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1 Oders

Some people call me "lego-piece" while they're wearing an ice arm or a skeleton leg. Well at least I'm someone with manners. I follow the rules as well, and also why would I spend a penny on a virtual kids game? It's useless. Just because you begged your mother to buy you virtual currency doesn't mean you're cool or attractive. You're just too arrogant about yourself. Children, never judge a book by its cover. - IcyUsefulEyeball

Most of them are trolls or little kids but oders suck

One of my closest friends ODs. Sometimes I join her, not so I can pretend to love someone and be all: "Baby, cutie love bunny k! $$ me" or whatever, because that's just stupid, but merely for the experience. What's it even like to OD? I'm assuming most people would be against it, and I'm partially against it too, but what's it like to have someone else love you on a kids' game rated 3+. The answer is... rewarding. It feels like someone - even if it is just a predator or creep - actually has feelings for you without even seeing your true face or knowing your true personality.

The company only cares about money. - WorldPuncher47592834

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2 Scammers

I'm really getting sick and tired of people posting "send me trades" or "post this on 5 topic" over to over again on EVERY items!

I once wanted to trade 8k dollar on lumber tycoon for a shark axe but when I gave him my 8k he left and I was sitting there in shock lol it took me a long time to get that 8k. never trusting anyone again... and never playing that game as well...

Once I was playing roblox, when I wanted to pass my driving test. I ended up getting scammed in some POKEMON GO Tycoon. This game changed many times. BEWARE WHAT YOU CLICK!

These scammers should better go to jail for stealing everyone's time and account

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3 Tickets Were Removed

Literally did this for the money. As a person who's been on since 2008, this is totally unfair. I'm not going to give you a credit card for a currency that doesn't even exist. I have 320 robux now but it used to be over 50,000 ROBUX... - AnimeSportsFan619

I think it is done the prevent bots, yes I hate this update but bringing it back will cause more bots (I think) and it's unlikely done for money - IHateEverythingintheword1234

My money bag is hurt

Why did they even remove TIX? It could be used for stuff people can't afford! - Datguyisweird666

Roblox has been on a crash course ever since the removal of TIX. The old system worked like this: You got 10 TIX every day you play Roblox and you got 1 TIX per regular place visit and 10 TIX per because only place visit. TIX were transferable with Robux, and 10 TIX were worth 1 Robuk. This meant that getting free Robux WAS acheviable! This might sound familiar. Do you know what spiked after the removal of TIX? Scam bots. After the only way to get Robux was through real-world currency the scams increased as there was a high desire for free Robux. Scam bots work like this: They at the time have red skin, the default clothing (when you take your pants and shirt off) and no body package. They say things like Hi There! Would you like to get THOUSANDS of robux for FREE? It’s simple. Just go to www.redeemrobux.me.com and enter your redemption code. Your code is PDV-4GD-K75-312J. IT REALLY WORKS AND NO PERSONAL INFORMATION IS REQUIRED! I tried visiting one of these sights for fun just to ...more - IHSCOUTII1973

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4 Mean, Cruel People Who Can't Be Nice

Two days I ago, I was playing "Have a Family", a game which I strongly advise you do not play if you don't like seeing online daters, bullies and the occasional scammer. A girl without any clothing on, - even when people politely requested she put clothes on - Cinnamon hair and a leaf and flower halo was being incredibly, I mean incredibly, rude to all other players. She had one "friend", some dark-skinned guy whose username I didn't manage to get, who suggested they go around trolling and bullying players, which of course she agreed to. It was immature the way they treated people. They tried to physically abuse people, abuse them with name-calling and body-slammed innocent players with strollers, causing their avatars to glitch into the ground. Even I was involved in this, even though I had patiently tried to negotiate with them. The girl and her friend's victims were hardly any better than them, though. Instead of trying to work to an agreement or ignore the terrorisers, they merely ...more

I hate this so much! When me and my best friend went to Different town of Robloxia, seven girls came up to us and said "your ugly idiots! " "" "you can't even get any style? Ow wow" so, me and my friend just ignored them. but than they hacked me and my friend. when I went on Roblox the other day, I had only 10 Tix instead of 108. and I was saving them up for the america's sweetheart hair! So that was the time I stopped playing Roblox.

It is the internet, but everyone's reaction isn't the same. Some people are soft and feel hurt after being called a name, and some don't. You can't tell them that it's just the internet, because everyone is different. I personally am not soft... At all. When I get a rude comment, I straight away give a nasty response and I take pride in it.

They are rude

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5 DanTDM And His Army Of 8 Year Olds

DanTDM is the main reason the roblox age range is now 8-18 and not like 10-18, this guy brought most of the little kids onto roblox. Let me put this into perspective: this guy brought most of the oders, the CANCEROUS usernames, some of the AWFUL tycoons and games, the scam commenters, the CRINGEY roleplays, some of those damn stupid tycoons, the crap fandoms, the BRATTY kids, etc. This guy caused a LOT of roblox's problems, and maybe he's a good guy, but he caused too many problems for me to forgive him, I'm fine with his Minecraft videos, but I can't watch the roblox ones because the HATE and ANGER and CRINGE bubbles up inside me. I'm only 13, but I actually feel OLD on roblox! And I'm the median age in the age range! And most of it is DanTDM's fault! I'm sorry but this is the root of like half of roblox's problems, so it NEEDS to be number one. - Yaboistingy

Exactly, He was the one who pretty much ruined the roblox community.

That wasn't DanTDM, it was that Annoying Orange!

The new roblox range is 8 for dating. 13-18 for gaming. - WorldPuncher47592834

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6 Bad Updates

Some of the updates can make the game worse than better...

Every update is making the game worse and worse

Updates are never good anymore

More worse updates, A TONS OF BAD UPDATES! 1111! 111 - AxelBelnasYT

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7 Bad Roleplayers

Ok! I have a story! I was playing adopt and raise a cute kid and this guy says "do you wanna come to my place for dinner? " So I say sure and he brings me to his house. He asks me to marry him and I say no. He then locked the door and laughs. I say to him UNLOCK THIS DOOR NOW but he says "I'm not who you think I am" and on his rolepay name he writes "rapist" No Mike! This is a true story! He then chases me all over the house and tells me that if I don't want to get hurt then to come here! I told my step mom and she was weirded out too! Kids, be careful when playing these sort of games. There are a.lot of creeps out there who want to play more than just games...

Ugh all people want to do is get a mom and a dad in a huge expensive house. When I buy a good house stupid ugly babies wait at the door so I have to close the windows. People all want to be adopted but they are ugly. If you adopt them they whine so I hate roblox - Puppytart

One time I was playing Kingdom Life 2 or something like that, there are a lot of players that play as demons or evil people and have colored hair, the colored hair is what I hate the most.

I have a story. Every single time I go on Horse world the Roleplayers attack me for no reason. I stopped playing horse world. Now its starting to happen on Lion Roleplay

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8 Guests

Not really guests are actually some of them nice people and most guests are just trolls who actually have accounts.

These awful people deserve to be on the list. Guests are one of the things that ruins ROBLOX for me. I still play it, but they just take away all of the fun when they join. They are 99% of the time trolling other people, or they are noobs that want to cause mayhem. Before you tell me, "But you were a guest once." No, actually, I just made an account. Guests can't be banned, which makes them free to ruin people's fun time.

They're not annoying, they are just people who don't have accounts, but they can be annoying when they are trolls, and you can't do anything about it.

Roblox removed guest - WorldPuncher47592834

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9 Hashtags

I HATE the hashtags since they block out any certain words that I want to say (ex. Snorlax, one, YouTube etc.)

Roblox might be a bit too overpowered with rules since most of the time it blocks everything - IceFoxPlayz

Look the hashtags are dumb

Blocked everything like 85% of the english language. - WorldPuncher47592834

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10 Account Hackers

People who take your account and all you have. Luckily they don't have access to your credit card

While I was playing "Adopt and protect a cute kid" Noobs broke into my fort and annoyed the heck out of me and one of them hacked me to leave they should be damned to hell

If the ROBLOX hackers hack other people's other, YES I HATE THEM. And they are threatening. - njalabi63989

There are evil I had 90000 roblx now it is gone

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The Newcomers

? Removal of Lifetime Builder’s Club

This was way worse than the removal of tix. - thunderstar1124

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11 Clickbait Games

Sometimes, I expect to get a awesome game as most of them sound amazingly epic. But I instead get a boring tycoon or obby. I also noticed the name of them changed very often. Obey really makes a name of himself there. Click bait was made for CRAPPY games that NO ONE would wanna play. And that was the nature of all click bait games.

It's so annoying! People just do this to get more place visits! - thunderstar1124

There's this guy on roblox making clickbait games that lead to tycoons Roblox please ban this guy And never let him go on roblox and also Can't You at least reveiw the game roblox and etheir shut it down forever or Ban the user who created this! Then you will be my saviour and everyone else!

I've reported Sleepy Studios's Game like 3 times, I'm sick of the clickbait ON THE FRONT PAGE - Yaboistingy

Sees game
"Survive Donald Trump to get ROBUX! "
Seems good!
*It's a tycoon* - Datguyisweird666

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12 Admins

Not cool. One time when I was playing Paper MARIO RP, some luma appeared and said :kill (MY USERNAME) then I die and have to chose my morph again. he kept appearing and killing me! That's when I left the game. So please Roblox ban Admin! They ruin every game!

13 They are Greedy

I give my vote to this. This sums up all of Roblox nowadays. - Awesomedoodlebug244

Actually If they are greedy they would have given way less money to developers in DeVex - Q-Q

This sucks I hate apple with card verify and tix is the only way

After Erik died, ROBLOX renamed itself the Roblox empire, and made tix extinct, guests extinct, forums extinct, and add a creepy anthro to invade games. - TeamRocket747

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14 Robux Costs Money

I can spend money on my PS4 or space travel or something. Why spend it on ROBUX. It's dumb. And now without a mask I feel like people will call me a noob. Lucky during tix time I can convert it to ROBUX so I can pay. - njalabi63989

Roblox costs a lot of money to stay up, and some of the robux prices aren't even that expensive! - wrests

I need to pay twenty bucks to not be called a noob because of my avatar - IHSCOUTII1973

I like it so you can look nice but I don't like it! Its in the middle

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15 People That Call Other People Noobs

I'll admit, I have done this from time to time. But then people call me a noob, make a big deal about me calling them a noob ( even though I was only slightly irritated) and even turns into an ARGUMENT. Fortunately, though, most times me and the user make up and even become friends. But this is the thing that makes me mad. Sure, dying in a video game sucks. But doing this is miles worse. I know I sound like a hypocrite, so you can thumbs me down. But I'm just voicing my opinion, and haters going to hate, I guess.

One time while I was playing a game, some people in the server called me 'noob, idiot' etc. and the game got into a one versus ten argument that got so ugly the people threatened to report me for being a noob (so weird! ) and finally I wanted to end it so I exited the game. Even worse, to avoid embarrassment, I deleted that account and made a new one so I could hide who I was. Hope this isn't against the Roblox Rules, but better safe than sorry. I hope those noob-calling people will think about what they've done and the impact it can happen on someone. So guys, don't call others noobs because it will really impact on someone's Roblox Experience like it did to me. (Bonus: I got super good in that game after a few months and I made some friends in that game after that incident and I remember some of the noob callers that said: Wow! He's really good! He won already)

It's so pointless to call someone else a noob. I mean it's even a insult, and what sucks about it is that people actually take it SERIOUSLY. They start get mad and cuss and stuff like that, it's so pointless!

Ready for a story? Here you go.
This morning, I logged into roblox to see the comments on a Jailbreak badge, I scrolled through scams and spams, and I saw someone with an oder look say "noobs stink", and I replied (I had bacon hair, and still do) "says the oder who hates himself and your friends. You don't even deserve friends because they were all noobs. Why do they support you anyway? Are they your gfs? ", but gfs got tagged. - TeamRocket747

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16 Anthro R30

I really hate the update! Roblox is supposed to be blocky, not more human-like - IHateEverythingintheword1234

If this is added then the name wouldn't be "ROBLOX"! This thing is worse than Tix Removal. - Q-Q

Anthro is basically ODers dreams - UnlawfulMatron

This way worse than oders! hate the r 30 mod

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17 Speed Hackers Everywhere

Some idiot hacked my hard earned points for one game and made them negative two million literally. I wish that person could get arrested and have his account banned. - ethanmeinster

Roblox does nothing about the hackers/exploiters - you report them & keep seeing the same names doing it over & over

Someone hacked into my account, said rude stuff, and got me banned!

Wish we could turn back times
To the good old days
Where the biggest issues with roblox were simple things like speed hackers and not anthro, tix removal, forum removal, etc.

T^T - Lunala

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18 Online Dating

Dude if you have a server girlfriend or wife. You have no life - Adventurur2

This is already number 1

Annoying people that like to role play fill my chat. STOP ONLINE DATING! IN ROBLOX'S RULES YOU can't DATE, ITS NOT A DATING SITE

So cringy

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19 Youtuber Fans

They are so annoying! Usually you will see someone who is "cool" just hanging around and chatting. But, when a YouTuber that they like joins the server, they just lose it and start to mob them and give them not enough space and start to spam constant BS into the chat like " ITS (insert YouTuber's name) I AM SUCH A HUGE FAN I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! " or "please fiend me." And would start to just follow them and ask if they are recording. It's just annoying for the people who are watching the video and probably for the YouTuber. Please give them space, I bet they appreciate you. But, they are human beings too! Not a museum!

About 98% of the Youtubers scam. Look up "John doe roblox" - IcyUsefulEyeball

They never go off until the youtuber does


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20 Cyberbullies

There aren't many cyberbullies, you know?

Yes if have seen very mean people

I haven't seen any cyberbullies.

Bullying technologically was way even worse then committed suicide, death threats, etc.

The only you have to do is to report to the developers so you don't get bullied again.

That explains why there a lot of bully stories on Roblox in Youtube as some sort anti-bullying propaganda video or something like that.

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