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1 Oders

They are so gross! I saw videos of it one time and oh my god they are so gross and disgusting! - andrewteel

ODers have ruined Roblox quite literally. Why should a bunch of retarded teenagers and pedophiles go on a KIDS game just to have virtual intercourse? It disgusts me. - RosalinaX

Someone actually asked me for my phone number. This is actually true.

My BFF and I used to OD. I sometimes change my Avatar and even LIE to get a guys attention on royal high. Then I discovered that my BFF's 7 year old sister was really into a guy named "Prince Ace". But then I realized ODers are not cool. I stopped, and now we are coming up with ideas to teach her sis a lesson. 7 YEAR OLDS SHOULD BE NOT ONLINE DATE YOU HEAR THAT ROBLOX?!

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2 Scammers

This is how my group comments got closed

I'm really getting sick and tired of people posting "send me trades" or "post this on 5 topic" over to over again on EVERY items!

Last year June 2017 I was playing assassain and a guy said do you want a exotic. I never had an exotic and I still don't. He told me to trade all my legendary knifes so I did. I was stupid enough to do. Then he told me to trade all of my knives but he just crafted the exotic. I felt it was all a scam and I said no to him. He then left the server and never got my exotic. I was very mad at him and rarely play assassin anymore. After a year still remember the scammer's name his name is GodOfDestruction360. If I didn't trade my knives with him I would've made an exotic by now. My user is doctorcatcookie

For me they can actually die slowly, because Scammers is not just on ROBLOX. Scammers, we have even actually in real life. - Ice-T

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3 Tickets Were Removed

I was here before Tix (Tickets) were removed, and that was the only way I got some items that cost robux now.

Rip Tickets :'( You were awesome. - Ilovestephanie

They needed more money or they would’ve shut down. You gotta understand how they pay for servers guys.

I only play Roblox because I need to pay for Minecraft

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4 Mean, Cruel People Who Can't Be Nice

Not too long ago, I decided to play Get Eaten, because I was Level 12 in the game. Everything was going good, until a Roblox Gangster decided to join and play not so PG music. One player didn't like the music, so he told the gangster to stop playing it. The gangster told the guy to go away if he does not like it. But in the game you can hear the music anywhere, so the guy told the Gangster to stop. This is where things got physical. The gangster call the person an idiot, which made the player really upset. The gangster was happy that he bullied him. Everyone got really mad, and reported the gangster. The gangster's account permanently suspended from Roblox. He got what he deserved. However, the experience was horrible and sad. - HelloThere902

Two days I ago, I was playing "Have a Family", a game which I strongly advise you do not play if you don't like seeing online daters, bullies and the occasional scammer. A girl without any clothing on, - even when people politely requested she put clothes on - Cinnamon hair and a leaf and flower halo was being incredibly, I mean incredibly, rude to all other players. She had one "friend", some dark-skinned guy whose username I didn't manage to get, who suggested they go around trolling and bullying players, which of course she agreed to. It was immature the way they treated people. They tried to physically abuse people, abuse them with name-calling and body-slammed innocent players with strollers, causing their avatars to glitch into the ground. Even I was involved in this, even though I had patiently tried to negotiate with them. The girl and her friend's victims were hardly any better than them, though. Instead of trying to work to an agreement or ignore the terrorisers, they merely ...more

They break the laws, like false dislikes.

What if this was "Mean, Cruel People Who Can Be Nice, But They Don't Want To"

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5 Bad Updates

Now they are removing events

ROBLOX is making their game worse. They are ruining everything for us! Tickets GONE, Packages that are human-like, AND MORE! This is a good reason why I uninstalled it.

I totally agree with this one. Almost all of the updates that ROBLOX do make the game worse, some are even pointless. Like when they literally changed the logo to a red cheez-it, and when they got rid of tix. It just disappoints me.

Antro will KILL roblox

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6 DanTDM And His Army Of 8 Year Olds

Roblox is kid-friendly!
By making Roblox videos, his fans knew about the game!
So, that means there is more people on Roblox! Now, you won't be lonely!
I think that's a good thing, right?

DanTDM is still relevant? - UL

"His Army Of 8 Year Olds" sounds too specific. What's wrong with kids on Roblox? It's not like it was directed to a specific age.

Besides, whenever a popular YouTuber plays ANY kind of game, it becomes over-popularized due to the fact many famous gamer YouTubers have a majority of young people in their audiences, meaning those "young people" (aka the "army of 8-year-olds") will flock to said game to play it. Don't act like a kid yourself and get upset over some kid fans of a YTer.

But putting that aside, immaturity runs rampant on Roblox, especially due to most kids...

DanTDM is the main reason the roblox age range is now 8-18 and not like 10-18, this guy brought most of the little kids onto roblox. Let me put this into perspective: this guy brought most of the oders, the CANCEROUS usernames, some of the AWFUL tycoons and games, the scam commenters, the CRINGEY roleplays, some of those damn stupid tycoons, the crap fandoms, the BRATTY kids, etc. This guy caused a LOT of roblox's problems, and maybe he's a good guy, but he caused too many problems for me to forgive him, I'm fine with his Minecraft videos, but I can't watch the roblox ones because the HATE and ANGER and CRINGE bubbles up inside me. I'm only 13, but I actually feel OLD on roblox! And I'm the median age in the age range! And most of it is DanTDM's fault! I'm sorry but this is the root of like half of roblox's problems, so it NEEDS to be number one. - Yaboistingy

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7 Clickbait Games

Mose game developers can go lazy - AxelBelnas0123

Whenever I play a tycoon, its stupid clickbait people.

Sometimes, I expect to get a awesome game as most of them sound amazingly epic. But I instead get a boring tycoon or obby. I also noticed the name of them changed very often. Obey really makes a name of himself there. Click bait was made for CRAPPY games that NO ONE would wanna play. And that was the nature of all click bait games.

Super Hero Tycoon, or something like that. The thumb is a pure photoshop and the game itself is a really example of low-quality. - Ice-T

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8 Hashtags

Roblox hashtags "Me too". I tried it.

Roblox literally hashtags "for some reason", literally try it out yourself.

It is sooo broken I can't even say numbers probably because roblox thinks numbers = you telling your age to strangers or something like that

They should only censor bad words. One time I typed April Sunsplash only guess what? The stupid hashtags covered it! Also the hashtags covered Harmony B. Sharp and Gemma Stone! what? - andrewteel

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9 Bad Roleplayers

There was this player named lily and got her back injured, THEN a day later shes on a huge sign and doing a dare to jump off of it!

I feel ya. Once I tried to do a TERRIBLE roleplay on a game. It was where I fell of a high place and someone had to take care of me. It was on n a game called monster islands so yeah real tough.

Ok! I have a story! I was playing adopt and raise a cute kid and this guy says "do you wanna come to my place for dinner? " So I say sure and he brings me to his house. He asks me to marry him and I say no. He then locked the door and laughs. I say to him UNLOCK THIS DOOR NOW but he says "I'm not who you think I am" and on his rolepay name he writes "rapist" No Mike! This is a true story! He then chases me all over the house and tells me that if I don't want to get hurt then to come here! I told my step mom and she was weirded out too! Kids, be careful when playing these sort of games. There are a.lot of creeps out there who want to play more than just games...

Player below me I feel ya! These terrors are all over the place!

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10 Guests

Well they are only learning some may troll but that depends on what kind of person they are seriously there is a video where a girl goes to a place and has her own fun then when a guest joins she blames the guest and says that she ruined her fun she could have just ignored the guest and everything would have been fine. I agree with what UnlawfulMatron said yes because anyone could have just been a guest to troll people thanks to those kinds of people guests are seen as bad but really if everyone hates them that much that means there are lots of bad people who were guests to troll the real cruel people are people with accounts they just seem to not understand guests at all and the person who said guests aren't cute well that's just your opinion and the person who made the simon says game is just cruel honesty people who troll as guests and people who hate guests CAN GO TO HELL FOR ALL I CARE! WHICH MEANS A LOT OF PEOPLE GOING TO HELL I know its very rude to say for people to go to hell ...more

Really? Everyone hates them because they can't be cool? What if you weren't cool and people judge you how would you feel? Never judge others by appearence. And People can complain because of how unkind people like you are to judge like that.

Not all guest

Not really guests are actually some of them nice people and most guests are just trolls who actually have accounts.

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11 Account Hackers

People who take your account and all you have. Luckily they don't have access to your credit card

While I was playing "Adopt and protect a cute kid" Noobs broke into my fort and annoyed the heck out of me and one of them hacked me to leave they should be damned to hell

If the ROBLOX hackers hack other people's other, YES I HATE THEM. And they are threatening. - njalabi63989

Somehow I can use the same account on two different things

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12 Robux Costs Money

Sometimes people with a lot of Robux bully those who don't have any Robux. That's Bullying!

And it's more annoying when you create a game and charge items for Robux and Roblox gets 90% of your Robux and you only get 10%! It's unfair!

Why is robux even a thing I don't have money I'm starting to stop playing roblox

It is a business they need money too

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13 They are Greedy

This is called "Capitalism". (This comment is going to be controversial) - UL

To be honest they are because they removed tickets for money cause they "didn't make enough money"

I give my vote to this. This sums up all of Roblox nowadays. - Awesomedoodlebug244

Actually If they are greedy they would have given way less money to developers in DeVex - Q-Q

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14 Admins

Roblox suffers from poor administration. You can get easily banned because of this. - UL

The new custom admin makes everyone look like a weakling!

You people don't know much about the..unfair and abusive admins, do you?

Just search up "unfair moderators". I'm sure you'll see how many people suffered perma-bans just for doing something outside of ROBLOX...

Not cool. One time when I was playing Paper MARIO RP, some luma appeared and said :kill (MY USERNAME) then I die and have to chose my morph again. he kept appearing and killing me! That's when I left the game. So please Roblox ban Admin! They ruin every game!

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15 Anthro R30

It's now called "Rthro", and it isn't THAT bad. (At least it's optional) - UL

No that update is good

Its not roblox anymore its rohuman

Horrible! - DaringXx

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16 No More Tix

I guess people want tix back so badly it got listed here twice.

ROBLOX cares more about money now

Yeah, a lot of people think ROBLOX would rather have money instead of positive reviews - AlexImmortal420

Unfortunately,how can you buy stuff without tix? Fortunately,this helps tix tricks in 1000 ways to die servers because Tix is not on roblox anymore. - mathguy37

No I hope Robox ends by 2020 - Puppytart

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17 People That Call Other People Noobs

Totally true

Noob used to mean newbie or new person.
Now apparently it means stupid.
Please stop the noob calling.

I'll admit, I have done this from time to time. But then people call me a noob, make a big deal about me calling them a noob ( even though I was only slightly irritated) and even turns into an ARGUMENT. Fortunately, though, most times me and the user make up and even become friends. But this is the thing that makes me mad. Sure, dying in a video game sucks. But doing this is miles worse. I know I sound like a hypocrite, so you can thumbs me down. But I'm just voicing my opinion, and haters going to hate, I guess.

This should be number 1...

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18 Cyberbullies

Some guys were bullying me just because I destroyed stuff.

There aren't many cyberbullies, you know?

I agree this one dude who was the principal of royal high said u have to go back to divinia and said he would hack me if I didn’t. Stupid moron I can’t believe he did that.

Yes if have seen very mean people

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19 Online Dating

Dude if you have a server girlfriend or wife. You have no life - Adventurur2

Online dating causes love.
Online dating gives you a cyber wife.
If you do this you’re screwed and you have no life.

This is already number 1

Annoying people that like to role play fill my chat. STOP ONLINE DATING! IN ROBLOX'S RULES YOU can't DATE, ITS NOT A DATING SITE

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20 Youtuber Fans

This is really annoying. A couple years ago, I went to some game I liked at the time. (I forgot what it's called) Then, all the sudden, Denis comes in the server. I didn't even make eye contact nor did I even hate chat him because I really didn't like him (Because I was too nervous of saltness at the time). Most of the people in the server, was a different story many people crowded him and spammed "DENIS U REC", "DENIS FRIND ME" or other stuff like, "DENIS DONATE ME". and it looked like a stampede. The server turned more into a Roblox Youtuber Convention then a game. It made cringe at the time and to this day, still does. It's just like those crappy Su Tart or Duolingo games on the front page made by Flamingo fanboys.
Ugh, that experience, made me cringe so much. I was 11 at the time so I was very jacked. - HelloThere902

They are so annoying! Usually you will see someone who is "cool" just hanging around and chatting. But, when a YouTuber that they like joins the server, they just lose it and start to mob them and give them not enough space and start to spam constant BS into the chat like " ITS (insert YouTuber's name) I AM SUCH A HUGE FAN I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! " or "please fiend me." And would start to just follow them and ask if they are recording. It's just annoying for the people who are watching the video and probably for the YouTuber. Please give them space, I bet they appreciate you. But, they are human beings too! Not a museum!

Oh my god I hate this so much! If this happens to me, I will just say, "Ok I am recording happy now? "

About 98% of the Youtubers scam. Look up "John doe roblox" - IcyUsefulEyeball

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21 Kids in Their Emo/Cuteness Phase

Boi, "emo" doesn't mean you hate anyone, I'm in the phase! I rarely show ANY depression (Though it exists) I think a better complaint is "Kids in their Emo phase, and act stereotypical about it.

Stay away as much as you can! - Ice-T

I'm in my emo phase but I like anime and stuff, but I'm not like a typical emo who goes around saying they hate everyone. I actually try to be nice

I HATE THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE! They always think they are so cool when they try to become cute or Emo. Being in a cute or emo phase is called being edgy

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22 The Community

At least the community is better than Geometry Dash's Anarchy-like community. - 50

The games over the years:

Minecraft: Better
Brickplanet: Way better
Roblox: Worse - Gabo147

Yeah the community is dead when I looked at 2014 roblox I knew it was worse then 2011 roblox and at that moment I'd knew by 2018 roblox would probably be dead.

Community has been bad since 2013, but now it's starting to get just as bad as Minecraft's community. - wrests

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23 Childish Insults

Some kid called me Gay when I had a tail with my avatar. - CrownED

They always involve butts, and sometimes the occasional 'stop talking about yourself.' - scarmark

Someone called me a "cuckoo" and a "dumb head". I wish they die early.

I was playing auto rap battles 2 and this guy kept saying "Your poop you noob" and then I said "Says the one who looks like a simpson" - TeamRocket747

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24 Speed Hackers Everywhere

Some idiot hacked my hard earned points for one game and made them negative two million literally. I wish that person could get arrested and have his account banned. - ethanmeinster

Roblox does nothing about the hackers/exploiters - you report them & keep seeing the same names doing it over & over

Yes this article is in wikihow WHY?!

They can ruin any game. - Ice-T

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25 Exploiters

They always ruin the games.

i know

And WeAreDevs too

Exploiters are the scum of ROBLOX. When you are playing a great game, having lots of fun, an exploiter turns up, gives himself the ability to fly and kill anyone in one hit, and the game gets ruined. Exploiters are probably edgy people that cannot handle losing, so they exploit to make themselves feel better.

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26 Hackers

THey are annoying, Sometimes they can help on obbies but they ruin everything! - Datguyisweird666

I exploit, I mostly do it to raid, but I once used it to help someone stuck in a wall. - TeamRocket747

27 Demographics Change

Main root of half of roblox's problems, and it's DanTDM's fault - Yaboistingy

28 Fandom

They're known for excessively using outdated memes, but this shouldn't be a reason to hate a video game, the hatedom is just as bad in my opinion. - UL

I was just playing the Pizzeria game for fun. Until I heard about this kid screaming:Roblox is the coolest game in life!

Well, it that kid's opinion. He can think Roblox is the coolest game in life if he wants too.

How the heck is this pure fandom if the kid is expressing his opinion bluntly

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29 The report button barely even working

No, it does work. Only sometimes though. Once someone reported me cause they though I sad the F word, (even though I only tried to say "phone") Then the next day, they threatened to terminate my account.

One day I will find out if someone falls for this.

If someone keeps trolling me I will say "Leave the game or I will report you". - AlexImmortal420

One time this girl was telling players if they wanted to date. So I had enough of it so I report the player for online dating. And a week later, I went to the same game then, I saw the same girl in the game and of course she was asking people if they wanted to date her.

So you do not get in trouble! - mathguy37

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30 Lazy, Clickbait, Crap Ending Up On The Front Page

A lot of times on the catalog and games page I see items with a name that has the same word repeated over and over again - AlexImmortal420

This happens WAY TOO MUCH! A THIRD of the front page is lazy tycoons, one of which, by Sleepy Studios, is clickbait, another QUARTER is adopt and raise a baby copied 15 times, another FIFTH of it is stupid, cringey, dumb games that shouldn't exist, and then you've got another TENTH which is boys and girls games copied 8 times, and the rest of it? The good, deserving, games? Gets 11.67% of the front page, that means that ONLY A NINTH OF THE FRONT PAGE IS GOOD GAMES! People work hard and actually make great games! But oder games, tycoons, clickbait, and cringe are rewarded. THIS IS NOT FAIR! DANTDM TYCOONS, ADOPT AND RAISE A BABY, AND SLEEPY STUDIOS CLICKBAIT ALL SUCK BUT NOPE! THEY GET THE FRONT PAGE! NOTHING WILL CHANGE! EVER! - Yaboistingy

I've seen a free modelled crappy Jurassic Park game and it literally had a "Credit for this morph goes to doomcrow" banner that you see in games with those old animal morphs. - Lunala

I know its annoying like I see like youtube tycoon but its like climb a staircase for suprize

31 Overrated Games

Destruction Simulator.
Pet Simulator.
Phantom Forces. - starryrcad

The Mad Murderer is pretty well developed in my opinion, it obviously had a ton of work put into it and that's why it's one of my favourite games.


I hate jailbreak with all my guts. It's so overrated, that 96.9% of the time it's on the front page.
And the game isn't even that fun for longer than 20 minutes.
Jailbreak might just be the worst game in roblox.
Oh, and the jailbreak police guys suck because they taze you every 20 seconds.

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32 Games That Have Misleading Titles And Are Not Related To The Game Itself

I agree I once played game called "1000 ways to die" and I thought that looks awesome, it turned out to be a toy factory tycoon

I purchased a game called "Amusement park" and it was a tycoon that was a security base. -_-

Always happens I wanted to play The pacman game but it turns out to be a stupid tycoon that is useless - zacharysuperdude

I feel you dude

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33 Uneducated Kids

I know right? At least 70 percent of the kids I've seen that talked in ROBLOX have horrible grammar. I guarantee that I had better grammar than them when I was 8.

The hate community of China has more uneducated kids than Roblox and they're worse than Roblox uneducated kids. - 50

I can argue with these kiddies so easily. I'm nine and I still speak with proper grammar.

They are horrible grammar kids who don't know what roasting is, then they call you noob for no reason. I love roasting them.

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34 You Earn 10 Tix Per Day But Not Robux

How the hell is Roblox supposed to make money if you give robux every day?

Not per day when you log into your account - Wobblygaming7

How are we supposed to buy stuff for our characters if most of the items cost 1 million robux and tix?

Also I mean for 1 year old,i mean at least THAN the roblox players have started play roblox 1 year ago

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35 Everything is So Expensive

Every Time I Check The Catalog For Free Shirts And Hats And New Hair One Time I Saw Cat With A Shark Suit I Think Alex Has One So I Want To Buy It For Free! But It Cost Robux! I Was Mad Because Everything Was Not Free! 😡

When my mom payed for robux she was like that's cheap like dude 8 robuxs is 99 cent come on

...you can buy robux for 99 CENTS - wrests

This is extremely ridiculous of ROBLOX. I wanted to buy a hair but I ended up with barely any robux left! I ended up getting bankrupt and I got upset about how bad ROBLOX has become. I wish to return to the good old days of ROBLOX where everything was cheap, Tix was still alive, and no online dating.

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36 3.0 Package

What a noob see's: just a package

what a kid with his first robux money: fresh thicc robux item

what a ODer see's: package that you mix with other 2 packages so a girl can hit on you and be the hottest boi in club games.

37 Most of the Items in Catalog Cost Robux

They should add more free stuff. I emailed them and they're like- Thanks for the feedback! we will try to improve next time. they did not improve.

38 Kids Being Insecure About Their Avatar

Well now since Tix are gone we no longer can buy certain stuff for our avatar. It sucks but whats even worse is that Roblox didn't even REPLACE them, we are left with robux that some of us can't even acquire because it is too expensive/We simply can't. that's why some players who have been playing since the early 2000's have left the game all together, and that's also why a LARGE majority of the Roblox community have left. Roblox leaves the other Roblox players to fend for themselves.

I've got no robux but my avatar looks like I bought some stuff but I got them from events like the summer games - IceFoxPlayz

39 Catalog Heaven Copycats
40 Clickbait YouTubers

Robuxian, Dragod, and Kazok are no exceptions for ROBLOX clickbaiters. - TrueHeroLightning17

41 3.0s With Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People

I'm not an oder and I wear this sometimes,goes good with outrageous aetherspectacles

That's what I wear on anarchy friday nights.

That's part of my trolling outfit.

So ridiculous looking - thunderstar1124

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42 People Just Insulting You for No Reason

Oh, and don’t even get me started about the sports games, especially Hoops, basically over half of any active server is full of toxic people, might as well call it Roblox Basketball But The Community Is Cancerous - Randomguy123

I was playing ROBLOX highschool 1 and a girl randomly walked up to my desk and called me ugly.

In Murder Mystery 2, people with haste ability makes it down to 2 innocents, then gets shot and proceeds to call the hero a “coward” just for running away from them even though they can run faster than the others, maybe they should learn how to not reveal themselves, lol. - Randomguy123

People eat me on cube eat cube when I did not do anything same thing for bosses killing me or them kill in me the boss for no reason same thing for killing me on tycoons. What is up with tycoons including killing? - mathguy37

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43 Bullying

Sometimes that deserves a higher rank... - NamiKazePants08

44 Edgy People

All those girls (Usually in those high school RP games; High School Life, Roblox High School, etc..) tick me off. They usually wear crotchet tops, long hair w/ beautiful hair for beautiful people, the buddy baseball cap and finally, the "err.." face which is the worst part.

I was weakened by a guy, then another guy stole the kill and acted edgy and called me a noob even though I joined during the golden ages. Then he called me trash kid, just because he stole someone's kill.

These people say they banged your mother if you are better than them/smarter than them/kill them on a game. Calm down, take a nap, you crazies

Welcome to the forum section of roblox

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45 Pointless Games

I think that the games most people DON'T play should be gone but not the pointless games those are for the idiots.

Oh my god, there are too many misleading games! -sees a game called Epic Boat Tycoon! - Me:Wow, looks fun! -plays, turns out it's just a stupid obby- Me:OH FOR-

What about the game by Sleepy Studios on the front page, today it was War Tycoon and yesterday it was Adopt A Puppy! It's just the same damn tycoon about nothing EVERY DAY - Yaboistingy

Mostly like all of the games on Roblox are boring, they are basically the same thing. Most people just like copy uncopylocked games and do whatever they want with them, they are still boring.

Tru that my friend. tru that. I mean pool tycoon for the real ver is fun but uh... NO. THEY'VE GOTTA COPY IT ALL!

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46 Robloxian Body Shapes.

On build it I am ok being a noob shaped girl I love girls this makes them more beautiful shaped like a noob. - mathguy37

I agree with this. Especially with the new "Man" and "Woman" bodies, but also the "Robloxian 2.0" and "Superhero" package. These have to be removed.

Oh man, the superhero pack makes me pity all that have spent their robux on it.

Things like 2.0, man Body, and Boy body were un-needed. Why couldn't we have sticked with the 1.0?

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47 Show-Offs

This mostly happens in Top Model! - Datguyisweird666

Like in Roblox Top Model people say " I GOT FIRST PLACE AND THAT because GIRL ONLY GOT LIKE 2 POINTS" when all they did was have a friend be the judge or hacked.

Yes, Yes, Yes, I hate show-off's they always boast about how great they are, Including there "SWAG" moves!

Agree kids these days...

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48 Cafe Groups/Games

Why do all of them need a club? So annoying I want to just get a job free for one cafe game without a club - mathguy37

I’ve tried getting a job in some hotel games but everyone takes it so seriously like it’s a real job and if you go to games like hilton hotels you will get kicked for typing in CAPS and they say you are disturbing the peace? Like what its game not real life!

These cafes are pointles, They are full of nothing but nagging and abusve admins that will ban you for small problems that can easily be resolved…for example: standing on top of a table. The HR's barely do anything, they mainly just stand around and talk to other HR's while the LR's slave around the cafe and have to deal with the trollers while the HR's are busy talking to a wall. In overall these cafes are annoying. The people who work there take their jobs so seriously like it's a real job! And they aren't getting any benefits by doing this they aren't getting paid Robux nor real money so what is the point of taking it so seriously!?

I agree. I went on a cafe game thinking it was a normal Roblox roleplay game, stood on the counter, and said, “THis is a robbery. Gimme al yo moneyz.” The waiter or whatever went AFK for a while, then a message popped up saying, “ :ban JacobGundy10.” These group members get way too much power, don’t give warnings, and ban you formEVERY LITTLE THING! They need to have some boundaries to these game admins.

49 Reporting

Just pointing this out but ROBLOX nearly has 200 Million users, and the mods can't keep up with thousands of reports every minute. - TrueHeroLightning17

You can not report it does not work problem solved. - mathguy37

Well, ROBLOX thinks that dating, bullying, etc. is okay.

50 Horrible events.

They Sponsor childish events, Like
Bloxgiving 2015, They add dinosaurs on that events, What do dinosaurs have to do with thanksgiving? it's a holiday.

Also the teen titans go event, All you have to do is just get a hat from a pizza place game.

Even the Nerf Halloween events, horrible stuff, If you have anything from that event delete it.

I expect the Christmas 2015 event to be horrible, hopefully not.

Dumb stuff instead of good events they do Teen Titans Go event or Alvin and the chipmunks, or some childish thing like that. They also did fruity pebbles. - Lunala

Well I did some events and the only one where I got the stuff I wanted was the roblox summer games (stuff I got: kitten straw hat, duck beanie, sun phones) I also got the petes dragon tail for free on the catalog during the event - IceFoxPlayz

It's even worse when they include sponsorships. - wrests

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Why I quit Roblox.

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