore. And if your on mobile your screwed since you can’t run. So in a round I either camp or wonder.

15 That feeling that everyone knows you're the murderer

It sucks. I feel like they already know that I am the murderer

16 The bank map

They always choose it so they can cheese the system

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